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C1736 scares her

After walking back to the room, Ling's eyes were slightly red. She seemed to be careless, but she was also sensitive. She liked Mu Weicheng so much that she could not see his loneliness.

In the evening, Ling wennuan was still sleeping in bed, and Mu Weicheng was also lying on the floor beside him as usual.

Turn off the light, the moon outside the window pours in, everything is quiet and delicate.

All of a sudden, Ling warm body moved to the edge of the bed, side eyes to see the man lying on the ground.

"Mu Weicheng, are you asleep?"

Ling warms and lowers his voice to call him.


From the man's deep voice, he not only didn't fall asleep, but also felt her movements in the bed. Even if it was a small turn over, he knew. What's more, she moved to the bedside at the moment, and he was worried that she would fall down accidentally.

"If I fall, will I press you?"

Ling warm naughty asked.

"Don't make any noise. It's late. Go to bed."

Mu Weicheng listens to her voice, which is to make bad use of it, and immediately advises her in a low voice.

"Did I fall down?"

Ling warms to remind him, next second, she does not take into account directly down one turn, the man hand and foot and use of her steady into the arms.

Ling wennuan lies on his body and laughs: "do you have any pressure pain?"

"Why don't you sleep?

Is the strange environment keeping you awake

Mu Weicheng let her lie down and asked her in a low voice.

"Of course not, not because the environment is strange, just because you are lying beside me."

Ling wennuan is lying on his stomach, smiling and answering.

All of a sudden, the man didn't know what to answer, but his heart rate suddenly accelerated.

"Mu Weicheng, do you really like me?"

Ling wennuan suddenly asked him suspiciously.

The man's body suddenly froze. I don't know why she questioned his feelings like this.

"Of course it's true. Even if I don't say it, will my eyes deceive?"

The man can't cry or laugh. It seems silly to explain it to her.

"Then why don't you seem to have any impulse towards me?"

Ling wennuan bit his lips and continued to ask.

Mu Weicheng froze again. What impulse does she want him to have?

Seeing that he didn't speak, Ling wennuan said: "I heard that when a couple meet, they will be very excited. That passion can't be restrained. But I'll lie beside you, but you treat me like a guest. Are we married in the future, or so?

That's boring. "

Mu Weicheng: "..." When Ling decided to keep on talking, suddenly, the man reached out and held her tightly. The next second, he turned over and bullied her. Ling's words were all in his throat. His beautiful eyes widened in the dark, and his breath was very fast.

"You What are you doing? "

Ling warms his eyes and asks him with a smile.

Mu Weicheng's breath became very heavy. Although her eyes could not see her expression clearly, she was familiar with every movement and smile in her memory. I believe that she must be panicked at the moment.

"Don't you want to see my impulse?

Ling wennuan, I'll tell you right now, I can be very impulsive. "

Mu Weicheng seems to prove something. Yes, his male self-esteem is absolutely to be maintained, and this little woman must not be despised.

Ling warm surprised to open a small mouth, the next second, her breath, voice, all by the man's thin lips sealed.

Ling wennuan is suppressed by him, unable to move half a minute. What two little hands can do is to grasp his clothes. I don't know if I want him to be more enthusiastic, or if I want him to compensate, I will let her go.

This kiss, a hair out of control.

Some signal in Mu Weicheng's body seemed to be ignited. He found that this little woman's damned sweetness made him roar like a wild animal. He could hardly contain it.


The man low call her name, the kind of mute breath, let Ling warm scared heart almost stop.

The thin lips of a man have left her lips and come to her earlobes "Mu Weicheng, stop. Stop."

Ling wennuan finally knew that she was going to play with fire. She was so scared that she reached out to push the man's shoulder.

Mu Weicheng grinned in her ear: "you really love to mess up, you know I can't control, but also to provoke me, deserve it."

Ling wennuan heard that he didn't want to let her go. She was even in a hurry.

"I am wrong, I am wrong, but I have a cold now. If you kiss me again, you will be infected. For your health's sake, please let me go, OK?"

Ling wennuan found a reasonable excuse to escape.

"I'm in good health and won't be infected, but for the sake of your illness, it's OK to let you go. You have to kiss me once, hurry up."

Mu Weicheng is not so easy to discuss. He is hot and swollen now. It seems that his bath is white. He has to take another cold bath to get rid of the heat.

Ling wennuan was threatened by him. She tooted her lips and was dissatisfied. However, it seemed that the man was not discussing with her, which was totally imperative.

Ling wennuan immediately raised his head and kissed him on the lips: "OK, OK, hurry up, my bones will be broken."

When Mu Weicheng heard her saying this, she was directly amused. In this way, she even said that the bones were going to fall apart. If she married later, she could not stand his toss.

Mu Weicheng didn't dare to think about anything. He sat up with his hands on his back. Ling wennuan was already sweating. Just now in his arms, she couldn't move. That feeling was too sour to say. She wanted more and was afraid that she would not bear it.

"I'm going to bed to sleep. I'll take a bath and come back. If you haven't fallen asleep, I'll see how I pinch you."

The man threatened her again.

Ling wennuan was scared to be honest this time. He climbed to the bed, pulled the quilt over his stomach and stared at him angrily: "I'm not afraid of you."

"Is it?

Who was the one who begged for mercy just now? "

The man deliberately treated her.

Ling wennuan could not answer. She turned around and turned her back to him. She whispered, "Mu Weicheng, you bully me. Wait. I remember this account. When you get married, it's up to you."

The man didn't expect her to be able to threaten him in turn. He immediately propped his hands on the bedside. Ling warm and scared, his eyes widened: "what do you want to do?"

"Married and want to settle with me?"

The man lowered his voice, which was dangerous. Ling warm trembled twice.

"No, please take a bath. I have to sleep."

Ling wennuan counseled, and wrote off the matter immediately.

The man looked at her like a bully and a bully. He couldn't do anything about her.

Mu Weicheng takes a bath and comes back. Ling wennuan is really asleep. He feels vaguely that the man is coming in.

Mu Wei Cheng looks at the sleeping girl on the bed gently and sighs in the bottom of his heart.

Although she was angry just now, but at this moment, but not for her love.

Love is really a magic thing. It can change a person's mood in an instant. Bitterness and sweetness are just things in an instant.

Early in the morning, a scandal was suddenly hyped on the Internet. The young master of Luo family was angry with the reporter. A recording surprised the whole network.

Luo Jinyu even let his bodyguard beat the reporter violently, but all these reasons were because the reporter asked Yang ChuChu about pregnancy.

Luo Jinyu saw his assistant open the recording to him early in the morning, and his handsome face was instantly dark and terrible.

These people, too much, took out the meaning out of the context, deleted a few key conversations, only put out what he said to hit them, and deceived everyone.

"Mr. Luo, these journalists are dying. They dare to damage your reputation like this."

When the assistant heard this, he was indignant. Last night, he was on the scene. The questions asked by these journalists were already too much. Besides, he later scolded Yang ChuChu for his affectation and said about her mother's previous scandal, which made Luo Jinyu angry and wanted to beat them.

"In order to hype the topic, they really have nothing to do but to provoke me, I will let them know the lesson."

Luo Jinyu was very angry. He couldn't believe it. Someone dared to play with him like this.

"Do you want to delete this recording on the Internet?"

The assistant asked next to him.