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C1942 no more connivance

Xia's father and Xia's mother's expressions were shocked. Just as they were anxious to save their daughter, he Jiaxuan suddenly came to the door with a dark face.

"He Jiaxuan, you gave my daughter back to me. It's all you who killed her." Xia's mother, regardless of the black and white, scattered all her complaints on he Jiaxuan, rushed to him and kicked him with all kinds of punches and kicks.

He Jiaxuan, for the sake of her elders, held back his anger and said with indifference, "I've set up 300 million yuan in the company as a condition for my divorce from Xia shuran. I'm here today to tell you about this."

"What? Divorce? Are you going to divorce my daughter now? Do you have a conscience? " Xia Mu almost fainted and her voice was sharp.

Xia Fu's face is also very ugly, but he is not a woman after all, so he can't spit and scold. When he Jiaxuan said that he would take three hundred million yuan out, he looked a little bit.

"My marriage with Xia shuran has come to an end. Whether you agree or not, we must leave this marriage. I will raise the children alone. If you want to see the children, you can take them back for two days every Saturday." He Jiaxuan said, put the bank card on the table and planned to leave.

Xia Fu immediately stopped him: "he Jiaxuan, what's going on?"

He Jiaxuan turned to look at him, and a sneer flashed across her face: "she even hides it from you, let alone me, but I probably know what she has done."

He Jiaxuan said what happened five years ago, plus what Xia shuran did in the most time.

"No way, my daughter is gentle and kind. It's absolutely impossible to do such a vicious thing. They must have made a mistake. They wronged my daughter. I'm going to ask them for an explanation." After hearing this, Xia Mu was so angry that she couldn't accept the fact.

He Jiaxuan thinks it's funny. To blame, Xia shuran can only pretend to be a good girl. She pretends to be a good lady in front of him. If she didn't live with her for so many years, he Jiaxuan would also feel that she is a very good woman.

But it's the marriage life that he Jiaxuan gets along with day and night that makes him deeply understand that he can't see the woman he married most of the time. The first attraction and the last disgust, in his mind these years, he Jiaxuan flashed the idea of divorce for countless times, but for the sake of children, he could bear to go back.

In the company, everyone feels that they are loving husband and wife. Every few days, Xia shuran will take the delicious food made by his nanny and send it to the company. What he didn't realize at the beginning, until everyone came to him and said, his wife is capable and virtuous, and cooks Soup for him every day.

Little by little, he Jiaxuan became more and more cold. He asked Xia shuran in person why she claimed that she cooked the soup. Xia shuran looked at him strangely and told him of course, because she wanted the reputation of a good wife.

"He Jiaxuan, I agree to divorce you, but don't forget that my daughter is so crazy because she loves you. Others can blame her, you can't." Xia Fu's face is complicated at the moment, but he still loves his daughter dearly, and wants to protect her reputation.

"She is my ex-wife, as everyone knows, as long as she doesn't have affairs, I won't talk about her behavior," he Jiaxuan said

With that, he turned and left.

"Why do you want to take his money? Do you really want your daughter to divorce him?" Summer mother cried, very sad.

Summer father is also a face of pain: "otherwise? He Jiaxuan is not a kind person to keep his daughter in this marriage. Now, he doesn't love Shu ran at all. Instead, he should break the relationship and wait for her to come out and find someone who loves her. "

"Do you really think so? Not because of the three billion? " Summer mother cried more sad.

Xia Fu is silent. Of course, he also looks at money. But the world is such a reality. It's better to have money than nothing.

"I'm going to find Xia Xinnian. I'm going to beg her. I'm kneeling for her to let her go." Summer mother said, turn around and run out.

Xia Fu didn't stop her. If this method works, it will save her daughter from being locked in and suffering.

Xia's mother directly took a taxi and came to Xia Xinnian's company. Xia Xinnian really came to the company at this time. Liu Mei did not go abroad successfully and was stopped at the airport. She heard that Xia Xinnian's son was from jimucheng, so she knew she could not escape.

Xia shuran must have finished playing. Liu Mei is still afraid. She tore up the ticket directly, took a taxi to Xia Xinnian's company, and decided to tell her crime. At least in this way, she can afford to be lenient.

Xia Xinnian didn't come to the company originally. Liu Chengtian said that Liu Mei came to plead guilty and she came.

Just as she arrived at the company hall, she was stopped by a person. She looked up and saw that this was her aunt? For many years, we have become more and more prosperous.

"Xinnian, Xinnian, I beg you to let go of shuran. Don't lock her in. She is young and ignorant. She didn't mean to hurt you." As soon as Xia's mother came, her eyes were red and she cried for her daughter.

Xia Xinnian saw her and knew what she wanted to do. She wanted to avoid her. However, Xia's mother opened her hand and stopped her. "Xinnian, my aunt has something wrong with her. I'll apologize to you today. I'll kneel down and kowtow for you. Don't lock her in, OK? She's a woman. She's locked up and the rest of her life is over. "

Xia Xinnian's face was icy. After listening to her cry, she just smiled lightly: "If today is not her end, but my end, I believe my aunt will scold me for deserved, she is your daughter, you will be distressed. For you, I'm just an outsider, I deserve to be hurt, I deserve to be miserable."

Summer mother face a stiff, suddenly, like being hit by a stick, can't play sad and poor color.

"If you do something wrong, you should be punished. Only in this way can the world be fair. People's hearts are not so cold. I won't forgive her. If you have time to come here and waste time with me, it's better to persuade Xia shuran to make a good transformation and try to come out as soon as possible." After Xia Xinnian finished, he bypassed her and walked into the elevator.

Xia's mother was frustrated. She didn't expect that Xia's words would be so sharp. A few words blocked her. She didn't even have the chance to plead with her.

Xia's mother had to leave in disappointment. Xia Xinnian came to the office and saw Liu Mei. Liu Mei was still carrying a suitcase in her hand, and her expression was anxious.