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C1807 to lift the ban

Although Nangong Yao felt that he had come abruptly, he was still happy. He could see that Mu Weicheng was not satisfied with himself. He would work hard.

Moyun put a cup of tea in front of him and whispered, "do I regret coming with me?"

Nangong Yao raised his thin lips and chuckled, "no, it's a pleasure."

Mu Yun chuckled. Actually, she also tested Nangong Yao a little. She was surprised to see his elegant temperament. She thought he would leave first because of embarrassment.

More than ten minutes later, Ling Mo Feng came in, holding his son in one hand and his wife in the other.

Nangong Yao guessed that he would meet Ling Mo Feng here today. When he saw him, he immediately stood up and said, "it's a great honor to see you with your own eyes."

Ling Mo Feng's eyes were slightly surprised. Obviously, he didn't expect to have strange guests today.

"This is the head of Jinshi Group, my sister's friend, Mr. Nangong," Mu explained

Hearing the introduction of Mu Weicheng, Nangong Yao wanted to correct but did not dare to speak. Friends are friends. All lovers begin with friends.

"Hello, Mr. Nangong. Nice to meet you. This is my wife LAN Yanxi."

Ling Mo Feng smiles.

LAN Yanxi looked at the handsome and tall man in front of him and smiled and said, "Hello, Nangong!"

"How are you, madam!"

Nangong Yao is polite, with a smile on his lips.

Ling wennuan stood by and watched, and immediately came to the round ground: "well, everyone has made it clear. Come and sit down. Today, a group of us celebrate his birthday. Don't be restrained."

Everyone sits at the table and Ling warms up to let the waiter serve.

"Come to Nannan, aunt."

As soon as Ling wennuan is free, he wants to amuse his little nephew, Ling Mo Feng's son. His name is Ling Sinan, and his name is Nannan. Now he is almost three years old. He is all smart and lovely.

The little guy perfectly inherited his father's wisdom and beauty. At the moment, a pair of black eyes were shining with smile.

I like my aunt very much because she is much gentler than my mother.

LAN Yanxi didn't dare to spoil his son too much after he was sensible, because there are too many people who spoil him. All the elders of the Ling family regard him as treasure. They can't spoil him any more. Ling Mo Feng and her love for her son are more rational.

The delicious dishes are served and the atmosphere is relaxed. Nangong Yao and Ling Mo Feng talk a lot. Because Jinshi Group has always been a mysterious enterprise. Its business model is very special. There are processing plants all over the world. In the case of such a shortage of raw materials and rare resources, Jinshi Group can still expand its scale and operate well in this respect, which is a test of managers' thinking And marketing savvy.

Mu Weicheng knows nangongyao must be very excellent. No matter his financial resources or his appearance, why do such an excellent man like his sister?

Mu Weicheng recalled her growing up process. From the skit, she was excellent at both work and life. In the eyes of her elders, such a girl was very popular. But for young men, her character was too quiet. Unless she met someone who especially admired her, those who liked her lively and cheerful Man, I will be scared away by my sister's frost.

Mu Weicheng looks at nangongyao. His behavior seems relaxed and casual, but he is calm and calm in every word. A man with such an introverted character will definitely find a complementary girl to communicate with him. Then he will definitely like the lively one.

If he thinks his sister is quiet, honest and bullying, he will play with his feelings. He will not agree.

There is a knife hanging on the head of yaojue in the south palace, which is the eye knife of Mu Weicheng.

He has a niece, so he can understand his brother's love and protection for his sister. If one day, his niece brings back a boy and says he wants to communicate with her, his first thought may be to break the other's dogleg.

It seems that in order to get the approval of Mu Weicheng, he needs to work hard.

A banquet, soon ended, Ling warm suddenly to Ling Mo Feng hook fingers: "brother, you come out for a while, I have something to say to you."

Ling Mo Feng said nothing to his sister's naughty behavior, but he got up and followed her to the door.

Ling warm a pair of beautiful big eyes turned twice, and unconsciously right to the finger, after all, some of these words are not easy to say.

"Say something."

Ling Mo Feng's hands ring in front of his chest, staring at his younger sister, I don't know what she wants to do.

"Brother, I'm twenty-two."

Ling warm reminded him.

"Well, I know, and then?"

Ling Mo Feng completely forgot how he warned Mu Wei Cheng at the beginning, because at that time, he was angry. Now, he really forgot it.

"I'm getting married with Mu Weicheng soon?"

Ling warm warm thought big brother will always remember what he said, and reminded a sentence.

"Say the point."

Ling doesn't know where his sister's hint is.

"Brother, do you know that my relationship with Mu Weicheng is still a pure one?"

Ling warm back to go, some dissatisfied with the pretty face.

"No way."

Ling Mo Feng's handsome eyes were surprised, but he remembered that his younger sister didn't love going home very much a year ago.

"What's impossible? It's all you. Why do you want to be married before you can be together? I'm ashamed of your sister. Mu Weicheng is really obedient. I don't care. It's all your fault."

Ling wennuan takes out her temper, and Ling Mo Feng can't fight.

Ling Mo Feng can't laugh or cry, but his sister's eyes seem to be red. He quickly comforted: "well, it's brother's fault. He didn't think about your feelings, so what can you do for brother?"

"Tell Mu Weicheng that he doesn't have to wait until he gets married."

Ling wennuan found that crying was the most effective way for elder brother.

"Well, I'll talk to him later. Don't cry, or your sister-in-law will have to talk about me again."

Ling Mo Feng is still not the most powerful person at home, although he is in a high position.

"Then say it quickly."

Ling warm glared at him and turned back to the box.

Ling Mo Feng also followed him to the door, and then directly opened his mouth: "Wei Cheng, come out and talk."

Mu Weicheng's hand with chopsticks shakes violently. No, it's his turn.

Mu Weicheng put down his chopsticks, got up and walked out. Ling Mo Feng handed him a cigarette, and they went directly to the smoking area.

"What can I do for you, elder brother?"

Mu Weicheng is now also following Ling Nuan to call brother Ling Mo Feng.

Ling Mo Feng lit the cigarette, took a deep breath, then spit it out and said, "it's a good thing for a man to talk, but my sister should be a little charming."

Mu Weicheng's heart was in a mess. Seeing Ling Mo Feng asking him about his relationship with Ling Nuan, he was inexplicably flustered.