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C1157: feeling out of character

Tang youyou didn't expect LAN Yanxi would bring a gift to thank herself. She was embarrassed. "

Miss LAN, you are so kind. I didn't help you. How are you doing with Mr. vice president? See you up there? " Tang youYou can't help asking her curiously.

A marriage arranged by elders sounds like a distance from happiness.

Last time LAN Yanxi came to her for help in tears. Tang youyou still remembered it. It's really pitiful.

"I saw him, and we made an agreement." LAN Yanxi lowered his head, and his face was helpless.

"As long as there is a solution, thank you for your gift, I will not be polite." Tang youyou said with a smile. "

Miss Tang, can I play with you when I return home? I want to make a friend with you. " LAN yanxijue's eyes are clear and easygoing. At first sight, she is easy to get along with. She can't help but want to make her friend. "

welcome at any time. I'll be back home in a few days. I'll come home and have a seat!" Of course, Tang youyou won't dislike too many friends. Besides, Miss LAN looks sincere. "

in that line, that's all. I'll leave first and don't disturb your work!" LAN Yanxi saw that there was a computer next to her. He must have disturbed her. He didn't dare to stay, so he left. From the

Hotel, it was already dark. LAN Yanxi drove to Ling Mo Feng's temporary residence.

The sentry stood straight at the gate. LAN Yanxi was afraid. She drove her car to the gate in a small way. Suddenly, the gate opened, and she was still covered. No, lanyanxi was relieved and drove the car in. When

she came back to the room with her big bags and small bags, she walked around her legs for a day, which made her weak. She was lying on the bed, dizzy, and fell asleep. It was more than ten o'clock at night when she woke up. Wrong

after dinner, LAN Yanxi rubbed his long messy hair, and the whole person had not slowed down.

Is there anything else to eat so late? Blue

Yan Xi can't help but feel annoyed. It's still convenient for her family to live here. She even has half a day to worry about going out.

However, LAN Yanxi came out. She was thirsty and wanted to drink water.

She quickly went downstairs. In the living room on the first floor, she found the water cup and accumulated a glass of water. Gulu Gulu filled most of the cup. Just before she put down the cup, she heard the sound of the car flameout from the gate. She took the cup like a kitten, and walked gently to the door. She saw Ling Mo Feng, with the support of the adjutant Liu Qing, walking in a little bit.

"Miss LAN, come and take care of it. Sir is drunk!" Liu adjutant saw LAN Yanxi standing beside him, his eyes brightened, and he called her to help. Blue

Yan Xi is a little petrified. He points at himself with his fingers uncertainly: "you call me?" "

there is no one else in this room." Liu's adjutant couldn't help laughing, but lanyanxi's frightened expression was still lovely.

LAN Yanxi had to put down the cup and walked over. Liu's adjutant pushed Ling Mo Feng directly to her side. LAN

Yan Xi instinctively reached out and put one of his long arms on his shoulder, and the other hand also instinctively held his healthy waist. She just wanted to ask herself what to do with Ling Mo Feng. "

Miss LAN, I have an important document left at the place where I just ate. I have to go back and get it. You will take care of it for the moment." Liu adjutant finish saying, started to withdraw the hand long cabinet, turned around and ran out, soon, he drove away.

"Ah You come back! " LAN Yanxi's face was anxious, instinctively chasing after him and shouting. But what Liu Qing meant was to let her and her husband cultivate a good relationship. How could he come back? "

it's true that I'm still hungry LAN Yanxi could not help but coo up, one side of the eye, he saw the man's slightly smoked eyes after being drunk, looking at her. "

ha ha, let me take you upstairs to have a rest." Blue Yan Xi suddenly with the man's dark eyes up, scared her heart a jump, hurriedly support his tall body, go upstairs. "

thank you!" Obviously, Ling didn't wake up drunk. Seeing LAN Yanxi help him, he still politely thanked her.

LAN Yanxi pulled the corner of his mouth awkwardly, and helped him up the stairs.

One meter six six six of her, thin and thin, in one meter eight seven of Ling Mo Feng's side show the petite and pitiful.

Or Ling Mo Feng himself also tried to stabilize the center of gravity, just afraid that two people had fallen down on the stairs. Blue

Yan Xi was panting. He was really worried that Ling Mo Feng would be overwhelmed by him if he could not stand stably. Fortunately,

well, the man's self-control is very strong. He shakes his head and avoids forcing himself to wake up a few times. He staggers back to his bedroom. Blue

Yan Xi first set foot in his private territory, and found that the arrangement here was very neat and elegant, everything was meticulous, rigorous and solemn, which reminded people that it was not the place to sleep, but the office of others, just next to the bookcase and desk, which gave people a deep sense of stability and admiration.

LAN Yanxi can't help but live in the bottom of his heart and complain. This kind of place can also sleep? How innocent this man is. "

gag..." Just as lanyanxi was looking at his bedroom style, the man lying on the bed suddenly turned over and vomited. "

no!" LAN Yanxi stepped back in fear, and saw that all the things that the man vomited were drinks, so he drank a lot.

"I'm sorry, please help me with a towel!" Ling Mo Feng also felt that he was out of shape, but at the moment, his body was not under his control. The strong nausea made him only have one vomit to stop. "

OK, just a moment!" Lanyanxi quickly ran into his bathroom. As soon as he went in, he found that the men's articles in the bathroom were also very simple. There was not a table filled with bottles like a woman's. everything was only single, but they were placed neatly.

"What a shame!" LAN Yanxi is a casual person. Seeing this kind of decoration and instinctive rejection, she randomly took a towel, wet the water and walked out quickly. Ling

Mo Feng has sat up and closed his eyes. I don't know whether he is sleeping or keeping his eyes closed. "Here's the towel!" Said blue Yanxi in a low voice.

Men do not have much reflection, but the breath is a little heavy, visible or uncomfortable. Blue

Yanxi bit the lip slice, so she had to do it by herself, so she took a towel and tried to wipe the corner of his mouth, but unexpectedly, the man suddenly opened his eyes and buttoned her wrist.