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C1573. She's sticky

"What's the matter? Suddenly so sticky? " Enter the elevator, Ling Mo Feng this just gentle side eyes come over, looking around the woman, feel her mood seems to be very sensitive now.

"Don't you know what happened?" Blue Yan Xi's eyes were dazzled instantly.

"You mean Yang he?" Ling Mo Feng's thin lips were slightly hooked and his expression was cold.

LAN Yanxi angrily pushes his arm away, opens his body on one side, holds his chest in both hands, and says angrily, "you know, you don't have to explain it quickly, do you want to make me angry?"

Lingmo Feng didn't expect that she just stuck to him like a little cat fan who lacked love, but now she ignored people like a proud peacock. He couldn't help laughing, which seriously explained: "it doesn't need to be explained, I save her, just because I'm a man and a leader."

"But other people don't think so. You can only save her if you care for her." LAN Yanxi's little mouth was turned away. He felt that his explanation was insincere.

"When did I care about her? Yanxi, I only care about you. " Ling Mo feels innocent and helpless. LAN Yanxi's confused mood, because he said this, inexplicably was coaxed, she just put away her temper, turned around and looked at the man affectionately: "then what should I do about this matter? You can't let others talk. "

"Some things, the more they are described, the blacker they will be. They can't be better if they are explained or handled specially. Shall we ignore them?" Ling Mo Feng said in a warm voice, it seems that his solution is to ignore. LAN Yanxi was stunned. "Will it be better if you don't pay attention?"

"Everyone is doubting that I have something to do with Yang He. If I still contact her, others will only think more about it. Yan Xi, don't mix it with you. Rumors stop at the wise." Ling Mo Feng is broad-minded and magnanimous. He will never be unable to get along with a woman, not to mention that she is still a staff member of the general office.

LAN Yanxi thought that this method was very good, so he nodded: "well, since you have decided, I naturally listen to you."

Two people went through the hall and got into the car and left.

A group of people were left to watch the excitement. Yang he was sitting in the office. She was still very frightened. She didn't know how Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi would deal with this. She believed that Ling Mo Feng was tolerant and would not be embarrassed. But LAN Yanxi was selfish and unreasonable. Maybe she would kill her now in anger.

"Yang He, you are not off work. You are scared today. Go back earlier." A colleague came to comfort her.

Yang he was shocked and shook his head. "I'm afraid to go back now. I'm afraid."

"What are you afraid of?" Someone immediately asked curiously.

"I'm afraid of life." Yang He buried his face in the palm of his hand and started to cry again, helpless and uneasy.

Next to the same as a woman's expression changed, eyes quickly exchanged.

"You mean to be afraid that lanyanxi will be angry."

"Maybe people will be angry. After all, Mr. vice president was injured to save you."

"Yang He, you have nothing to fear. Such a situation is not what you want."

"That is, even if lanyanxi is angry, he must be reasonable."

Yang He is still on the table, dare not look up to see people, only to cry.

When the office was almost gone, Yang he wiped away the tears on his face and quickly packed up and left.

Today's events are all within her expectation. The only thing that she didn't expect is that people from Ling Mo Feng didn't come out to explain it. Even LAN Yanxi didn't come to question her angrily.

"Hum, LAN Yanxi, how long can you bear it? Sooner or later, your mask of hypocrisy will be torn off. Let people see how selfish and unreasonable you are." Yang he said hatefully and drove home.

LAN Yanxi and Ling Moheng got home by car. It was completely dark.

Ling Mo Feng's arm was hurt. He couldn't cook dinner in person, so he asked his aunt to deliver it.

The table is full of delicious food. LAN Yanxi becomes industrious. He serves men with rice and soup and sets chopsticks.

Ling Mo Feng is looking at her with a smile all the way. Her beautiful eyes are bright and charming like stars.

"Shall I feed you?" LAN Yanxi suddenly looked up and asked him.

"Will you feed me?" Ling Mo Feng laughed a lot.

"Yes, of course!" Said LAN Yanxi, and he prepared to feed him with a spoon.

"Yanxi, put it down. I can eat it myself." Ling Mo Feng dare not eat the soup she fed him. He is a big man and can't accept being taken care of like a child.

LAN Yanxi froze: "really don't need my help?"

Ling immediately took the chopsticks with his left hand and began to eat with them: "really not, I can do it." LAN Yanxi thought that the man's left hand was also satisfactory. She sighed softly: "well, then you eat more. I think you look pale."

"Too much blood loss." Ling Mo Feng explained in a low voice.

LAN Yanxi suddenly thought of the injury he had suffered to save Yang He. She couldn't help but ask, "what's the matter, you are really injured to save her?"

"She saw someone come to me with a knife. Maybe she wanted to block it for me. When I pushed it away, it stabbed me in the arm. In fact, if she didn't turn around to push me, I might have avoided the knife." Ling Mo Feng whispered.

"Ah? So she hurt you? " LAN Yanxi hears the story and is too angry to eat.

"Let's get it out of the way. It doesn't matter." Ling Mo Feng quickly put a piece of beef in her bowl. "It's not important to uncover the past. We could have been together tonight, but because of her, I dare not have evil thoughts on you now." LAN Yanxi is still angry, said angrily. Ling Mo Feng felt that he could be angry. He immediately comforted: "don't worry, I can cooperate as long as you want."

"Don't be a joke." LAN Yanxi gave him a look.

He's hurt his hands like this, dare to mess around?

"I'm not kidding, Yan Xi. You know, your charm can make me desperate." The elegant and charming smile of the man and the deep eyes reveal his deep attachment to her.

Blue words when shidun blushed to hang down the eyes son, dare not look at with him: "eat, don't think."

When the man saw that she was shy, he stopped teasing her, but there was a flame in his heart that could not be extinguished, which made him completely ignore the wound on his arm. If she wanted to, tonight, he would do anything for him.

After supper, lanyanxi took the initiative to clean up the desk. Ling Mo Feng had some business to deal with in the study on the second floor. She washed the dishes and went upstairs. When she heard that he was on the phone, lanyanxi did not bother him and turned back to her room.

Lanyanxi opened his closet and picked out a black nightdress from the clothes inside.

She compared it with herself, a little sexy, but also a little cool.

Lanyanxi held the skirt for two seconds, and then threw it back into the cabinet. Lingmo Feng was hurt. She couldn't seduce him in such sexy pajamas. What could she do if he really came?

LAN Yanxi took a bath and went to bed to read.

She is reading an autobiography written by the first lady of a foreign country, which tells about a woman's legendary life. It's very real and touching. LAN Yanxi wants to read this kind of book because she wants to know more about it so that she can judge right and wrong.

More than 10 o'clock, Ling Mo Feng pushed the door and came in. Seeing that she was holding a book and sitting on the bed, he could not help but chuckle: "willing to put down the mobile phone?"

"I want to protect my eyes. It's not good to wear glasses." LAN Yanxi jokingly said that Ling Mo Feng gave a silent smile: "I don't believe your words."

"Why don't you believe it?" LAN yanxili put down the book, turned the quilt out of bed, and came to him: "you are a strange man."

Ling Mo Feng looked at her after taking a bath. She was dressed in her pajamas. Her long hair hung down on her back and chest. She was even more charming.

"Yanxi, I want to take a bath. Please help me." Ling Mo Feng suddenly asked.

"Ah? Can I help you? " LAN Yanxi looks surprised.

"Well, you have to help me." Ling Mo Feng nods.

"But If I help you take a bath, I can see everything. " LAN Yanxi blushed with embarrassment.

"Let's see." The man suddenly lost his voice.