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C1527 responsibility for speaking

Blue fiber stood behind the column at the door. From afar, I saw blue Yanxi come in. Behind her, there was a tall and elegant figure.

Seeing Ling Mo Feng, the breath of blue microfibril speeded up in an instant. It's good to step into her trap.

Lanyanxi steps into the house of lanxianxian, he is not comfortable all over. If he can't turn around, he will leave.

But Ling Mo Feng, who followed behind, seemed to mind what blue fiber had said just now. If she didn't want to see her, Ling Mo Feng should be thinking.

One by one, two people walked into the living room, and saw LAN Xianxian and her cousin LAN Lin sitting on the sofa, and another single sofa seat, sitting on a young and handsome man, who was Ouyang Xuan who blue Xianxian paid to play.

Ouyangxuan has got the money. Looking at the balance of the card, he is ready to give up.

Because when LAN Xianxian tells him that Ling Mo Feng doesn't like LAN Yanxi, even if he weaves up a lie to hurt LAN Yanxi, Ling Mo Feng will not be angry with him, but will only dislike LAN Yanxi. Maybe, he will break up with LAN Yanxi for this.

For a while, Ouyang Xuan liked lanyanxi very much, because she was simple and upright, and she was the wife he wanted to marry. Of course, Ouyang Xuan tried his best to get close to lanyanxi and please her, because she was the eldest daughter of the blue family. Even if she could not inherit the family business in the future, she would certainly have a life without worry.

Unfortunately, lanyanxi didn't know why, and suddenly ignored him. Even if he came to perform a deep love drama, lanyanxi didn't look at him more. After so many years, ouyangxuan was still upset. He felt that lanyanxi was a green tea watch, seduced him and abandoned him. Now, she wants to get married and see him break up Her dream.

"Ouyangxuan?" LAN Yanxi stepped in and saw the alumni she hadn't seen for many years. She expressed surprise.

Ouyangxuan stood up, showing his most handsome smile. His voice was full of affection: "Yanxi, long time no see."

When ouyangxuan spoke, he stood up and came over, pretending to shake hands with lanyanxi to show his intimacy.

But when he reached out his hand, Ling Mo Feng, who followed in, took a long leg and grabbed LAN Yanxi's face, and gave Ouyang Xuan a strong handshake.

"Ah, Mr. vice president, disrespect." Ouyang Xuan didn't expect Ling Mo Feng to take the initiative to hold his hand, which scared him. He quickly stepped back to show his respect.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes were indifferent, and he even looked at the man sharply in front of him.

Clean and tidy, good-looking, dressed should also be considered social elite.

Is this the man LAN Yanxi dare not see?

Lanyanxi was really surprised. Unexpectedly, lanxianxian found this man to act. It's really hard work.

"Brother in law, why are you here?" Blue slim beautiful eyes with spring, smile and happy look at Ling Mo Feng asked.

"I'll walk around." Ling Mo Feng said, ignoring the affectionate eyes of the blue fiber face, and chose a sofa to sit down.

LAN Yanxi glared at the blue fiber angrily.

But LAN Xianxian pretended not to understand her angry eyes, and only smiled and said, "cousin, ouyangxuan heard that you are going to be engaged, so she asked me to help her, so that I could find a chance to meet you."

Ouyang Xuan's eyes are missing at the moment, looking at LAN Yanxi, and his voice is sad: "Yanxi, you have been hiding from me all these years, but I have been thinking about you, how are you doing?"

LAN Yanxi listened to his sour words and almost didn't spit them out. What trick is ouyangxuan playing? He knows that her fiance is sitting next to him. He even dare to say these misleading words and look for something.

"Don't you watch the news? Of course, I'm fine. I'm going to marry Ling Mo Feng soon. Can't I? " LAN Yanxi shrugged his shoulders, didn't get angry immediately, but said to ouyangxuan with a fake smile.

LAN Xianxian didn't expect LAN Yanxi to say such shameless words. Should she think about Ling Mo Feng's feelings? Is their love still sold by Jin? She said to marry?

