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To sever all ties with him

As expected, Uncle Yuan's movements were much more skilled than Mu Lin's. As Luo He Ning watched that elegant and moving figure walk out of the kitchen, his heart emptied and he immediately retracted his hand. "Uncle Yuan, thank you for helping me.

Mu Shi Ye also looked at Uncle Yuan pitifully: Uncle Yuan, I will have to trouble you to help me wash the milk powder, sorry for the trouble!

"So cute, so beautiful!" Luo He Ning's eyes did not even blink as he spoke with excitement from his mouth.

Mu Shi Ye frowned, he stared at his good friend warily, then extended his hand and blocked his eyes: "Enough, you can't look anymore, my daughter is so young, which of your eyes can see that she is beautiful?"

As expected, a father with a daughter doesn't like anyone of the opposite sex.

Luo He Ning was shocked, and hurriedly explained: "Your daughter is very cute, your sister is very beautiful."

Mu Shi Ye let him go after hearing his explanation. He shrugged his shoulders and said proudly: "Of course. My family's genes are naturally so good-looking. You can't have fallen for my sister, right? "

Luo He Ning's thoughts were immediately seen through by him, and his handsome face instantly flushed red, as he said in a hurry, "Yeye, you … Don't misunderstand, I only have respect and admiration for Mubai, and definitely do not dare to have any other thoughts. "

Hearing that, Mu Shi Ye immediately became dissatisfied, his handsome face became pitch black, and his eyes almost stared straight at Luo He Ning twice: "My sister doesn't have the charm of a female? You actually said you respect her? "

Luo He Ning was in an even more sorry state, and only spoke the wrong words in a moment of desperation.

"All the time, of course I don't mean that. I want to say that your sister is very beautiful, very graceful, very enchanting." Luo He Ning tried his best to think of a way to put it.

Mu Shi Ye was satisfied and reached out to put her hand on his shoulder. He bitterly sighed: "He Ning, do me a favor.

"What?" Luo He Ning's beautiful eyes instantly widened. He, who had always been calm and rational, now felt that his heart was beating like a drum.

Mu Shi Ye joked: "My sister is not young anymore, I haven't been looking for a boyfriend, I really feel for her, no matter how strong the woman is, I should be able to find a man who loves her, loves her, you know, I introduced so many outstanding men to her, and I even brought your brother out, but my sister actually looks down on all of them, her requirements are too high, He Ning, do you want to be my brother-in-law?"

"I... "Am I suitable?" Luo He Ning was so nervous that he was about to stutter.

Mu Shi Ye took two steps back and sized him up with a pair of sharp eyes: "Look at your useless appearance, you haven't even pursued my sister yet and you're already so cowardly. If you were to actually be with my sister, wouldn't you be completely eaten by her? Forget it, I won't harm you. I'll look for someone else. "

"Time and night …" "I …" Hearing that he was going to give up on her, Luo He Ning's brain exploded. After that, she grabbed his arm and pulled him into a storage room by the side of the kitchen.

"Luo He Ning, what are you doing? We two are men, what do you want to do to come to this kind of place? " Mu Shi Ye was shocked by his actions, his handsome face flashing with an angry expression.

Luo He Ning knew that at this very moment, it was the best opportunity and he definitely could not miss it.

"I have something very important to tell you. Listen carefully." Luo He Ning's palms were already sweating, he was really nervous.

Mu Shi Ye's face instantly tensed up, the atmosphere he created became as tense.

"What is it?" Say it! " Mu Shi Ye looked at him very generously.

Luo He Ning bit his lips, and finally steeled his heart, speaking the truth. "I … I like your sister! "

"What?" Mu Shi Ye was shocked, he stared into his eyes and asked: "Speak clearly!"

Luo He Ning looked at the door guiltily, his expression a little awkward: "I like your sister, can you help me? I want to woo her. "

"Luo He Ning, wow, wow, I never thought that you were such a brother!" Mu Shi Ye was instantly sent flying and landed a heavy punch on his shoulder, "When did this happen? Why didn't I see it? You little rascal, you sure hid your strength well. "

"Three years ago, when I first saw your sister, I was attracted by her temperament. For the past three years, I have been concealing my own thoughts and did not dare to let you know, because I felt that I was not your sister's type." When Luo He Ning thought about this, he immediately got angry.

Seeing his depressed look, Mu Shi Ye could not help but burst out laughing, because it was really too funny.

"Mu Shi Ye, if you laugh again, I will sew your mouth shut." When he suddenly saw his good friend who looked like he was watching a joke, Luo He Ning immediately suppressed his voice and warned him.

Can we still be friends?

Mu Shi Ye could not help but chuckle in a low voice, "Luo He Ning, I always thought you were quite bold, I didn't think that you would become a coward in front of love."

"That depends on who the person you like is. If it was any other woman, do I need to hide from you for so many years?" Luo He Ning stared at him in annoyance, and suddenly wanted to cut off all ties with him.

"It seems like you placed my older sister very high. She can't be your goddess, right?" Mu Shi Ye immediately felt a sense of superiority. His own sister was treated as a goddess by others, and as the little brother, he seemed to be very proud of himself.

Luo He Ning's eyes were full of warning: "Mu Shi Ye, I told you my secret, you have to swear to me right now, help me keep this a secret, and don't let a third person know?"

"I... I promise! " Mu Shi Ye hesitated for a moment, then raised his hand.

Just as Luo He Ning was about to heave a sigh of relief, he heard a light cough followed by a Uncle Yuan's soft reply: "Young Master Luo, I promise!"

Luo He Ning, "..."