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C1764 passed the test

LAN Yanxi has another view on Ling Mo Feng. He's very dark. He tricked his future brother-in-law to cook dinner for him. It's thanks to him.

Ling wennuan looks at the kitchen with her eyes. In fact, she is in a very complicated mood at the moment. I don't know whether Mu Weicheng will feel aggrieved. How do you think that elder brother treats others like this.

At the moment, in the kitchen, Mu Weicheng looks at the fresh ingredients in the fridge. His fingers are tapping on the door of the fridge. He seems to be thinking about how to show his cooking skills for a while. In fact, he has lived alone for the most years, without being cared for in life. For a long time, he has learned a set of his own life experience, such as cooking. Mu However, Cheng didn't realize that it was difficult. On the contrary, if he cooked for his beloved, or used it to please his future uncle, he felt very happy.

Ling Mo Feng's tall body stepped in and couldn't help laughing at himself: "the warm look in my eyes just now was full of resentment. Did I wronged you?"

Mu Weicheng's back was taut, he shook for a moment, and he said with a dry smile, "how could it be?

Why does a family have to say two things? "

A family?

Ling Mo Feng's smile is spreading at the bottom of his eyes. It's good. If Mu Wei Cheng doesn't treat himself as an outsider, he won't treat him as a guest.

"These ingredients are delivered in the afternoon. You can see what kind of dishes you can make. Don't be afraid. If you can't make them, let me make them."

Ling Mo Feng opened his mouth with a smile, and the light at the bottom of his eyes was shining.

Mu Weicheng dare not admit that he can't do it. He immediately replied, "let's eat for four people. It's enough to make five dishes and one soup."

"Almost. Your sister-in-law is pregnant. Don't put too much pepper on it."

Ling Mo Feng's lazy reminder.

Mu Weicheng's eyes were stunned and looked at him: "aren't you still married?

So soon? "

Ling Mo Feng gave him a white look: "we got the marriage certificate."

"Oh, that makes sense."

Mu can't help laughing. "I have to say congratulations to you."

"I take your blessing, but I remind you that you can't mess around while you are still reading."

Ling Mo Feng walked forward and lowered his voice.

Mu Weicheng seemed to be tortured by his soul. His handsome face turned red in an instant. In the face of his uncle's kind reminder, he immediately replied seriously: "I never thought about this matter. The warmth is still small. I know it. Don't worry, I will pay attention to discretion."

"Just pay attention. You have to promise me and promise me."

Ling Mo Feng has a firm look in his eyes.

"I promise."

Mu Weicheng felt that he was threatened, but he was willing to listen to such a warning.

If any bastard wants to hit his sister's idea, his reaction may be bigger than Ling Mo Feng's, no way. Brother is born to be sister's protector, and it's instinct to protect them.

Ling Mo Feng looked relaxed. He turned around and went to wash rice and steam rice.

Mu Wei Cheng breathed a little, turned to look at Ling Mo Feng's skillful movements. He couldn't help but be surprised. Isn't the president who is a family cook outside?

Ling Mo Feng presses the key of rice, turns around and sees Mu Wei Cheng staring at himself stupidly. He shrugs his shoulders: "what's the matter?

Any questions? "

Muwei Cheng smiled a little hard: "no, but I heard that the more excellent a man is, the more he dotes on his wife. In the past, I thought this might be the reason for those successful men to make up their image. Now, it seems that this is not unreasonable. You are not the man I know."

Ling Mo Feng's face froze a little. After a while, he reflected what he was going to say. He couldn't help but stare at him: "how do you think I can catch up with Yan Xi?

Just one mouth?

It's not easy to marry her. I'm still counting on her to do laundry and cook for me and have children? "

When Mu Weicheng heard this, his heart trembled and he thought of his long way to pursue his wife. He finally understood a profound truth. If he wants to pursue his beloved woman, he must do housework in order. Even a man like Ling Mo Feng needs to strive for status at home. What about him?

There is a strong uncle on the top who is suppressing. Ling's elders don't know when to get recognition. It seems that he has to work harder.

Lingmo Feng did not leave the kitchen, but helped Mu Weicheng deal with a fish. Mu Weicheng first fired two vegetables, and then started to fry a fried squid. The two men cooperated tacitly, but the kitchen was still a bit crowded. The two men were tall, long hands and feet, and always had some obstacles.

Outside the living room, LAN Yanxi and Ling wennuan are eating fruits, watching TV, with a single expression.

"Sister in law, you and my elder brother have moved here. Do you have to ask someone to take care of them?

It's impossible for you two to live alone and have children in the future. "

Ling wennuan asked with concern.

"We are going to invite people. Your elder brother is already working on it, but we haven't let them come yet."

LAN Yanxi said with a smile.

"Sister in law, do you think you have a baby boy or a baby girl in your stomach?"

Ling warm suddenly curiously came over, reached out to touch blue words Xi Long's belly.

LAN Yanxi smiled: "I don't know. It depends on fate. No matter boys or girls, I'm happy. I just want to be healthy."

