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C1738 because of fear

Yang ChuChu originally wanted to record a live broadcast on the Internet immediately to clarify this matter. She would rather have all the firepower hit her, than someone destroy her beloved man, a little bit of damage, for her, it is extremely painful.

However, after listening to Luo Jinyu's words, Yang ChuChu felt quite relieved. She turned to the videos recorded on the live broadcast of the apology on the Internet. Seeing them, it was a sincere apology, and the matter was also turned over.

A white car drove to the door of Roche Group. Zhu Yuer got off wearing sunglasses and a hat. She pressed the brim of the hat low. She had no face to see people.

In fact, she was so ashamed that she had no face to see others again. Because of her selfish desire, she had done such immoral things. She was ashamed of herself for who she was.

Zhu Yuer came to the front desk and asked to see Luo Jinyu. The receptionist looked at her evasive eyes and immediately dialed the phone to the president's assistant office. Soon, he got permission.

"Lord would like to see you. Go up."

The receptionist is a little hard to believe. Since Luo always has a little wife, she usually doesn't see a strange beautiful woman. But what's the matter today?

Unexpectedly let this woman go upstairs, don't, Luo always want to get married?

Everyone's brain holes are very big, and they are very interested in Luo Jinyu's personal feelings.

Zhu Yuer takes the elevator to the floor of the president's office and waits for her. He is Luo Jinyu's assistant.

He had a cold face, and his voice was angry: "I wish you rain, right?

You still have the face to meet us, Mr. Luo? "

"I just came to apologize to him. Please take me to him."

I wish the rain said in a low voice.

Of course, the assistant will take her to see Mr. Luo and make her feel guilty in front of him.

Zhu Yuer lowers her head and enters Luo Jinyu's office. As soon as she enters, she feels that the atmosphere in the office is very low, just like the pressure before the storm, which makes it difficult for people to breathe.

She looked up and saw that the man was sitting on the big black chair, his eyes were full of anger, and more of them were contemptuous of her.

Yes, Zhu Yuer felt contempt, just like the indifferent and non emotional gaze of the superior species at the low-end species.

Zhu yu'er shivers in the bottom of her heart. She doesn't expect it to be like this. She thinks that at least Luo Jinyu will question her angrily and scold her. He will be angry.

But the man who was colder than the iceberg at present made her feel at a loss and unable to lift her head.

"Jin Yu, I'm sorry. I'm wrong. I shouldn't let them hurt your reputation."

I wish Yuer to open her mouth. She must apologize.


The man smiled, then he got up, but turned his back to her and looked out of the window. "The last time I saw you, it was a dinner party. I also said hello to your boss, and asked him to promote you well, because I think you are excellent, but now you disappoint me. Wish you rain, why do you do this? What's the point?"

Wish rain son see him finally or interrogate her reason, she immediately tearful, cried: "I know you are actually for my sake, I am not good, I am too greedy, maybe my way is too extreme, but my affection for you is true, I like you."

"You know I have a wife, you say you like me?

You think I'll betray her, don't you?

Then if I really betrayed her and turned around to like you, such a terrible and playful man, do you really trust to marry me? "

Luo Jinyu turns around and sneers coldly. She feels that her idea is ridiculous.

Zhu yu'er didn't expect that he would say such a thing. She looked at him in a daze, and felt that he was superior. However, she felt that he had the charm of a man, and that he was a very safe temperament.

"I I didn't think about that much. I just know I like you. "

I wish yu'er a blunt answer, she really didn't think so much, even didn't think that Luo Jinyu really gave up Yang ChuChu and came to find her, how can she grasp his sincerity.

Sometimes a woman is overconfident. She lures a man who has a husband to be with her. She always feels that she can hold each other. She is the terminator of men's love. But at last, when a man meets the next woman and kicks her off, she will wake up to the truth that dogs can't eat shit.

Expecting a man to give up his original match to marry you and love you sincerely is like winning a prize, with a very small probability.

"You didn't think so much?

But you want to stir up the relationship between me and Chu Chu. Zhu Yuer, maybe my understanding of you is really limited to the year when we are classmates. In these years, what kind of changes have taken place in your mood? I don't want to know, but from now on, I don't want to see you any more. Let's go. "

Luo Jinyu looks at the crying woman in front of him. He really has no sympathy. Instead, he feels that she looks disgusting. Under the beautiful appearance, there is a twisted heart.

"Jin Yu Please don't do this to me. I really know I'm wrong. I'll repent. Shall we still be friends?

I promise that I won't dare to daydream about you again. You're right. I like you. That's to say that you have a sense of responsibility, responsibility and safety for women. Maybe I'm too extravagant. I shouldn't have this greed. I... " Luo Jinyu didn't want to listen to her any more, so he directly interrupted her: "I won't pursue you for this matter, but you will take care of yourself later. Let's go."

I wish Yuer cold, standing in place, such as falling ice cellar.

She really overestimated her friendship with Luo Jinyu. She thought it was as strong as wine, but in fact it was as light as water.

The man is driving her, and she is not easy to lose face and continue to get in the way here.

"I'm sorry."

Wish rain son finally said a sentence, drag heavy legs to turn around.

Luo Jinyu's mood is even more irritated. Some women just think too much of themselves.

I wish Yuer come out of the elevator in a daze. Her eyes are dull and her feet are empty.

After this incident, she should really reflect on herself and see what cards she has and how to play them. In fact, she is much better than many women. She has a high starting point, but she is dead. She can't let her first-hand cards completely break. She is ordered by the man she likes. She really feels like holding the pot and pouring the top.

Zhu yu'er just walked to the door of the building and saw a beautiful figure in a black car.

It's Yang ChuChu.

Yang ChuChu also saw her, and her face suddenly turned cold.

I wish yu'er standing there, looking at Yang ChuChu. She is young and beautiful. Now she has a tiny stomach. It seems that she has been pregnant for more than four months.

All the taste, rolling in her heart, jealousy, as if there is no qualification, envy, she is not reconciled.

Yang ChuChu went directly to her and asked in a cold voice, "Why are you here?"

Zhu yu'er laughed at himself: "I came to apologize to him."

"He forgives you?"

Yang ChuChu feels that her behavior is unforgivable.

I wish Yuer a stiff body, shake his head: "no, he will not forgive me, this life will not."

"Are you disappointed?"

Yang ChuChu is in a better mood. If Luo Jinyu can forgive her for this, she will be so upset that she will even doubt that they are really a little tired of it.

"What's the use of disappointment? Maybe some things are predestined. You can easily get them, and I only use my best to laugh at them."

I wish that when yu'er said this, he was still sour.

Yang ChuChu didn't say yes. He turned around and left. He didn't bother to talk to her any more.

Wish rain son also have nothing to say, open the door, sat in, drive the car away.

When Yang ChuChu came to Luo Jinyu's office, the man's face was still ugly, but when he saw her come in, he relaxed a little.

"I met her downstairs. Have you made it clear to her?"

Yang ChuChu walked over and asked him.

Luo Jinyu also got up and walked out from the desk to her. He looked at her tenderly and replied, "of course, you must be clear."

"Thank you for caring so much about our feelings."

Yang ChuChu was deeply moved.

"It's not just about caring, it's about being afraid. I'm afraid that because of anything, you will leave, or doubt my feelings for you."

The man laughed at himself, revealing his mind.