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C1072 likes to say the opposite

Tang youyou is amused by his words. When Ji Xiao is cold and serious, he is old and prudent. He is definitely not a person who can make fun of boredom. However, once two people get along, he can always lead the topic to something that is not serious. This makes Tang youyou ashamed and loving. There is no way to take him.

"Well, I know you're casual. Go to the bath. Let's go to bed early!" Tang youyou looks at the time, it's almost eleven o'clock, so he has to hurry to take a bath.

Season owl cold is squeezing her, thin lip is attached to her ear subsequently, low dumb way: "good, listen to you!"

This thick and low male voice has killed Tang youyou. God, why does this man's voice sound so beautiful?

Is there something wrong with her hearing? Season

Xiao Han saw a pink color on her white face, which deepened her smile and entered the bathroom with a bright smile. Don

youyou found that he had been fooled by him again for some reason, and he was immediately embarrassed.

No, she must show the heroine's momentum. She can't be defeated everywhere.

Don youyou decides to protest tonight.

She would say no firmly to his man.

Ji Xiaohan took a bath and came out with a dark blue nightgown and a drop of water on his short hair. The whole man looked like the king of the night, with sharp and deep eyes and a mysterious and deep dark awn. It seemed that he would rush over at any time to show his king's hegemony.

The season owl cold shook his head at will, but also pulled some of the belt that was not properly tied. On the skin with healthy color, there were also drops of water rolling down. Along the chest with clear and upright walls, he fell into the dark blue robe, which made people fancy. Don

lean on the pillow, lie on the bed and look at the mobile phone. When she saw him coming out, her focus was not the mobile phone. She finally found a man who could attract her more than the mobile phone. Season

Xiao Han goes to the bedside, looks at her dazed eyes, thin lips light hook: "see enough?" Don

youyou immediately pointed to his chest and hair: "why don't you dry the water and come out again? You will catch a cold when you sleep like this. "

Season owl cold a Zheng, handsome face immediately flashed a helpless: "you don't see it? I did it on purpose. "

"Why do you do it on purpose?" Tang youyou doesn't understand the customs.

The man's expression flashed a touch of chagrin: "I'm seducing or you, don't you know?" "

ah?" When Tang youyou heard his real purpose, his beautiful eyes opened wider. Season

Xiao Han stooped and sucked on her tiny mouth: "why marry me so long, or don't you understand the customs? You know what? You are the first woman to let me do this. Before that, I always felt that my handsome appearance was useless. But now, when I see you staring at me, I find that, in fact, a good appearance is still very useful. "

"Er!" Tang youyou said that he could not laugh or cry.

"I wish God could give me more advantages, so that I can make you never tire of it!" Ji Xiaohan continues his affectionate style. His charming eyes, like a whirlpool, can suck people in and never find a way back.

Tang youyou is directly amused by him and laughs. He lowers his head and covers his lips. He doesn't dare to laugh too loudly. He's afraid to wake up the two little guys. "

Ji Xiaohan, unexpectedly, you are so funny!" Tang youYou can't laugh on her own. She married a man with a mind. She even played this routine in the middle of the night to hook her up. See

when she laughs at his deep feeling as a joke, Ji Xiaohan is annoyed instantly. "

Don Youyou, have you laughed enough?" A man is angry with shame.

"Enough, enough, I didn't expect you to be so interesting. I didn't understand it properly. I will pay attention next time." Tang youyou dare not laugh any more, because the man's face is already very ugly, moreover, a trace of danger from the bottom of his eyes across, bad make people's heart beat faster. "

there is no next time!" The season owl cold very high cold hurriedly pulls the chest skirt: "since you don't want to see, then forget it, I won't waste this strength in the future." "

No, no, no, I want to see it, I really want to see it!" Tang youyou immediately forgot what he said just now. She will still be attracted by his beauty.

"Not for you!" Season owl cold lightly snorted, turned over to the other side to lie down.

Tang youyou found out that things are really big. She is just like a little rascal. She leans over, encircles his arm with two small hands, sticks her face to him, and rubs it lightly: "Ji Xiaohan Don't do that! " "

What do you call me?" Ji Xiao's face turned black with cold.

"Owl cold? Husband? " Tang youyou peeps at his face and calls him tentatively.

Season owl cold will handsome face don't to one side, light way: "later call wrong, have you good-looking."

"What do you want me to call you?" Tang youyou blinked, but he still didn't get along with his hair. "In front of outsiders, you call me Xiao Han. When we get along with each other, you call me husband. If you continue to call me by name and surname..."

"Good, listen to you, I promise, must remove the surname, only called the name son!" Tang youyou has no self at the moment. She finds that she is still worried about his anger.

In fact, Ji Xiaohan's heart was cool, because he suddenly found out that he had found a way to cure the little woman.

"Go to sleep, and keep your hands still!" The season owl was too cold for a moment, pretended. Don

put his little hand into his pajamas, and immediately obediently took it back, then nodded: "OK, good night!" Season

Xiao Han: "..." What is the situation of this? Why doesn't she continue to coax him and appease him?

The body that Tang youyou just moved over rolled twice, ran to the other side of the bed and lay flat. Season

Xiao Han found that he was playing too much. Ming likes her submissive appearance just now. "

come here!" As soon as Ji Xiaohan reached out, he immediately pulled her back. "

why?" Tang youyou's forehead is knocked on his solid chest, and he asks in surprise.

"Did I say to let you sleep?" The man's thin lips were already on her earlobes.

Tang youyou trembled a little, and a current had already passed her. "

didn't you just say sleep? Did I hear you wrong? " Tang youyou blinked strangely. "Don't you know I like to say the opposite?" Ji Xiao is very angry with cold air. Well, this woman's understanding ability is not so bad. I hope the two little guys didn't inherit it to her. "

instead? Who likes to say the opposite? " Once again, Tang youyou was so angry that he couldn't laugh or cry. "

I like it!" Season owl cold suddenly bit heavily, painful Tang youyou a light shout. "

What do you mean just now..."

"Don't want to sleep!" The man said that, has turned over.