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C560 Ji Yueze is in love

Two people drove, with their children, around the scenic mountain road, towards the half hillside of the brightly lit villa.

"Mommy, has great grandmother promised you to be with daddy?" The two kids are very happy, because they can have dinner with mom and dad again.

"I don't know!" Tang youyou was also worried that things would be worse than he thought.

The two little guys had to be angry again.

Arriving at the hillside, Tang youyou is no stranger here. At the beginning, she and Ji Xiaohan were arguing about the custody of their children here.

At that time, Ji Xiaohan was as arrogant as a tyrant monarch. He was indifferent to her and wanted to take two children away.

It's a funny memory to think of the quarrels before, though the top of my head was smoking at that time, but now I want to come.

Arriving at the living room, Tang youyou saw the old lady sitting on the sofa with a stern look.

Ji Xiaohan leads the two children to her side and blinks at the two little guys.

Great grandmother The two little fellows immediately adhered to the old lady's arm.

Although the old lady still wanted to keep a straight face, she could not help but smile when she saw two lovely children: "I thought you were going to abandon my great grandmother, little heartless!"

"Why? It's too late for us to like you when great grandmother is so kind to us! " Tang Xiaorui's mouth is sweet. What he said can make the old man happy.

The old lady looks happy for a while. The old man can't help taking the children.

Tang youyou stood at the door, looking at the old lady indecisively, wondering whether to open her mouth.

The old lady was amused by the two little guys, so she looked at Tang youyou. "Come and sit, too."

Tang youyou had to walk over and sit down on the sofa.

The old lady sighed: "originally, I don't want to see you in my life, but I really don't want to be separated from these two little guys. So, from now on, you can come to eat together."

Tang youyou's beautiful eyes twinkled a little, and looked at Ji Xiaohan. Ji Xiaohan's thin lips raised a happy smile.

"Thank you, great grandmother. I love you so much!" Tang xiaonai immediately tooted his little mouth and kissed the old lady in the face.

The old lady knew that the two little guys also wanted Tang youyou to come over for dinner.

"Thank you, old lady..." Tang youyou is grateful.

The old lady coughed with an unnatural light expression: "I only promise you to come up for dinner, but I don't promise you anything else."

"I know!" Tang youyou is still very happy. After removing the first taboo, she can expect the second level.

In fact, she knew that the old lady's heart was not bad, but her character was too stubborn.

Tang youyou doesn't hate her either, because his father did hurt Ji's family. He's not in a good mood.

At least the old lady didn't drive her out of Ji's house, and didn't stop her from getting along with the children. Tang youyou is very grateful to her.

"Eat!" The old lady took the two children by the hand and went up to the table.

Ji Xiaohan said quickly, "I'll go upstairs and push grandpa down!"

The old man has been sitting in a wheelchair because of the cold weather and inconvenient movement of his legs.

Ji Xiaohan went upstairs and found his grandfather in his study. He was reading a book and left the business circle. The old man loved self-cultivation most. He had lost the sharpness of that year and became more and more charitable.

"Grandpa, go down to eat!" Season owl cold knocks on the door to come in, low voice says.

The old man put down the book in his hand, looked at his grandson's face with a smile, and said lightly, "your grandmother promised you to be together?"

Season owl cold lightly picked a eyebrow: "no, she just promised to let you come to dinner together."

"The old woman The old man couldn't help chuckling.

Seeing that Grandpa seems to have a weak view of this matter, Ji Xiaohan quickly took the opportunity to plead with him: "Grandpa, please help me to persuade grandma, and let her quickly let me recover the relationship with you."

"Don't you know her character? I can't persuade her. " The old man shrugs his shoulders. Maybe he is old. The old man looks at things more bland than the old lady.

"Grandpa, have you ever thought that you spoiled grandma so much?" Season owl cold very helpless frowned. "When your grandmother was young, she had a real personality. Your father's death gave her a huge blow. You'd better take care of her more. I believe that as long as you stick to it for a while, she will be soft hearted. Now, follow her." Although the old man is old, his love for his wife is still the same.

Ji Xiaohan had to smile helplessly: "just because I know her, so I never dare to make her angry."

"You should treat her as a child now. We are old, and she can't be bothered for several years!" The old man really hopes that in his grandson's heart, there will be no resentment.

Season owl cold nodded: "I will!"

On the dining table, the whole family finally got together again, but Tang youyou didn't dare to relax too much.

"The old lady suddenly said quietly:" the more Ze this child, the more and more out of home, so long, did not come to see me

Ji Xiaohan immediately smiled and said, "my brother may have someone he likes recently. I read his microblog and update some melancholy words from time to time."

Tang Youyou, who was drinking soup with a spoon, felt his fingers shake, and the spoon of porcelain jade fell into the bowl, making a jingling sound.

Everyone looked at her strangely, and Tang youyou gave a dry smile: "after taking the pen for a day, his hands are sour!"

Her explanation, however, caused no storm.

The old lady was shocked by Ji Xiaohan's words. Then she said with a happy face, "really? Did you call him? Does he really have a girlfriend? "

"I guess I called him and he didn't talk to me about it!" Season owl cold smile said.

"If he really has someone he likes, that's great. He's not too young. It's time to find someone."

Tang youyou is in a panic. At this moment, some pictures flashed in her mind are all the words Ji Yueze expressed to her.

Tang youYou can't help but scream in the bottom of his heart. In case the old lady knows about this matter, I'm afraid the atmosphere will be destroyed again if it's not easy to ease.

No, she must find a chance to let Ji Yueze keep the secret in her heart forever.

"What's the matter with you? Do you mind if you have a meal? " Seeing that she was eating like counting rice, Ji Xiaohan immediately asked her in a low voice. Tang youyou raised her eyes in a frightened way, and her face flashed with panic color. She quickly smiled: "I I actually ate outside, so I'm not very hungry. "