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Tang You You found Uncle Yuan outside the door, the Uncle Yuan came in and asked for Ji Xiao Han, and then he brought Tang You You to look for Tang Xiao Rui.

When she sat in the Uncle Yuan's tourist carriage and traveled through the huge garden, she finally understood what it meant to be rich.

's assistant, Lu Qing was also working hard to accompany him, to the point of turning into his son's assistant, helping him to build a huge toy control car.

Lu Qing felt a little awkward, but he could understand why Tang You You would feel dejected and frustrated.

As a mother, she could only helplessly watch as her two children threw themselves into the arms of her father.

Most importantly, Young Master was an absolutely powerful person. He could feel that Young Master was determined to win against the two children.

"Little Rui, your fighting ability is getting better and better. Let's go home first, Mummy will buy you a new toy, a bigger one, okay?" Tang You You immediately squatted down, took out a tissue from his bag, and helped his son wipe off the sweat on his forehead, as he coaxed him gently.

"Mummy, are we going home? Are you having a good chat with Dad? " Tang Xiao Rui asked obediently.

"Xiao Rui, let Mummy tell you this. I don't like that man, so he won't be your father …" Only Tang You You dared to speak like that because her son was a mature child, and was able to understand the displeasure in her words.

If it was her daughter, Tang You You was afraid that it would hurt her daughter, so, she would not say such words.

Tang Xiao Rui blinked his gem-like eyes as if he could understand Mummy's words, but could not completely.

"Mummy, is he really not our father's land?" The light in Little Rascal's eyes suddenly dimmed.

Lu Qing, who was at the side, saw the opportunity and said: "Little Young Master, Young Master is definitely your father's land. The DNA report has already been released, it proves that you are Young Master's biological sons and daughters … …"

"Shut up!" Tang You You was already annoyed to the core, she did not expect that Ji Xiao Han's assistant would actually help a tyrant on the side. How could she not be angry?

Tang Xiao Rui had never seen his mother so frustrated and at a loss.

Lu Qing could only shut his mouth obediently. From the looks of it, the temper of the child's mother was not that easy to mess with.

"Xiao Rui, you heard from Mummy that Mummy is taking you and your sister home right now, can you go back with him?" Tang You You crouched down and looked her son in the eye. She was truly helpless, the feeling of losing a child was something that no one else could understand.

Fear and despair, yet it was also filled with sorrow and pain. If he could, Tang You You really wanted to hide outside the country for the rest of his life.

But now … It was too late.

"Mummy, are you crying?" Tang Xiao Rui asked with a pained heart.

Tang You You touched her cheeks with her hand and discovered that, unknowingly, her face had long been covered with tears. She quickly stood up, turned around, covered her lips, and quickly walked out the great door.

It took him great effort to conceal his emotions. However, when he looked into his son's clear eyes, he collapsed once more.

Tang You You powerlessly grabbed the side of the door with one hand as he tried to calm his heart. However, tears still continued to fall uncontrollably.

It was too unfair.

"Mummy, don't cry anymore, alright? If you cry, I want to cry too!" Tang Xiao Rui ran out in hot pursuit of Mummy, his small hands pulling at the corner of his clothes, carefully trying to persuade him.

"As long as you and little sister follow Mummy home, Mummy will not cry!" This was the first time Tang You You had lost his composure like this in front of his son.

In the past, no matter how wronged she was, as long as she saw these two cute faces, she would always feel that this world was still warm and sunny.

But now …

For some reason, her emotions had become so fragile and sensitive that, when she wasn't careful, tears would fall.

"Alright, Mummy, don't cry. Let's go find our little sister and bring her home." Tang Xiao Rui replied obediently.

Hearing her son's considerate words, Tang You You felt a little better in her heart. She wiped the tears off her face with a tissue, squatted down, and hugged her son tightly.

Tang Xiao Rui also reached out her short hands and wrapped them around Mummy's neck, pressing his face against her shoulder. Mother and child seemed to have reached an agreement all of a sudden.

"Sigh, little Young Master …" Seeing the little Young Master being carried away by Tang You You, Lu Qing was shocked. Could the Young Master be blaming him?

It was a pity that the mother and son duo had already reached a consensus on this matter, and they simply viewed him as useless.

At this moment, within a spacious living room in a villa by the ocean, Ji Xiao Han was currently staring at the little fellow who was sleeping soundly in his embrace.

Her face was small, but it was extremely delicate and beautiful. It was truly a wonder that such a small person like her had such a heaven-defying thick and curly eyelash. With her eyes closed, her small face was incredibly beautiful.

Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but slow down his breathing. This was his daughter.

He lived to the age of twenty-seven and his children were all gone?

It was as if the heavens had bestowed upon him such a precious gift.

It was difficult to explain his current mood. It was as if no words could explain the feeling of wanting to fly.

Satisfied? Yes, he was too satisfied.

Ji Xiao Han's thin lips curled upwards as he laughed to the point where he himself didn't even know how foolish he was.

If people knew that the CEO Ji, who was known for his aloof attitude, had suddenly become a wet nurse, would they be shocked?

But at that moment, Ji Xiao Han was really not afraid of losing control of himself, he could not control his excitement.

"Xiao Nai... "My daughter …" Ji Xiao Han called out to the little fellow in her arms softly, and her thin lips reluctantly kissed her little forehead again and again, as if no matter what, it was not close enough.

Of course, at this moment, he seemed to have forgotten that he still had a little son to scam. In the future, only the heavens knew how miserably he would be scammed.