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Daddy misses women

"What should I do?" Meng Xiu Juan's entire body froze as she looked at her daughter, feeling flustered and helpless. Then, she comforted, "Daughter, don't be sad, even if we can't become celebrities, don't we still have a lot of money? There's no problem at all in living a good life. "

"No …" I don't want to live the life of an ordinary person. Mom, I don't want to, I can't do it without the applause, I can't do it without the support of my fans. I love the feeling of being supported by others. When Tang Xue Rou heard that she was to withdraw from the entertainment circle, she broke down and said her decision excitedly.

"Xiao Nai, your father is on the way. Let your father send you to school, your Mummy will be rather busy in the morning." Suddenly, a deep and magnetic male voice came out before Tang You You could speak.

Tang You You was startled, her clear eyes looking at the man sitting beside her son.

The man, however, kept his head down and didn't look up as he applied the sauce to his son's bread.

"Alright, Daddy will send me there, so I'll already be very busy." Tang Xiao Nai said while grinning, and in an instant, she had turned into a cute little girl again.

"It's fine, Daddy likes to send you two to school." Ji Xiao Han raised his eyes, and suddenly met with the lady's gaze, he smiled at Tang You You somewhat amicably.

Tang You You panicked and immediately lowered his head, quickly drinking a mouthful of milk.

F * ck!

What's the matter with this man? Why did it suddenly become so strange this morning?

"From what Xiao Nai said, you took her out yesterday to apologize to that little friend. I never thought that you, the dignified CEO Ji, would actually lower your head to me." When Tang You You heard her daughter mention this matter, she was also slightly shocked. It was as if she had gained a new understanding of this man.

"This is also a kind of education for your daughter. I'm afraid your daughter will become more tyrannical in the future if I don't know how to lower my head." Ji Xiao Han said unhurriedly, but at the same time, he was left speechless with no words to refute.

"Indeed. By doing so, you set a good example for your daughter. I hope that you will continue to work hard in the future." Tang You You smirked twice. She was sure of this man's method, but she didn't want this man to feel excessively superior.

Ji Xiao Han raised his lips: "Of course, I have always been setting the best example for my children."

Tang You You only laughed without saying a word. This man was narcissistic again.

After finishing their breakfast, Tang You You gently kissed the two little fellows on the head. Just as he was about to leave, he turned his head and glanced at the man who was sitting beside his son.

Ji Xiao Han just so happened to be looking at her with interest. Seeing her look over, the man's expression became even more joyous.

Tang You You originally wanted to say a word of thanks, but after seeing how evil his smile was, and how he swallowed that sentence of thanks, she simply turned and left.

Ji Xiao Han's expression became slightly startled as he stared at the woman's cold and indifferent back. Could he have misunderstood something?

She clearly wanted to say something to him just now.

His daughter insisted on her sending him off, and he took the initiative to share her work. Shouldn't she say thank you to him?

Sigh, even if he did something good, it would not be good. Ji Xiao Han deeply understood the meaning of this sentence.

However, when he thought about it again, he was instantly shocked. He actually wanted to make that woman feel grateful to him.

What kind of mentality was this? Is he sick?

Why did she care so much if she said thank you or something to him?

Ji Xiao Han hated the feeling now. It was as if he was no longer under his control, and could already easily be controlled by that woman.

This was the first time …

Before, he had always been able to calmly and rationally decide anything, even whether he was sad or happy.

"Daddy, what are you daydreaming about? We have to go. We're going to be late. " Tang Xiao Rui turned his head and looked at his father with his big eyes for a long time. He thought that his father would notice him, but never thought that his father would stare at the cup of milk on the table, as if his soul had left his body.

When Ji Xiao Han heard his son's voice, he immediately woke up. Only now did he realize that he had actually thought about this matter to such an extent.

"Daddy, what are you thinking? You're missing women! " Tang Xiao Rui saw that something was wrong with his father, and immediately narrowed his eyes, secretly confirming that his father's soul had been lured away by a certain woman.

Ji Xiao Han was shocked again as he turned around to look at his son, only to see him snorting in disdain, "Daddy is so embarrassed!"

Faced with his son's sudden accusation, Ji Xiao Han did not know whether to laugh or cry. He pinched his son's face punitively, "You already know how to be embarrassed at such a young age? How could Daddy miss a woman? It's always women who miss me. "

"Daddy is so narcissistic!" Tang Xiao Nai suddenly blurted out, following that, her snow-white face blushed as she covered her mouth and laughed non-stop.

Ji Xiao Han was speechless, but his daughter had scolded him for being narcissistic. He liked hearing her scold him, but that woman scolded him for being narcissistic, no matter how he listened to it, he felt that it was extremely ear-piercing.