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A few girls beside her quickly comforted her.

Big Sister Xue Rou, don't cry. Of course, we believe that you're innocent. Your female lead is always kind and beautiful, and we've always been chasing after each other in front of the computer. In my heart, you're the kindest woman!

"That's right, that's right! Just what kind of person would have such a bad heart to actually wrongly accuse you!"

Tang Xue Rou used the back of her hand to wipe the tears that had fallen from the corner of her eyes, and choked with sobs: "This woman, I can't afford to offend her, she is not an ordinary woman, she was once my sister, but later on, because her methods were too clever, she snatched my boyfriend away, and even gave birth to my boyfriend, forcing us to part ways."

"Big Sister Xue Rou, the bad woman that you mentioned, could she be the Tang You You that was recently spread around the Ji's?"

"It's her?" I've seen her photos before, but she's not as beautiful as you. There's something wrong with the eyes of this Ji's Great Young Master, right?

"That's right, in my heart, you're the most beautiful!"

Tang Xue Rou's vanity was satisfied. It seemed like everyone's eyes were normal, as it was an indisputable fact that she was prettier than Tang You You.

"I'll definitely help you guys when you guys leave this place. I'm rich, and you're all young girls in the prime of your lives, so you're all beautiful. When that time comes, I'll bring you guys out to be an artist, do you guys think?" Tang Xue Rou knew that she had fallen for something big this time, and if she wanted to go back, she would not stand a chance, so she could only focus her gaze on the five young girls in front of her.

"Really? Big Sister Xue Rou, are you really going to promote us to be celebrities? " The girls were so excited that they were on the verge of fainting. They were actually the best students in school, but their grades were the worst. Of course, they were all very pretty.

Tang Xue Rou nodded, and looked at them with sincerity: "Now it's the most popular female group, after you guys leave, I will pay for you guys to do a small adjustment, I believe your beauty will definitely rise even further, at that time, you will be the future Big Star!"

Big sister Xue Rou, you are such a nice person, I really don't know what that bad woman is thinking. She actually framed you, when I become the Big Star in the future, I will definitely avenge you!

"That's right. Sister Xue Rou, don't worry. We won't let you suffer such grievances for nothing."

Looking at how they were indignant for him, Tang Xue Rou was secretly pleased in his heart. Although she had lost to them in this battle, that did not mean that she would admit defeat. She, Tang Xue Rou, had such a good brain, she would never admit defeat.

"Good, I am truly moved by your words and will not waste this decision of mine. The entertainment circle in the future will be your world. You must do your best and let everyone who has harmed us see that we have the strength to fight back." Tang Xue Rou began to incite their yearning and determination towards the future.

"Big Sister Xue Rou, you gave us such a high evaluation. Are we really that capable?"

"Yeah, we've always been at the bottom. We don't dare to have any big achievements in the future."

"Of course, Sister Xue Rou's words are the most motivated words I've ever heard. I will do my best. I hope that Sister Xue Rou can help us!"

Tang Xue Rou saw their dejected looks and immediately scolded them, "Can't you guys have some future prospects? You've only just started, and all of you are already this depressed. Let me ask you this, have you all ever dated a boyfriend before?"

Everyone nodded in unison!

"Alright, are you willing to accept my arrangements for your future?" Tang Xue Rou could tell from one look that these girls were extremely open-minded, they were definitely not those obedient girls who kept a conservative tradition.

The few girls looked at each other, and quickly realized what Tang Xue Rou meant by various arrangements so their faces were all a little muddled.

"You don't want to?" Tang Xue Rou immediately raised her eyebrows. "Then forget about it, I believe you all have also seen how deep the waters of this kind of place like the entertainment circle are. If you want to become a man above others, you don't need to think of yourself as a person as you climb up, because your pride, your face, and your body will all be smashed by all kinds of pressure."

The girls were scared again. Obviously, they had only seen the sunny side of the entertainment circle, but did not think about its dark side.

Although they would occasionally release some negative news, they were, after all, still inexperienced, so their knowledge was limited.

Tang Xue Rou snorted: "Forget it, all of you should just go back and continue reading. Be your little girls, you really aren't suitable for that circle."

"Big Sister Xue Rou, don't give up on us. Actually, it's not that we don't want to, it's just that … "I don't have much experience!"

Looking at them all who seemed to have made a firm resolution, she nodded her head and said, "Alright, in fact, I also think highly of you guys, your bodies are developing so well, your faces are beautiful, you were born to be the stuff of celebrities. Just now, I was just trying to scare you guys, the entertainment circle is not as bad as you think it is, I'm an experienced person, I have plenty of experience, I guarantee that you guys will obtain victory and advance into the entertainment circle!"

Right at the prison, Tang Xue Rou developed an army that she could command in the future.

The sky in the early winter always arrived a little earlier. Tang You You drew a few pictures in the room, and then he heard the little guy's hurried running voice outside the door.

She quickly put down her brush and drawing board and saw that the bedroom door had been pushed open. Two small figures came in one after the other.

Tang Xiao Nai immediately ran over and threw herself into her embrace, then raised her head and asked: "Mummy, are you better now? I'm so worried about you! "

As Tang You You listened to his daughter's childish care, the corner of his mouth rose. He consoled her gently, "Mummy is much better now. "Don't worry!"

Tang Xiao Rui was also worried, but he was a little man, so his speech was relatively steady. He stood to the side, his arms crossed before his chest, and said while grinning: "Mummy, do you have something to say to us?"

Tang You You was still immersed in her daughter's soft and gentle concern, when she suddenly heard her son's question. She blinked her eyes.