Ouyangxuan's face was heavy and sad, as if he had heard the most heartbreaking words.

"Yan Xi, as long as you have a happy life, I'm at ease. I know that all our previous lives are just a dream. Mr. vice president is so excellent. If you marry him, it must be your best home." Ouyangxuan showed a sad expression. What he said made people can't help but doubt what they were doing.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes immediately focused on LAN Yanxi's body. His handsome face, instead of being relaxed when he came, was taut. His thin lips were also pursed into a line, revealing his unhappiness at the moment.

LAN Yanxi was also shocked. Although she knew that the purpose of blue microfiber to find Ouyang Xuan was to separate her and Ling Mo Feng, she did not expect that Ouyang Xuan had not seen each other for many years, and her acting skills were becoming more and more exquisite.

"Ouyangxuan, I'm forgetful. I seem to be a little vague about all the things you said. Besides, don't you mean to upset me? My fiance is sitting here. You are here to tell me about the past. Don't you want to cause any misunderstanding? " LAN Yanxi didn't want to give him face, so he directly denounced his sinister intentions.

LAN Xianxian and LAN Lin are sitting on the sofa without saying a word, but when they hear LAN Yanxi saying this, they lose a look and think, next is the play.

"Yan Xi, do you really want to be so cruel? I've been thinking about you and trying to contact you all these years, and I'm afraid that you will get angry. When I hear the news that you are going to be engaged, I've been having nightmares these days, dreaming that our children who are too late to be born cry in my ear at night, saying that we are cruel parents, why not let him see the world? " Ouyang Xuan said, while red eyes, as if the real grief to the extreme.

LAN Yanxi's beautiful eyes widened in an instant and angrily scolded: "ouyangxuan, what child do you say?"

At the moment, Ling Mo Feng's body was also shocked. He always thought that Lan Yanxi and this man had some ambiguous friendship in the innocent age, but unexpectedly, they had children?

"Yan Xi, I know you won't admit it, I can understand it, but you don't feel that you do this. Excuse me, Mr. vice president?" Ouyang Xuan's eyes are full of sadness and blame.

LAN Yanxi is going crazy. Does she think ouyangxuan's brain is broken? She can even make up such nonsense. She just takes him by the hand. Where is the child from?

"How much did blue fiber give you? I'll give you three times. Please don't talk nonsense here and ruin my reputation. Ouyang Xuan, your performance is too fake. It makes me feel sick." LAN Yanxi's face flushed with rage, and angrily pointed to ouyangxuan to scold him.

Seeing that she had been named, LAN Xianxian stood up immediately, with an expression of grievance: "cousin, how can you wronged me? When you were dating ouyangxuan, I witnessed it with my own eyes. Not only do I know, but Xiaolin also knows that it's really immoral of you to deceive the vice president

Lanlin's eyes flashed. Although Lanxian pulled her in, she neither nodded nor shook her head. She sat still like a wooden man, but she was happy. She loved watching Lanxian and Lanyan. The more tragic, the better.

Ling Mo Feng didn't speak, but his eyes were fixed on LAN Yanxi. Seeing that she was so angry that his face turned red, he felt sad for a while. Then, just when everyone attacked her, Ling Mo Feng said in a low voice, "speak responsibly, don't think I'm a fool, the woman I want to marry must be innocent, otherwise, the marriage check-up will not pass."

Ouyang Xuan and LAN Xianxian look frozen for a moment. They think Ling Mo Feng is going to burst out his dissatisfaction with LAN Yanxi, but when they hear his indifferent voice saying this, they feel uneasy for a moment.

LAN Yanxi is very grateful for Ling Mo Feng's critical moment to speak for herself. She sneers: "ouyangxuan, are you retaliating against me?"

"Yan Xi, how can I get even with you? I've always liked you. " Ouyangxuan's face was flustered, but he still showed his deep feelings.

"Don't you want to know why I suddenly ignored you?" LAN Yanxi stares at him coldly. Those eyes make Ouyang Xuan's heart tremble.