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Gao Yue is hiding in her room. It's been a day and a night. She's in a panic. She's afraid that sister Mei will find her and really throw her down from the top of the building. Isn't it too sad that she doesn't even have a whole body? No, her parents provide her with education. She hasn't had time to repay their kindness in parenting. She hasn't married and had children. She hasn't even made it to half of her life. She is unwilling to die like this.

When Gao Yue's fear reached despair, the door opened, and Ji Xiao walked in with cold steps. Jun's face was cold as frost, giving a feeling of zero affinity in an instant.

Before Gao Yue dared to look up at him and smile. Now, she looks like she has no face to see anyone. When she saw Ji Xiaohan, she immediately turned around and her voice trembled: "Ji Zong, you are willing to come to see me at last."

Lu Qing quickly arranges a chair for Ji Xiaohan and asks him to sit down.

"Say what you want, and don't hide it!" Season owl said coldly.

Gao Yue has nothing to hide at the moment. What is more sad than her ending at the moment? "The old president sent people abroad to pick up beautiful women and use them to seduce those who are good for him. I am one of them. They think I am beautiful, good-natured and of good origin. At that time, the person who contacted me was your uncle Ji Lin. unexpectedly, he died so soon. Then, it was the record that docked with me, but later, he was inexplicable I'm dead. Now, there is a woman who claims to be Mei Jie. She is cruel and cruel. She is a devil. She is jealous of my beauty. Seeing that I can't seduce you successfully, she has poisoned me. President Ji, all I know, has said. I really don't know anything else. " Gao Yue's hoarse voice, especially Pei Liang in this room, makes people feel that heaven has a way to go and hell has no door to enter.

"Then you told me before that you were lying to me if you could get the latest information about Mr. President for me?" Season owl sneers in cold voice. "President Ji, I lied to you. Don't you also lied to me? You said that your relationship with your wife is not very good, but I feel that your relationship is very good. You love her very much. I'm smart enough to really believe that you have a bad relationship and think you have a chance. Ha ha. " Gao Yue said at the end, laughing at herself.

"It doesn't make sense to say that. What do you have in your hand that is worth my life?" Asked the season owl in a cold voice. "Mr. Ji, can I believe you? People say that you are a very trustworthy person, so your business will be so successful. I really want your help, but I am afraid! " Gao Yue has been deeply hurt by life. She has become less trusting.

"You have no choice but to believe me. Why not gamble once? Besides, you are a personal card. I may need to use you in the future. I won't let you die." Season owl cold light said.

Gao Yue shuddered a little and said wryly, "yes, if you pull that old bastard off the horse later, I'd like to take my ruined ugly face and stand in the court of justice and make decisions for you!"

"Well, give me the things and I'll send someone to send me abroad!" Season owl cold nodded.

Gao Yue said, and gave his small recorder to Ji Xiaohan: "there's a recording here. It's the last conversation between Mei Jie and me. I don't have the courage to listen to it again. It's just like death."

Ji Xiaohan nodded and gave it to Lu Qing without listening to Gao Yue.

"President Ji, there is a bodyguard named Kangping around you. Can you send him to send me abroad?" Gao Yue suddenly begged him.

"Zha? Why must it be him? " Season owl cold picked eyebrows.

"I don't know. I believe him!" Gao Yue dropped his head and looked very low.

"Well, let him send you abroad!" Ji Xiaohan didn't object. After that, he left with Lu Qing.

In the car, Ji Xiaohan and Lu Qing listened to the recording, and their expressions were ugly.

"This woman is really terrible. She feels so calm about killing people, which shows how powerful her heart is!" Lu Qing's hair is creepy. "Maybe she suffered more than killing people. Anyway, you can find a way to send this recording to Mo Feng. I'm sure he can recognize who this woman's voice is. Mei may be a pseudonym for her!" Ji Xiao said with cold and calm face.

"Well, I'll find a way to deliver it. Don't worry, young master!" Lu Qing nodded.

That night, under the protection of Kangping, Gao Yue took a ship to the sea. For the sake of safety, the two changed several cruises of different voyage and finally went to a city in the neighboring country.

"I want a facelift!" Gao Yue stands in the bathroom of the hotel, looking at the bandaged face, making a dark decision.

Before, she didn't dare to move a knife on her face, because what she felt was natural was the best.

But now, no matter how she feels, she must let herself be able to see people, even if there are cosmetic sequelae, she doesn't care.

Kangping is responsible for her whole journey of safety, accommodation, Kangping has rich experience in hiding, so Gao Yue follows him, all the way is very safe.

"Miss Gao, do you have a place to go?" Kangping asked her curiously.

"No!" Gao Yue replied with a sad face.

"If you don't like it, I'll take you to a place that used to be my refuge!" Kangping thought of a good place to go.

"Well, go there!" Gao Yue nodded.


It has been three days since Mei stood at the window and looked at the towering building in front of her. Two thirds of them were hidden on the top of the fog, which shows her majesty.

"How can we get Gao Yue to the top of the building?" Mei put out her hand to cover her face and mumbled like thinking.

"Jishi group, security is one of the best in the world, I'm afraid it's not easy!" There's a man next to me.

"It's not easy and we have to find a way. If we have any difficulties, we won't do anything." Sister Mei immediately angrily scolded him.

The man was trained to be mute. "Ji Xiaohan is really a character. He is young and has a career all over the world. It's a pity that the more dazzling he is, the more he gets in the way of Mr. Gao Yue's eyes. If he can't get Gao Yue to the top of the building, he must let her die in the building!" Mei said with a sneer.

"I'm afraid that woman is half dead at the moment. Would you like to tie her up for future use?" The man next to her asked in a low voice.

"Let's send someone to come here. We'll find a way." Mei Jie is also very upset at the moment. She thinks that she is more reliable than Zhang Lu in handling affairs. But now she finds that she has insufficient ability and needs to find someone to help her.

"Well, we'll send someone to get the woman!"

Mei elder sister forcefully breathed a breath, the mobile phone on the table suddenly came to her, her mind jumped, and walked quickly.

It's the phone on it.

"Sir!" Sister Mei immediately shouted respectfully.

"I heard that you ruined Gao Yue's face? What are you up to? " The president lost his temper on the other end of the phone and obviously didn't like her assertiveness.

"I'm sorry, sir. I didn't control my temper for a while..." "It's no use apologizing. If that woman runs out and talks nonsense, my reputation will be damaged. There is no mistake at this point. You should deal with this matter immediately. If there is any mistake, you will wait and see!" Mr. Tong scolded her angrily. "Yes, I'll send someone to deal with her now. Don't worry, sir. I'll stop her!" Mei Jie's face suddenly changed in fear. Although she had everything in her mind, she still lost control in destroying Gao Yue's face. Unexpectedly, she would be so blamed by the old president. Mei Jie's face turned blue with anger.

She directly threw her cell phone on the table, biting her teeth angrily: "damned woman, I'm scolded. Your death is coming. Go to find her quickly. Don't worry about where she died. See her and find a way to deal with it immediately!"

"Yes!" A group of people took the lead and went to work quickly.

Two hours later, Mei's cell phone rang again.

"Gao Yue is gone. We have found all the places she can go. There is no sign of her!"

"What?" Sister Mei was almost mad: "then hurry to find it again. I left it near her place that night. Ask carefully. There must be a clue!" Sister Mei suddenly panicked.