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C1887 narcissistic inheritance

Master Dangdang Si, this time it was completely planted in the hands of this little guy, he easily gave no guarantee, but since it is said, then if it can not be done ... the son must be very disgusted with him.

"Yu Xuan ..." Just when Ji Mucheng decided to reach out and pull the hook with his son, he suddenly heard Xia Xinnian's harsh voice.

Xia Yuzhang was caught as if making a mistake. With a guilty face, she quickly put her little finger down, then turned her face, and looked at Xia Xinxi with a smile: "Mum, you are back!"

Xia Xinnian squinted her eyes and stared at her son. Then she turned to Ji Mucheng and said, "This little thing is very smart. Don't be fooled by him easily."

"Mummy ..." Punctured by her mother on the spot, the little boy looked frustrated and looked at her in a grievance.

Xia Xinnian chuckled: "I said, don't count others, you little brain give me a little bit of energy!"

A sentence of others, like a needle, penetrated deeply into Ji Mucheng's heart, his face turned pale.

Xia Yuzheng had to obediently stop talking, and sure enough, Mommy knew him best.

"Isn't it a good thing your son is smart?

I must have inherited my genes! "

The man didn't realize that there was anything wrong with this, but raised his eyebrows proudly.

Xia Xinnian laughed coolly in his heart, but did not answer his words.

The little guy immediately rushed into Daddy ’s arms as if he had found an organization, and smiled happily: “It ’s not my fault that Daddy knows me best, Mummy, it ’s Daddy ’s fault, who let me inherit What about his genes? "

Xia Xinnian looked at the father and son who are both narcissistic, and just wanted to stroke his forehead.

Well, she must believe that narcissism is also inherited.

Seeing Xia Xinnian's expression of disgust and ignorance, Ji Mucheng suddenly felt annoyed again. Why was the person in charge of his dignified Jijia Group like a puppy who was pleased to be happy, Even more annoying is that people don't seem to take him seriously.

The delicious dishes are served, full of color and fragrance, making people appetite.

"Mum, I ordered your favorite steamed fish!"

The little man immediately said with a smile.

"Thank you for your concern!"

Although Xia Xinnian educated him just a few words, after all, he was born by himself, and then he hated it when he liked it.

The man's eyes narrowed again, this little guy always thought of his mummy.

"Son, do you know what Daddy likes to eat?"

Ji Mucheng was immediately looking for presence again.

"Does Daddy like chicken?"

The little guy just saw Daddy's finger paused at a chicken for a long time, so he asked this question.

The atmosphere froze all of a sudden. Xia Xinnian was eating fish with chopsticks and listening to his son, he couldn't help laughing.

Ji Mucheng certainly knew what she was laughing at. This woman wanted to crook.

"No, Daddy likes vegetables!"

Ji Mucheng can only accompany his son at this moment.

"Oh, Daddy likes to be vegetarian!"

The little boy immediately nodded seriously.

Ji Mucheng laughed: "Eat vegetarian nutrition and health, you have to eat more!"

"Okay, Daddy, I like to eat greens too, and we seem to be like that!"

The little boy smiled happily, but saw his teeth invisible.

Xia Xinnian still couldn't get out of the stalk that had just eaten chicken. Every time he thought about it, he couldn't help laughing.

"Mum, what are you laughing at?

Any joyous event? "

The little boy blinked and asked with big eyes.

Ji Mucheng chuckled coldly and said quietly, "Your mommy may have a disease that doesn't laugh and hurt!"

Xia Xinnian immediately looked up at him and taunted, "Yeah, unlike some people, he loves chicken!"

"You ..." Ji Mucheng's big palm has been squeezed into a fist. Is this woman going to take this stem out and remember it for a lifetime?

Xia Xinnian looked straight at him without fear, and continued to eat her fish.

The little boy blinked his eyes and asked, "Mum, is there any problem with Daddy like to eat chicken?"

"Son, correct me, Daddy likes chicken, not chicken!"

Ji Mucheng is really going to be miserable by this little guy.

Xia Xinnian laughed again and forgive her, she couldn't help it.

"Oh, chicken is not chicken!"

The little guy still couldn't reflect it.

Ji Mucheng can only reach for his forehead, well, education is a big thing, a big thing that requires patience and energy.

This meal, on the whole, was quite enjoyable. Xia Xinnian was full, so he kept chopping his son's favorite dishes.

"Mom, you can also give Daddy a piece of meat. He always eats vegetables and will be malnourished."

The little guy said immediately.

Ji Mucheng was so happy, was his son concerned about himself?

Well, there is progress.

Xia Xinnian didn't refuse, he directly put a piece of fat into Ji Mucheng's bowl: "My son wants you to eat more!"

Ji Mucheng: "..." This woman is definitely tickling, and she dared to tease him with her son's concern for him.

In fact, Xia Xinnian was also intentionally suspected. He was waiting for him to throw away the piece of meat, but he did not expect that the man clamped it and put it in his thin lips to eat it.

Next, it was her chin to fall to the ground.

Why doesn't this man dislike it?

After eating, Ji Mucheng went to check out. It was not too late to get out of the restaurant, it was only eight o'clock.

"Yu, come and play in Daddy's office!"

With such a beautiful night, Ji Mucheng really didn't want to go home so early. He wanted to take his son and this woman to go to his territory to see the scenery.

"Okay, mommy, go together!"

The little guy immediately held her finger: "Let's go together!"

I'm afraid Mommy wants to leave alone, the little guy begged for it first.

Ji Mucheng's eyes stagnated for two seconds, seemingly waiting for the woman's reply.

"it is good!"

Xia Xinnian is of course accompanying her son. Anyway, she has no work to do at night. Where the son is, she is naturally uneasy.

He felt a sense of relief when he heard her willing to go together.

The black car stopped at the entrance of the building. At the moment, many people in the building had just finished work. Ji Mucheng was holding his son, followed by Xia Xinnian, and walked lazily towards his exclusive direct elevator.

Along the way, many people came to say hello to him, and saw that he was holding a little boy in his arms. Everyone was surprised, and if they looked carefully, the little boy even had a few copies of him, even more shocked. No way.

What's the matter?

Who is this little kid?

Why would he be held in his arms by Mr. Si, and still be softly doted?

Xia Xinnian lowered her head and followed without a word, but the eyes around her still made her a little scared.

Although she never deliberately concealed the existence of her son, almost anyone who had dealt with her knew that she had a son. At that time, she also gave a generous introduction to others to know why she was in a state of confusion How does it feel?