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C1233 consequences of vice president's anger

It may be that everyone is hungry, so the atmosphere in the canteen is very lively. Everyone is relaxed and has more smiles on his face.

Lanyanxi was standing in the middle of the line, following the crowd and moving forward little by little.

Several male colleagues standing in front of her always turn around to talk to her. They don't know what they are talking about. Lanyanxi laughs happily from time to time. Of course, this kind of scene is often seen in the canteen. Generally, beautiful women make men fall in love with her. Not only is lanyanxi surrounded by herself, but many women are also led by male colleagues Make conversation.

However, those women were not in Ling Mo Feng's eyes, only the smiling Blue Yan Xi, the rising corner of the mouth, like a needle stuck in his chest, made him short of breath for a while, and wished that he could not lose the noble identity of the vice president, went straight to her and pulled her away from the men.

Finally, it was LAN Yanxi's turn. She took the plate, and a man behind her suddenly reached out and took a bottle of milk from the window. He put it on the plate like a thief. LAN Yanxi saw the situation and immediately turned around. The man seemed to explain something. LAN Yanxi smiled at him and accepted the bottle of milk.

Ling Mo Feng is so far away that she can't hear what they are talking about, but obviously, this woman seems to enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by a big man. Big

the palm was inexplicably tightly clenched into a fist. Ling Mo Feng thought of making delicious food for her at home, but he didn't see her smile like this. The man just gave her a bottle of milk, and she would turn around and talk to him with a smile from time to time.

Sold his sincere theory jin, in her eyes, also not worth a few money? Ling

Mo Feng has never been angry to the point where his face is livid, but at this moment, he is gloomy, his face line is tight, and he wants to crush the woman. "

Mr. vice president, let's go to dinner and I'll help you..."

"No more!" Ling Mo Feng seldom came to the canteen to eat. After all, his government affairs are busy, so he can't come here to sympathize with the people. Today is a rare time for him to come to the canteen, but he saw a picture that made him depressed, which seriously affected his appetite.

The adjutant beside him was stunned. He looked at the long line, and then at the vice president's face that he didn't know when it had changed. There was fog all over his head. A man in a black suit turned around with a cold face. A few staff members were scared to make a detour. Today's vice president is so intimidating that they don't even have the courage to say hello.

However, which gust of wind did it blow today? How could Mr. vice president appear in the public canteen of the general office?

Is it for inspection? Everyone was flustered.

Ling Mo Feng calmly steps away, but LAN Yanxi, who is taking the meal in the canteen at the moment, is totally unaware of his behavior just now, and has already angered a person, waiting to go home to clean her up.

At 6:00 p.m., Ling's schedule was directly reduced by him today. In addition to the government affairs that must be dealt with, he left the office at 6:00 p.m. and his bodyguard closely guarded him from the office. Ling

there are several guard stops around the antique building where Mo Feng lives to ensure the absolute safety of others. LAN Yanxi doesn't know that she has been completely incorporated into his territory by this man. She also thinks that she went in and out of his field. She thinks that the job of vice president is not different from that of ordinary people. It's just him It deals with state affairs.

In the afternoon, LAN Yanxi drove her little sports car from the public parking lot far away from the office and trotted home.

But when her little sports car stopped at the first post, two powerful soldiers standing in front of the door made a sign for her to stop.

What's the matter with blue Yanxi's heart beating? On weekdays, her car doesn't need to stop for inspection when it enters this door. Is there anything important happening today?

"Big brother, why stop me?" LAN Yanxi hurriedly politely strolled down the door, revealing her eight teeth, and asked with a smile. "

the superior orders that all vehicles will be inspected!" "The guard is meticulous," he said solemnly.

"Oh, I'll show you my driver's license and exercise license, right? It's all here. I'll get it for you! " Lanyanxi is a good citizen who abides by the law. Of course, he is willing to cooperate. He bent down to take out the ID photo in the car.

After a careful inspection, the guard returned the certificate to her and asked, "what's the relationship between you and the vice president?" "

what is the relationship? Even this needs to be said? " LAN Yanxi's brain is buzzing, isn't it? Is it so strict?

"I I'm his friend. I live in his house now. I often drive in and out. You should have seen my car. I didn't stop before... "

"I'm sorry, miss. I'm new here. I don't know who you are. For the sake of the vice president's personal safety, please take it seriously. It's not a joke." The other side a pair of iron face selfless, do not say the facial expression of the face, let Blue Yan Xi directly droop the head. "

I know. I'm not joking. I'm serious. I don't believe it. I'll call Ling Mo Feng and let him tell you!" LAN yanxijue's situation is serious. It's necessary for Ling Mo Feng to help him out. In

Yes, LAN Yanxi found the mobile phone from the bag and carefully turned to Ling Mo Feng's contact information. She made a direct call. The phone rang for a long time and no one answered. Blue

Yan Xi saw a trace of doubt in his brother's eyes. She immediately gave him a dry smile: "Mr. vice president may be busy. It's OK. I'll call again. Please give me some time!" Blue

Yan Xi was worried. Why didn't Ling Mo Feng answer the phone? Isn't it busy?

Thinking of this, lanyanxi directly withdraws from her heart. If her brother doesn't let her in, she can't break in, but it's getting dark now. She also wants to cook dinner for that man tonight. Alas, is it so difficult to even try to please him? "

Hello!" A low voice with a lazy man, finally in the phone ring to the last second, slowly came.

"Ling Mo Feng, is that you?" Just listening to the voice, LAN Yanxi was not sure, so he had to confirm it.

The man's voice suddenly dyed unhappy: "can't even remember my voice?"? What am I in your mind? "

"No, no, no, it's you, it's you, it's you. Tell the guard brother to let me in." LAN Yanxi immediately said with a smile.

"What's the matter?" Ling Mo Feng asked knowingly, a tone of indifference.

"This is the new guard brother. She doesn't let my car in now. She has to tell me about my relationship with you. I told him that we are friends. He doesn't believe it. Come on!" LAN Yanxi could not hear the man's hidden thoughts, so he begged him urgently for help. "

you told him we were friends? LAN Yanxi, do you know how many people want to come in and hurt me as my friend? Friends, how can we let them go? " Ling Mo Feng was also in a happy mood. He was washed clean by his friend. The woman really just regarded him as a friend, just like the happy men she chatted in the canteen today. She regarded him as a friend. Is that right? "

ah, so serious, then What kind of relationship should I say? " LAN Yanxi's brain is short circuited. She really doesn't know what to say.

"Tell him you're my woman, and he'll let you in!" The man suddenly kindly reminded her. "

ah..." This time LAN Yanxi is ashamed of a big red face. Why does this sentence come out in this man's mouth? It's so light. She's his woman?

This seems to be something wrong. Fang hung up her phone directly to

Fang. Obviously, he didn't want to help her any more.

LAN Yanxi sighed bitterly. Ling Mo Feng would dig a hole for her and ask her to jump down willingly.

Then try it.

LAN Yanxi just turned around and looked at the guard brother shamefully, and said in a low voice: "actually I'm ling's girlfriend and fiancee

"Show me your ID card!" Blue

Yan Xi quickly finds out and hands it. "

sorry to disturb you, you can let me go!" When the guard saw it, he went back to the post and stopped to open the door for her. LAN Yanxi: "..."