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C1114 is this the rhythm of marriage?

Perhaps as a parent, the biggest wish is that his children are happy and carefree. Don't be sad for anyone, and don't have to rely on others, live the life he wants, and watch his daughter smile under the camera. These words become Cheng Ying's inner monologue at the moment.

She doesn't want anything, as long as her daughter is happy.

If anyone is going to bring her grief, she will not bear it.

Yang ChuChu took the last shot, dressed in thin clothes and skirts, rushed towards his mother anxiously. Help

Li took her coat, she also put it on her body in a hurry, then rubbed her hands, and stood in front of her mother: "Mom, you stand here, I'm so nervous, you'd better not come to the studio later, I'm not smiling naturally."

Looking at his daughter's shy face, Cheng Ying nodded and said, "well, I won't come to the studio tomorrow. I'll wait for you at home and make you delicious food to eat when you come back." "

do this!" Yang ChuChu nodded and laughed happily. Cheng

Ying hands her a cup of hot ginger tea. Yang ChuChu takes a sip and immediately frowns, "it's so hot!" "

you are weak. You have been frozen for so long. Drink some tea to warm your body." Only parents can be so selfless for their children. "

OK, I'll just drink it!" Yang ChuChu can't remember when she forgot to do the right thing with her mother. Before, she always came back. What Cheng Ying asked her to do, she just didn't do anything to prove that her point of view was right, and she suffered a lot of scolding. For example,

now, what does mother say? She doesn't want to oppose her at all.

Yang ChuChu drove to her apartment in her mother's car and filmed the whole day. Now she just wants to lie in bed and do nothing. To

downstairs of the apartment, I suddenly saw a familiar black car parked at the entrance of the community. The striking license plate made Yang ChuChu feel sleepy and the whole person shocked.

Cheng Ying also saw it. Of course, she knew it was Luo Jinyu's car.

"Why did he come?" Cheng Ying frowns. "

mom, let me go down to see him." Yang ChuChu pleaded with her mother for fear that she would not agree.

"Wait, don't get out of the car. I'll get out and talk to him!" Cheng Ying saw her daughter's eagerness and stopped her immediately.

"Mom, what are you talking to him about? Don't scold people! " Yang ChuChu said with a worried face. "I'm not his mother-in-law, how can I have the right to scold him? I just have something to talk with him. Don't worry, I won't do anything to him. " Although her mother said this, Yang ChuChu still clenched his heart. He put his hands on the window and watched her push the door down to the black car. He also saw Cheng Ying. Luo Jinyu got out of the car quickly and dressed in a thin black windbreaker, which made his temperament extremely noble. However, Zhang Junmei's face was thin, but it had a sharp and cool beauty.

Seeing him at the first sight, Yang ChuChu found that the man had lost a lot of weight and was inexplicably distressed. Luo

Jin Yu walks to Cheng Ying with respect: "cousin, how are you here?" When he saw Cheng Ying, he called her cousin. Cheng

refers to a railing not far away: "talk to me over there."

"Is it in the car?" Luo Jin's eyes are heavy, and he can't help looking towards the car. At a distance of

Yang ChuChu's heart was palpitating inexplicably. Although he knew that the other side could not see himself at all, he felt extremely moved. Cheng

Ying nodded: "yes, let her meet you later. We have to talk!"

Luo Jin Yujun's face is slightly stiff. He has already guessed what Cheng Ying is going to say to him. He looks inexplicably nervous. Cool

the cool spring breeze blows, turning the corners of two people's clothes, Luo Jinyu stands behind Cheng Ying. Cheng Ying doesn't look back at him directly, but smiles lightly and says: "Luo Jinyu, to be honest, we are not very different in age. From small to large, I have always been able to pay attention to you, because for you, it's very excellent, it's the object of our study. I didn't expect when my daughter grows up I love you so much. I'm really satisfied with you. " Luo

Jin Yu looked shocked, and then said modestly: "thank you for your praise to me. To be honest, I am not omnipotent, but my feelings for being delicate are absolutely sincere."

"Since you really love her, of course, I am very happy. Her birth is a mistake, from small to large, and she lacks too much care. I can see that she is very happy with you. This kind of happiness comes from the heart. I really hope she will be happy all the time. Unfortunately, you should understand your mother's attitude." Cheng Ying turns to look at him and also looks at his reflection.

Luo Jinyu nodded: "I know that my mother thinks that I am not suitable for being delicate, but I will not waver in my determination. I have been begging for her permission recently, but my mother is stubborn and may need a little time..."

"If you can't be persuaded, let go. I believe you deserve a better woman to spend the rest of your life with you. My daughter is young and still in a state of ignorance about her feelings. Your letting go today may also be a relief for her and a necessary process for her to succeed." Cheng Ying put his hands in his pocket and said it casually, but with a touch of irony.

"No, I can't let go!" Luo Jinyu was shocked, and his pretty face flashed with anxiety. He said earnestly: "cousin, I know this matter has hurt you and Chu Chu's trust in me. Please give me some time, I will persuade my mother, and I will let her know that Chu is the woman I want to marry."

"But I've heard that your mother is looking for the right match for you everywhere. Moreover, she also said that if you want to get married and have children within one year, my family will definitely not meet this requirement." Cheng Ying is still full of ridicule.

Luo Jinyu's face froze completely. Tang Qi also told him that he wanted him to get married and have children as soon as possible, and threatened him with a hunger strike.

"I'm only 19 years old. I'm under the legal age of marriage. It's even more impossible to have a baby. I won't let her go my way again. When she's not sensible, she has a baby. It's a huge physical and mental injury to a woman. I want to protect my daughter." With Cheng Ying finished, he resolutely walked in the direction of the car, without any hope for Luo Jinyu.

Luo Jin's body was shocked, frozen in place. Suddenly, looking back, he saw Yang ChuChu, who was eager to run down from the car. His eyes were deep, and the beautiful figure rushed to him quickly broke all the cold firmness in his heart.