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C554 president Luo is jealous

The two brothers of Luo's family, who came home from the Mu's family after having a meal, all had gloomy expressions. They were Luo Jinyu. Jun's face was dark and ugly.

"Big brother, what's the matter with you?" Lohnin reached out and took a bottle of water from the refrigerator, unscrewed it, looked up and took a drink. He found that the eldest brother was sitting on the sofa, and his face was not happy. He hurried to ask him.

"Mureen's mother, it seems, is not very satisfied with you." Luo Jin yuleng hums. When he thinks that his younger brother should be choosed, he is extremely upset.

Lohnin was stunned. Then he sat down and clapped his hand on his elder brother's shoulder. "OK, elder brother, don't be angry. It's normal for me to marry someone's daughter and be picked up by someone."

"I've already reminded you not to look for a woman like Mulin. You're not suitable at all." It's more suitable for Luo Jin to find any eldest lady than for mu Lin.

Lohnen, however, gave a thin lip: "no, I like mureen."

Luo Jinyu looked at his brother man's unconcerned expression and sighed: "well, I can't persuade you. You'd better not go to Mojia in the future, so as not to let others talk about it."

"Brother, thank you for your concern. If I were a woman, I would have cried and begged to marry you." Lohning is like a little girl holding the big brother's arm and leaning his face.

"Don't disgust me!" Luo Jinyu was immediately amused by his younger brother's behavior. After pushing him away, he went upstairs.

Lohnin laughed, "brother, are you shy?"

Luo Jinyu throws him a boring look. "Elder brother, you are not young. You need to find a woman quickly. I plan to move out with Mulin. When you are alone in such a big house, you will be very lonely. You need to find a woman to fall in love." Lohnen followed him up the stairs, thinking about him behind him.

Luo Jinyu's step up made a slight pause and looked back at his younger brother: "do you want to move out?"

"Yes, since mureen and I have made public our relationship, of course we plan to live together. Let's break in for a while and then propose to her!" Lohnen said, looking forward to it.

"And where are you going to live?" Luo Jinyu frowned. His brother's decision was so sudden that he didn't have any psychological preparation.

"I'm not sure yet. Look at the meaning of Mulin!" Lohnin shrugged. Since he was with mureen, lohnin would consult her about any decision he made.

Luo Jinyu continued to walk up and said in a low voice, "first go to see the house and tell me where it is. I'll give you money and you can buy it."

"Thank you first." Lohnin's face was happy. Suddenly, he felt that it was not filial to leave his elder brother and live in such a big house alone.

Luo Jinyu pushes open the bedroom door and looks at the silence of the room. His handsome face flashes a little tired.

Look up, lie on the bed, close your eyes, full of beautiful little faces.

"Delicate..." Luo Jin could not help murmuring the name, which began to haunt him.

Luo Jinyu didn't expect to fall in love with an 18-year-old girl in his second love, which was definitely the most unwise decision he made in his life.

Luo Jinyu takes out his mobile phone and finds out the naughty and interesting messages Yang ChuChu sent him.

Looking down one by one, looking at it, the corners of the mouth are raised.

At Mu's house, Luo Jinyu is envious to see his younger brother and Mu Lin interact like lovers.

He also hopes that one day, he and Yang ChuChu can openly hold hands in front of people, hug each other, and look at each other's eyes and smile.

But now, all these things seem to be out of reach for Luo Jinyu.

Luo Jinyu sighed deeply, opened the mobile phone's web page, input Yang ChuChu's name on it, and all the latest news about her was flashed out.

The news in the first row froze Luo Jin's expression.

This message seems to have been posted on the Internet today. It actually says that Yang ChuChu first fell in love with Mu Xiyang, the two-time senior of Gao she. Later, he sent various photos of two people walking in the school and dining in the school canteen together.

Two men and women of the same age walk together, full of the breath of youth. Luo Jinyu's eyes sink inexplicably, a trace of jealousy spreads from his heart.

Yes, he is jealous.

It's my cousin who is jealous. That's ridiculous.

Luo Jinyu searches the news again and finds that no other photos have been sent out. These media are ridiculous. Just because of these photos, they are nonsense. Luo Jinyu really wants to find out these people and beat them up.

Although he knew that the news was false, he could not calm down.

So he called Yang ChuChu directly.

Yang ChuChu seems to be answering his phone with a voice: "Hello! It's so late. What can I do for you? "

"You don't want to be so close to Xiyang in the future, so as not to spread such false news again. I look at it with eyes piercing, understand?" Luo Jinyu expressed his jealousy and dissatisfaction directly.

Yang ChuChu was obviously shocked by his words. Then, she still pressed her voice and asked, "what's the matter with you? Those are fake news, you can't believe it! "

"Even if I know it's fake, it's not easy for me!" Luo Jinyu is like a bad tempered child at the moment. He can't coax him.

Yang ChuChu giggled over there: "well, don't be angry. It's a big deal. I won't meet muxiyang in the future."

"If this news comes out again, I'll go to your school with the rose and tell you the truth." Luo Jinyu intentionally scares her.

"Oh, you must not!" Yang ChuChu was really frightened by his words. He said in a hurry, "don't be impulsive, I promise you, I promise I won't wear green again!"

"You know how to put green on me?" Luo Jinyu is directly laughed by her words.

"When I saw the news, I was also very angry," Yang chuyang shouted, "but those journalists are fond of chasing after the wind and shadow in order to gain more eyeballs. I can't help them."

"As long as you don't meet with Xiyang, those journalists can't even shoot if they want to." The advice of Luo Jin.

"Well, I promise you, but can you treat me to lunch tomorrow? I want to see you! " Yang ChuChu asked pitifully at once. "Well, tomorrow at noon, I've booked a place to tell you!" Luo Jinyu's mood was appeased.