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C1814 really loves her

Originally, the harmonious atmosphere seemed to be destroyed by the arrival of nangongyao. Zhang cau was fond of outdoor adventure sports. He opened several stores specially for outdoor activities. Although he had organized several times before, Li Qing was the most popular woman among them. Mu Yun only took part in the exercise for challenging himself.

Now, the arrival of nangongyao has shaken Li Qing's most popular position. She instinctively wants to compete with Mu Yun, which may be a natural instinct of competitive women.

As long as there is a heterosexual presence, they want to fight for a place in his mind.

Li Qing, whom Mu Yun didn't realize before, talks and does things too much, but today, she is really a little disgusted.

Nangong Yao was brought here by her. In principle, she was her friend. But Li Qing, a self-made character, instantly regarded Nangong Yao as her friend, which made Muyun unhappy.

Nangong Yao's eyes are sharp. It seems that Mu Yun is jealous of him. He doesn't dare to show it on his face, but he is happy.

Perhaps, Moyun's life from small to large is too successful, which makes her lose competitiveness.

Li Qing is obviously attracting his attention. Nangong Yao can feel it. However, he really has no interest in Li Qing, an active woman. He doesn't like the look she always implies. Like a peacock, when everyone opens the screen, he doesn't have that sense of mystery.

On the muddy mountain road, a pedestrian did not give up because of a rain.

Finally arrived at the destination, Zhang cau was covered with mud, he looked back at everyone, one by one also very embarrassed.

"I'm very familiar with this area. Let's go to the mountainside next to me. There is a natural wet spring. Although it's not big, it's enough for several of us to clean up."

Zhang CAU is familiar with all the places suitable for outdoors, so he hardly has to worry about getting lost when he goes out with him.


And hot springs. That's great. "

Nangong Yao has not been so sweaty and muddy since he was born. In fact, he is a bit of a purist. But in order to admire Yun, he has changed this shortcoming. Now for him, mud is not a problem. As long as he can see this woman all the time, he will be satisfied.

"Mr. Nangong, let's wash it first. Let's do it later."

Zhang cau said very gentlemanly.

"No, you guys go first, we're afraid."

Li Qing immediately shook her head in a coquettish way.

Zhang cau has long been fond of Li Qing. Today, he organized this outdoor activity. He actually took advantage of Li Qing. Unfortunately, he found that in Li Qing's eyes, there are always those good-looking men. He is not envious of Nangong Yao. After all, he has self-knowledge and ordinary appearance. In addition to his strong body and a little spare money, he feels like himself It's really not worthy of Li Qing. Li Qing has money at home and is an executive of the company. She looks beautiful and charming. I don't know what kind of man she will marry in the future. Zhang's harsh eyes are dim.

"Well, take a rest first. I'll go to see what's going on with Mr. Nangong."

Zhang cau and Nangong Yao went first with their backpacks on their backs. On the way, Nangong Yao said directly, "I think you like Li Qing very much."

Zhang cau laughed at himself: "it's useless to like it. I'm not in people's eyes, but I'm very interested in you."

"I like Muyun, the kind I like very much. I'm pursuing her now."

Nangong Yao didn't want him to misunderstand himself, so he confessed his mind.

"I see that Muyun is a good woman. It's your blessing that you can catch up with her. Come on, brother."

Zhang cau began to appreciate nangongyao, a man's most handsome appearance, but dare to admit that they love the woman, and do not change their mind.

"I will."

Nangong Yao replied very firmly.

"I'll wait a little longer. I dare not say it now. I'll keep her for two years in silence."

Zhang cau smiled bitterly.

"If you like her very much, it's worth waiting. Men should pursue what they like."

Nangong Yao did not dare to say that he had waited for many years before he had today's fate.

"Mr. Nangong is not an ordinary company employee. I have met many people. You feel like a rich man."

Zhang cau's eyes are very sharp, and Jue's Nangong Yao hides his identity.

"Is it?"

Nangong Yao laughed, but didn't explain anything.

Zhang cau didn't ask any more. When they went down the slope, they arrived at a stone forest area. There was heat in front of them. Zhang cau pointed out, "that's it. Let's take a bath and go back."


What Nangong Yao wants to do now is to take a bath and change into a clean suit.

Two men are lying in the hot spring pool, surrounded by green woods. The air is clear, and they can hear birds. The natural open-air hot spring is not too cool. It can wash away the tiredness of people.

"How comfortable!"

Nangong Yao hasn't been so relaxed for a long time. In this place far away from the noise of the city, there is such warm hot water, as well as the beloved woman, so is the paradise.

After taking a bath, two men changed their clothes and came back. Three women were not idle either. They took mobile phones to shoot in various ways.

"We've done the washing. You can go."

Said Zhang cau with a smile.

Li Qing grabbed another woman's hand: "let's go, let's wash it."

That woman called Mu Yun directly: "Mu Yun, together."

Mu Yun shook his head: "no, you go first, I'll go later."

Nangong Yaoyou Mou a deep, Mu Yun do not wash with them, she is to go alone?

I don't know if she needs a flower protector, but he is willing to help.

"Come on, Moyun has a habit of cleanliness. You won't have no idea."

Li Qing said deliberately.

Nangong Yaojun's face is slightly shocked. Is Muyun's obsession with cleanliness physiological or psychological?


Muyun didn't say anything, but continued to take photos. Nangong Yao's slender body swayed to her camera, and her thin lips raised a smile: "take a picture of me."

Mu Yun looks stunned for a moment, and takes several pictures directly at him. Behind the man is the undulating sea of clouds. He looks against the light and smiles brightly.


Nangong Yao had the cheek to ask her.


Mu Yun can't lie, because he is really beautiful and handsome under the camera.

"Then can I take a picture of you?"

Nangong Yao said, has taken out his cell phone, low asked.

"I'm covered in mud now. It's not nice to shoot."

Moyun shook his head.

"It's OK, I like to see you like this, like a naughty child!"

Nangong Yao shoots at her directly.

Mu Yun is scared to run away. Nangong Yao laughs behind her.

Muyun is inevitably a little annoyed. This man is really unreasonable. She takes pictures of him so well, but he takes pictures of her embarrassment.