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Lan Yanxi was thinking about how selfish she was, but she was also worried about Ling Mofeng. She heard that the recent political situation was becoming more and more intolerable. When she read the news in the morning, she saw a lengthy chat by political critics. In the current situation, although everything depends on them to analyze, not truth, but Lan Yan hopes to listen in his heart, always like drumming, can not be calm.

Under the TV lens, Ling Mofeng always appeared in various rigorous meetings. His facial expression was solemn and quiet, his eyes were cold and deep, making it hard to see what kind of man he was.

If he hadn't really got along with him and hadn't communicated with him, Lan Yanxi would surely have been deceived by his cold temperament. He felt that he was just talking and acting coldly on the surface. It is also polite, but it lacks a few sincerity and humanity.

He sat at the conference table, just like a star hanging from the sky, giving a distant feeling. Even if he was seen in reality, he was a stranger who could only be seen from a distance.

"Ling Mofeng!" Lan Yanxi breathed a sigh of relief, beside his name, he wrote his name gently with his fingers.

Looking at the two people's names together, Lan Yanxi's mouth rose slightly, so that he would not be lonely.

Lan Yanxi supported her chin and was waiting for Ling Mofeng's phone call, because he said it when he went out in the morning, try to go home to accompany her, and return to Lan's house for a meal together at night. Light

I think it's very happy, and it's very warm and romantic. Should this be a date between men and women?

You can make a lifelong appointment with a appointment, and it feels good. When Lan Yanxi was full of thoughts, her cell phone rang. She hurried over and picked up her cell phone to look at it, it turned out to be an unfamiliar number, and she stumbled.

But still answered.

"Yanxi, it's me!" Ling Mofeng's voice came over. "

Is this your new number? Lan Yanxi asked curiously.

"No, this is one of my backup numbers to prevent being snooped." Ling Mofeng replied with a smile.

"Oh, why did you call me with this number? Will you come back early this afternoon?" Lan Yanxi asked expectantly. "

Yan Xi, I got the latest information. The old president may take some action against me, so I may leave you alone for the most part of time! "Ling Mofeng's voice suddenly slumped. Obviously, he was extremely annoyed by this.

"Are you going to be dangerous?" Lan Yan's fingers shaking the phone in shock, and her voice became worried.

"Don't worry about me. I'm prepared. I'm just afraid that you will be involved. So we may not meet again in the next few days. You can rest assured that this is only a stopgap measure and won't make you wait long. Ling Mofeng was afraid that Lan Yanxi would think wildly, so he explained nervously. "

Let me wait as long as you want, but the premise must be that you take care of yourself, Ling Mofeng, don't underestimate me, although I am a woman, but I am not a small family, you are a man, you have to fight for your career , I will support you silently behind. Lan Yanxi heard that he was worried that he would be angry, and immediately replied with lofty sentiments, reassuring him.

"I know you are a good and reasonable girl, and I know you will understand me, but it is because of this that I feel bad. Yan Xi, I will give you that home, and I may return to my mother for the most part of the time. Staying there for a few days, this will also make people realize that our relationship is not good, and naturally I will not start with you! "Ling Mofeng also decided to do this before, but recently I do n’t know which is wrong. In the office, I always wanted to find a chance to meet her. When I got home, I tried to throw her down. Now, in the face of a severe situation, he can only ruthlessly and temporarily break each other's thoughts. "

I know, I know you are for me. Do n’t worry, I will cooperate with you to finish the play, but you have to talk, you promised to marry me, do n’t regret it! Lan Yanxi said at the end that his voice was getting lower and lower, with a trace of crying. Ling Mofeng heard her crying, her heart tightened suddenly, and she felt a lot of sorrow. What he was most afraid of was to see her cry That look, this feeling made him uncomfortable. "

I do n’t regret it, promise everything you will do, do n’t cry, okay? "Except to appease her at this moment, Ling Mofeng has nothing else to think about."

Well, I know, then hang up first, you are busy! Lan Yanxi held a smile and hung up the phone decisively. She was just looking forward to it, but it was all unsuccessful at the moment. She curled up in a corner of the sofa alone, and her beautiful eyes were no longer shining The light is shining, and even the expression is dimmed. Most

Later, she laughed at herself: "Lan Yanxi, you are finished, this time you really fall in love with others!"

It is love, not like it. Love is deeper and more content than like, not superficial. As if all the cells in the body were sad and missing the man. Lan Yanxi finally understood why she was suffering and suffering, and occasionally smirked a little. She became more and more confused about her emotions. It turned out that it was all because of love. She fell in love with Ling Mofeng.

How charming that man is, so that a woman who keeps her away from men will, in a short period of more than a month, desperately put his name in his heart. "

What a nuisance! Lan Yanxi murmured.

Flattering. "

I can go to work tomorrow, maybe I can look at him from a distance! "Lan Yanxi suddenly didn't like the feeling of taking a vacation. The bottom of her heart was still empty. It was better to go to work. It was full and people had no time to think. Hand

The cell phone on the side rang again, and Lan Yanxi said a little when he saw the call from Grandpa.

"Grandpa!" Lan Yanxi whispered. "

Didn't you say that Ling Mofeng would accompany you over to eat in the morning? Will he come? "Father Lan asked her curiously."

May not come, grandpa, let me come back to accompany you to dinner alone. "Lan Yanxi cheered up.

"How are you getting along?" Father Lan was absolutely confident in Ling Mofeng, and he would definitely not be a man who messed up with his granddaughter.

"It's hard to say a word, grandpa, can you promise me, but ask us about things, I don't want you to fill in, but you just need to know that I am happy and not sad." Lan Yanxi really didn't want grandpa Knowing the truth, Grandpa will definitely grumble for himself, and even if Grandpa is willing to accept acting, but he loves himself so much, he will still worry about it. "

Yan Xi, what ’s the problem, tell your grandpa, grandpa will help you find a way! "Father Lan is still worried about her."

Grandpa, I will solve any difficulties by myself. This is not what you taught me from an early age. You give me a chance to perform. Anyway, I do n’t feel Ling Mofeng now. He ca n’t hurt me emotionally. "Lan Yanxi can only say things that are against his mind, so that his grandpa is at ease.

"Your girl, Ling Mofeng can't make you tempted, then your eyes have to be picked up into the sky!" Grandpa Lan knows this granddaughter very well, and also thinks that she may not really be emotional about Ling Mofeng, as long as Do not move, discuss everything.

"Grandpa, I'm staying with him now to save my life. I know my future plans very well. I won't take my love for you. Don't persuade me anymore!" Lan Yanxi pretended to be a light lip. . "

Is Ling Mofeng bad for you? ""

No no no, on the contrary, he is very nice to me, polite and considerate, and I live pretty well here! Lan Yanxi laughed quickly, this is the truth.

"Let ’s go with him. If you wait for him to become president, you still do n’t feel her. Grandpa does n’t force you. Go to whomever you like to find. Anyway, grandpa wo n’t let you lack. Money is used. "Father Lan said very aggressively. "

Grandpa, you said that money is a sense of security. I have so many senses of security. I won't take it for granted. Rest assured. Come back at night for dinner! "Lan Yanxi didn't dare talk to grandpa anymore, she was afraid she would cry because all she said was a lie. Lan

Yanxi hung up the phone and sighed heavily. Love really is a pile of lies. Has she become a bad boy?