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After the banquet, the guests also left one after another. Ling Mo Feng left first with LAN Yanxi for work reasons. Ji Yueze also took a step because his daughter was ill. Ji Xiaohan and his several brothers decided to change places and continue drinking.

However, if they want to go out to play, they need the consent of the family member.

Tang youyou doesn't have a problem. Pei Anxin tells Mu shiye that Mu shiye is no longer arrogant as the former young master. Pei Anxin says what it is and guarantees that he will never get drunk and go home. Otherwise, he takes the initiative to sleep on the sofa.

Tang youyou gives Ji Xiaohan a look to let him know. Ji Xiaohan is a smart man. He doesn't know the truth. If he dare to go home drunk, even if he doesn't sleep on the sofa, he will have to suffer the two little guys talking about it. So he guarantees that he will just go out and relax with his friends and never go home drunk.

Although lohnin is drunk, she is still conscious. Of course, she doesn't want to miss such a good party. Maureen sits like a queen. She doesn't need to worry about lohnin's daring to make trouble, because she has that confidence. If he wants to make trouble, she can quit him tomorrow.

Lohnin is very self-conscious. He doesn't dare to make his goddess angry. Of course, he is afraid that he will make a mistake in principle. He won't even have the chance to ask for help. The domineering Mulin will let him meet at the gate of the Civil Security Bureau tomorrow.

Three men, sitting on a limousine, looked at each other for a long time, which was completely relaxed. One man took a glass of red wine and dried a glass.

"When a woman is in charge of a day, it's better than you think..." At the moment, he made a speech, but he didn't say the last summary. He just asked two friends with his eyes, hoping they could add something.

Ji Xiaohan and lohning didn't take the pot, but looked at Mu shiye and asked him to say.

"What are you looking at me for?

I still have a position at home. Unlike someone, it's not enough to be controlled by my wife. I have to be controlled by my two children. It's hard for me to live. "

When I saw that Ji Xiaohan didn't help me, I immediately pulled him into the water.

"I didn't say that," Ji Xiaohan said

"Yes, I did. I didn't say."

Lohnen nodded at once with a smile.

"Hello, you are my brother-in-law. How can you not help me speak?"

The night of mooch immediately gave lohnin a disgusted look.

Lohnin shrugged his shoulders and said innocently, "can I help you? Besides, if I dare to say something bad, can your sister spare me?"


Mu Shi immediately threw him a white eye.

Ji Xiaohan laughs beside him. For a long time, he doesn't see their two bickering. It's like he went back to the time when he was still single. Everyone speaks freely and doesn't care.

At that time, all three of them had lofty aspirations and would never get married before the age of 30, because they felt that their single life was much easier than the days bound by marriage.

But in fact, among the three of them, the oldest one is only 29 years old this year. Therefore, all three of them have violated their original vows, fell into the trap of love prematurely, or jumped in on their own initiative without even struggling.

Tang youyou takes two little guys to Ji Yueze's villa. Before entering the living room, he hears the crying of little mo mo. he is not aggrieved.

Ji xiaonai and Ji Xiaorui immediately look at each other, fight in the dark, and run to the living room fiercely, looking like they want to compete for the first place.

Ji xiaonai lost completely, no way. Her legs are not as long as her brother's, so he rushed to Xiaomo first.

LAN Yue looks at a pair of grandchildren who appear suddenly, and her face is happy: "Xiaorui, xiaonai, why are you here?

Didn't you go for a wedding party? "

"I'm finished. I heard that my sister is ill. We'll come and see her."

Ji xiaonai rushes to answer.

Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan, who are getting medicine at the dinner table, come over with the medicine. Ji Xiaorui and his two brothers and sisters immediately say hello sweetly.

"Does sister want to take medicine?

Is the medicine bitter? "

Ji xiaonai immediately very nosy ran to see, and then asked curiously.

Ji Yueze replied with a smile: "it's a little bitter, but the doctor said that this medicine is more effective, or it will have to be injected. Is it more painful?"

"Well, I'm afraid of injection. Come on, I'll see how my sister drinks the medicine."

Ji xiaonai has grown up a little. She has the courage to practice. She is not afraid to give birth. As expected, the girl who grows up in a complete family will be more confident with her parents' love. The confidence that emanates from her bones is not disguised.

LAN Yue hands over Xiaomo to Ji Yueze. Although Xiaomo is only a few months old, she knows people and has a preference for Ji Yueze's arms. Therefore, he is the only one who can drink such bitter medicine.

Bai Yiyan is also a novice Mommy. Since her birth, little Mo has only had two illnesses. This time, it's quite serious. She is a little nervous and holds the medicine. The medicine is packed in a similar feeding noise. The little guy thinks it's delicious, stretches out her little tongue to compensate for it, and immediately starts to use the whole body's strength to resist.

"It's over. I have to force it."

Ji Yueze is suffering from handsome face. I can only be strong if I don't cooperate with him.

In order to recover her daughter as soon as possible, Bai Yiyan can only open her daughter's mouth by force and fill the medicine directly. The little guy uses all his strength to resist, but it doesn't work. She swallows all the medicine. Then, she immediately bursts into a loud cry.

LAN Yue quickly put a bottle of warm water into her mouth. She drank the sweet water vigorously, which stopped crying. She drank half of the bottle at a draught. Then she pushed the bottle open and began to blink a pair of big eyes stained with tears, looking at the two lovely little brothers and sisters in front of her.

Ji xiaonai immediately made a few grimaces at the little guy, and the little mouth was flattened by little Mo Mo, finally showing a happy smile.

Tang youyou looks at children's interaction, their world seems to be able to communicate without language, but in the eyes of adults, they are the most lovely angels, bringing laughter to everyone.

"Sit down, sister-in-law. I'll pour you a glass of water."

Bai Yiyan immediately said with a smile.


Don youyou sits down beside.

Ji Yueze took his daughter and two little nephews to the garden. After a day of boredom, it's time to take her out to relax.

LAN Yue also sits nearby. They ask about Luo Jinyu's and Yang ChuChu's wedding. Tang youyou tells them some romantic details. Women of all ages will be envious.