"That's right, we Ling family finally have a baby."

Ling wennuan is also looking forward to seeing who the eldest brother's children look like. No matter who inherits the eldest brother's genes or his sister-in-law, he should be a beautiful little guy.

About an hour later, there was a smell of food coming from the restaurant. Ling wennuan felt a little hungry. He swallowed his saliva and walked to the kitchen. As soon as he entered, he saw Mu Weicheng in the spoon, Ling Mo Feng with his hands around his chest, standing beside him. The painting was so strange that Ling wennuan felt a little unreal.

"Warm, please tell your sister-in-law to come over for dinner."

Ling Mo Feng said in a low voice when he saw his sister coming.

"You call."

Ling wennuan shouted.

Ling Mo Feng has no choice but to smile, so he has to turn around and walk out. Ling wennuan rushes to Mu Weicheng's side immediately, picks up his tiptoe and waves on his face. Mu Weicheng is so scared that he almost can't hold the spatula stably. He looks at Ling wennuan nervously: "warm, converge here, your elder brother looks at it."

"What are you afraid of?

Let him watch if he likes it. I need his permission to kiss my boyfriend. "

Ling warm smile said, a pair of me is the expression of truth.

Mu Weicheng was amused by her elegant expression, but he didn't say anything more. He put the last dish on the plate. Ling wennuan immediately reached for the main point, but mu Weicheng screamed, "don't move. It's very hot. Let me come."

Ling wennuan was stunned, and saw that Mu Weicheng had already taken the plate out. She stayed in place and turned around abruptly. When Mu Weicheng came in, she rushed to hold him.

Mu Weicheng's heart trembled with fear. He said not to be so intimate. What is the little girl thinking? How can she not be obedient at all?

At this time, a light cough came from the outside of the door. Mu Weicheng hurriedly pushed Ling wennuan away. Jun's face was embarrassed: "go to dinner, don't fill in any more mess."

Ling wennuan immediately withdrew from his arms with satisfaction. As soon as meimou was raised, she looked at the elder brother's stern eyes. She spit out her little tongue mischievously.

LAN Yanxi also saw it. He could not help pulling Ling Mo Feng's arm. He whispered, "they are in love. Don't worry about their width."

Ling Mo Feng sighed in the bottom of his heart. He didn't want to manage it, but when he saw it, he couldn't help thinking about it.

There are five dishes on the table, including ten brocade soup and ten kinds of materials. They are very delicious. Ling Mo Feng has filled a bowl for his sister and his wife.

"Wei Cheng, it's hard for you today."

Ling Mo Feng brought another bowl to Mu Wei Cheng and thanked him in a low voice.

Mu immediately smiled and shook his head. "No, I'm very happy to be invited."

Ling wennuan took a sip of soup and said, "brother, you can't invite him to cook dinner for you next time. I won't accept it."

Ling Mo Feng couldn't help laughing: "it seems that someone has an opinion."

Mu Weicheng looks down at the little woman on the side of her body with a smile. She is adored in her eyes. It's really nice to feel heartache.

LAN yanxili took a white look at the man beside him and agreed with Ling wennuan very much: "wennuan is right. Mr. Mu is a guest today, but you let others cook. It's really not appropriate."

"It's the same for everyone. I'm free anyway."

Mu Weicheng quickly laughs to round the stage.

Ling Mo Feng also smiled happily: "I let him cook as a family, you think more."

Ling Mo Feng's words are very profound. The two women look at each other inexplicably, but they can't answer them.

The dinner was delicious. It seems that Mu Weicheng passed the test of Ling Mo Feng. After supper, Mu Weicheng decided to leave first. Ling wennuan sent him to the door: "then go back first. I'll come to you tomorrow."

Ling warm some reluctant to part with him, these days get along with each other day and night, a deeper feeling.

"Well, go home first. See you tomorrow."

Mu Weicheng's eyes are all reluctant to give up, but he knows that even if he does not give up, he will definitely separate.

Ling wennuan watched Mu Weicheng leave and turned back to the living room. Ling Mo Feng was looking at her with his hands in his waist.

"Want to go home with him?"

Ling Mo Feng couldn't help laughing angrily.


Ling warms his mouth.

"Warm, when do you like him?"

Ling Mo Feng couldn't help being curious.

Ling warm Leng for a while, then whispered: "I don't know, maybe I like him at first sight."

Ling Mo Feng's breath was sluggish, and she almost fainted: "I remember that's what you did when you saw him for the first time."

Ling Mo Feng had a good match.

"Brother, what's the meaning of this? Just like it. No matter what you like, it's just like it. Not everyone falls in love with you and your sister-in-law at first sight. I love Mu Weicheng for a long time."

Ling warm reason full explanation.

"Well, you're right. I'll send someone to take you home now. Grandpa and his parents are very worried about you."

Ling murfeng sighs that he has never won his sister's success in reasoning since he was a child, because she has a lot of crooked ideas and likes to be reasonable.