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C544 the anger of boss Luo

When lohnin arrived at Mu's house, he was holding a bunch of roses that he had prepared carefully. Seeing that the eldest brother arrived earlier than himself, he was slightly stunned with his handsome face. In fact, lohnin was more sunny than lohnin. The two brothers had six or seven similar facial features, but their temperament was quite different. One was warm sunshine, the other was calm and mature. Lanruona chose not lohnin's exterior

watch, but his hegemony and ambition in his career. Obviously, he did Without his big brother's innate sense of career. Lanruona has also gone downstairs. She is sitting in the living room and talking with Luo Jinyu. Seeing Luo Henning coming in, she looks a little mixed.

Murin has already got up to welcome over, charming delicate face, hanging a happy smile: "how do you return to me to buy flowers?"

"When I saw it on the road, I took a bunch with me. Do you like it?" In lohnin's tone, the tension and indulgence towards Mulin are all obvious.

Mu Lin bit her lips and smiled shyly: "I like what you sent. Come in!"

"Auntie!" As soon as lohnin entered, he greeted lanrona at the first time.

After all, it's a top priority to marry her daughter and please her mother-in-law.

Lanruona immediately smiled softly: "Lord Luo, you haven't been to our house for a long time. Today, you can come here. I'm really happy!"

LAN ruona's address made Luo Jinyu's face slightly stiff.

Murin immediately coughed and said, "Mom, let me introduce him to you. He's my boyfriend."

Lohnin saw that murin had so boldly singled out the relationship between the two men. He immediately looked at lanrona nervously. He was worried that she would object.

Mu shiye gave him a dark look, and lohnin immediately said, "Auntie, I will take good care of Mu Lin in the future, and I hope you will promise us the business of communication." Lanruona took a look at her daughter's firm look, and then looked at lohnin's sincere expression. She sighed: "love is your own business. If you can get along with each other, it's natural that everyone is happy. As an elder, we can't give you any advice. You can get along with each other by yourself."

For a while, lohnin couldn't understand what she said, until Maureen smiled and said, "thank you, mom. We'll try our best."

When lohnen heard her say this, she finally reflected that the Mu Mu should have agreed. Luo Jinyu suddenly said in a calm voice: "Auntie, my brother was spoiled and grown up by our family since he was a child. Although he is now an adult and can stand on his own side, we will also make a general reference about his feelings. Mulin and I have always worked together. I also pay attention to and understand her. My brother can communicate with her. I I'm glad to see it. "

LAN ruona is slightly shocked. Listen to Luo Jinyu, are you also picking up her daughter?

So lanruona immediately chuckled and said, "Luoda is right. My daughter is one of the best girls in ten thousand. She has excellent work, strong ability and beautiful growth. She will never lose to other women."

Hearing her mother's praise, murin immediately complained softly, "Mom, what are you doing?"

Luo Jinyu secretly tried harder with lanruona, only smiled lightly: "we all know the strengths of Mulin very well, but in love, women are stronger than men, which is not a good thing, so I hope it will be better to separate work and personal feelings."

"Big brother......" Lohnin didn't expect that elder brother had so many opinions to express at once, and his handsome face was slightly stunned. Lanruona could feel that Luo Jinyu was aiming at this intentionally, and she forced to laugh and said: "it's also reasonable for Lord Luo, but if I want to cultivate an excellent daughter, I've spent my energy, and suddenly I'm going to be married by your brother. My heartache, you should be able to understand it." The Royal skin of Luo Jin did not laugh, but his voice was still as steady as water: "Auntie, who do you hear that they have reached the point of marriage? You can rest assured that they are only in the initial stage of communication. It may take time to prove whether they are suitable or not. We are all adults. We can't force or make do with the problems of feelings. If they are really suitable, our Luo family will certainly not lose etiquette. Of course, it's his blessing that my brother can pair up with your daughter "

"Big brother, say less!" Lohnin and mureen are all shocked. Today is the first day when they see their elders. Why did elder brother quarrel with mu mu?

Although what they said was very civilized, they didn't mean to quarrel, so they had a strong pertinence. When Mu shiye was listening, he secretly admired Luo Jinyu. He was able to meet his mother so closely. Of course, he was not angry. He only felt that his mother was too self-centered. He really needed someone to give her a good reason. Anyway, his mother and his elder sister didn't like to hear what he said.

LUO Jinyu came out just in time. She would certainly listen.

Lanrona found that she seemed to be defeated. Who let her daughter?

Women are more likely to be sensitive.

"What Lord Luo said is reasonable. Let's let them deal with it by themselves. Have tea!" Lanrona shut up wisely. It's not good for her daughter to quarrel anyway.

So when she heard her daughter say that what should have happened happened, lanrona felt that there was no basis to quarrel.

"Thank you, aunt!" Luo Jinyu is also a polite smile. He takes tea and drinks it.

The atmosphere at the scene was at last relieved.

At this time, the little orange in Mu Shi's arms suddenly raised its little face: "Daddy, grandma!"

Mu shiye quickly stood up and pulled lohnin's clothes: "come here, help!"

Lohnin quickly picked up the orange and walked towards the restaurant with Mushi at night.

After arriving at the restaurant, lohning frowned: "what's the matter with my eldest brother today? He ate gunpowder, and even quarreled with your mother."

"It's OK, let them fight!" When Mu night action adept to baby daughter wash milk powder, smile said.

Lohnin was speechless: "you're not afraid of big things. I'm afraid to die. What if your mother doesn't like me?"

"Don't you see that? After comparing you with your brother, my mother found that you are not as good as your brother, so she doesn't have much confidence in your relationship with my sister. "

"No!" Lohnin's handsome face fell down in a flash.

"You have a good brother, don't worry, you are covered by your brother, what are you afraid of, just like I have a good sister, we are very happy!" Moo night smile of interest. Lohnin nodded, "yes, my brother is really good to me!"