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Tang youyou feels more relieved not to take the children. After all, Ji Xiaohan and his uncle are fighting in secret. She has seen Ji Lin's despicable means. She really doesn't know what disgusting things he will do. She keeps the children beside the second elder. Now LAN Yue helps take care of them. Tang youyou is very relieved. "

OK, can we get there as soon as possible without taking the children?" When Tang youyou saw that he had promised himself, she was grateful.

Season owl cold thin lips kissed in her forehead: "tomorrow morning, do you want to prepare some gifts to send them to Uncle Yuan directly, let him take you to the gift room to pick some, what you think is suitable for your father, you can take it directly."

"But these are all your gifts for my father. I want to buy them myself!" Tang youyou is a little embarrassed. He shows his filial piety and should pay for it. How can he get Ji's?

"My people are yours. Isn't my things yours?" When Ji Xiaohan saw that she was polite to him, Jun's face was full of displeasure.

Joe chuckled at first: "if I want to use these gifts, of course, I will take them without any weakness, but this is what I want to take to my father. You have had some grudges with him before. I'm not good at it!" "

take it, my grudge with him has passed!" "In fact, I still want to thank him for taking care of my mother these years. Without him, my mother might have more mental pressure." Don

a little smile: "do you really think so? You don't remember hating my father "

I can only say that my hatred for him has faded!" It's impossible for Ji Xiaohan not to blame Xia Weiwen at all. He was deeply influenced by Xia Weiwen in his youth. The hurt and hatred that he suffered can't be wiped clean.

From now on, the only thing he can do is not to meet Javier, to be a stranger with him, there will be no more resentment.

Tang youyou finally asked Uncle yuan to take her to the storeroom to pick out gifts.

As soon as I went in, I found a room full of all kinds of valuable gifts. Moreover, the room was very big, and Tang youyou couldn't believe it. Because she lives in Ji's house, but she doesn't care about things. When she sees it, she is still surprised. "

all the gifts here are good, Miss Tang, take as many as you like, young master said!" Uncle yuan stood by and said with a smile. Don

youyou is more embarrassed. She picked some at will. Late at the dinner table, Ji Xiaohan said this thing. The old lady was silent and didn't say anything, but when she left the table, she turned around and told them to pay attention to safety.

It seems that the old lady has no objection. LAN

Yue has moved into Ji's house now. With her, she takes charge of the two children's affairs. Whether it's playing with the children or bathing the children, LAN Yue takes over all of them. Even Tang youYou can't help him if he wants to help.

It's really a good mother-in-law, which makes Tang youyou respect her more. In the evening, LAN Yue came to knock on the door in a pajama and called Tang youyou to her room. "

long time, you can go to see him, he must be very happy!" LAN Yue said softly.

Tang youyou said in a low voice, "this is what I should do. He is too old to let him come to see me every time."

"Yes, your father looks healthy, but he actually has a chronic disease. His stomach is not very good, and his heart also needs to take medicine. Before, I would supervise him to take it. I don't know if he would take it on time recently. He doesn't like to listen to the doctor's words." When LAN Yue mentions Xia Weiwen, she looks very gentle. Maybe she really knows each other too much, so she talks more often unconsciously.

Tang youyou listened, but his heart gave birth to many feelings and worries: "Mom, please rest assured that I will tell him to take the medicine well after I pass."

"Well, I know, he will certainly listen to your advice. Your father and daughter have finally met each other, and he certainly hopes to get better." LAN Yue nodded, but her eyes were somehow moist. If you want to be in love as before, all of a sudden, you can't even say what you care about each other, and there is a trace of sadness in your heart.

"Mom, in fact, if you and my dad have time to meet and talk, Xiao Han and I don't mind." Tang youyou advised in a low voice. "

No, I have nothing to talk with him." LAN Yue chuckles and shakes her head. Her face is resolute, but her heart is helpless.

"Mom, thank you!" Tang youyou is grateful.

"Well, don't say anything more about this kind of polite words. You call my mother. I'm very satisfied. Go to have a rest. I'll be very tired if I have to fly in the morning tomorrow!" LAN Yuewen laughs.

Tang youyou nods and walks away.

Back in the bedroom, Ji Xiaohan sits on the sofa, looking inexplicable. See

to her, get up and come over: "what did my mother say?" "

nothing, just let me tell my father to remember to take medicine!" Said Tang youyou softly.

"Is your father ill?" The man squinted a little. "

is an old disease!" Tang youYou can't guess the light under the man's eyes for a while, he replied softly.

Ji Xiaohan didn't say anything more. He put his hand around her and said, "let's have a rest early. Tomorrow's flight will be very tired!" "

OK!" Tang youyou leaned against his arms and walked towards the big bed.


Tang youyou kisses and kisses his daughter's face, and then reaches out to hug his son. He wants to kiss him, but Ji brei hates him and says, "Mommy, don't kiss me, I've grown up!"

Tang youyou didn't expect that his son would dislike him and hurt his face. "

as you grow up, you will not kiss me!" Tang youyou sighs.

Now, a pair of children are almost five years old, growing up a lot, more sensible. Ji

xiaonaili hugs her and kisses her face with her mouth: "Mommy, don't care about her brother, xiaonai loves you so much!" Don

youyou is actually pretending to be angry. Now that his son has grown up, he knows how to be shy and that men and women are different, which is actually a good thing.

Ji Xiaohan touches his son's short hair, and the little guy pours in protest. "

you two should listen to grandma and grandma at home. When we come back, we will bring you gifts!" Season owl cold warm voice admonishes. Two little guys nodded their heads: "don't worry, mom and dad. Remember to say hello to grandpa for us. Next time, we'll visit him!"

Tang youyou nodded and was moved: "OK, I will say hello to your grandpa!" Two

turn around and drive towards the private apron of jixiaohan.