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C693 being his woman

Bai Yiyan is stared at by the deep eyes of the man. Her mood is disordered and her pretty face looks bright red.

"I I haven't thought about it yet! " Bai Yiyan's tense palms are sweating. She is nervous and uneasy. Her thick long eyelashes are fluttering like the wings of a butterfly. Looking down from above, there is an indescribable loveliness.

"I said, if you haven't thought it out before work, I'll decide!" Ji Yueze looked at this panicked look, and felt that the blood in his body flowed quickly again, and his voice sank a few times.

"Well, you can decide!" Bai Yiyan is really not good at making decisions. She feels that every decision she makes is like a mistake. But time goes by, but she can't delete it.

So, she decided to let Ji Yueze choose. No matter what he decided, she was not afraid, or even expected.

"Be my woman, and I will cover you!" Ji also considered a day to make this decision.

"Ah!" Bai Yiyan gave a light voice. Obviously, he didn't expect that he would say this sentence. It seemed unexpected and unexpected. Her pretty face became more red. Bai Yiyan moved her lips and said, "OK!"

Being his woman seems to be something she can't get. Bai Yiyan Snickers in her heart.

Ji Yueze saw that she had no objection. His tight handsome face also relaxed a little. He came over, his long fingers, and a little bit of bullying raised her white chin. His eyes locked her eyes: "do you know what I want to do as a woman?"

Of course, Bai Yiyan understood the implication of this. Her pretty face was as gorgeous as Caixia's, and she nodded: "yes!"

"If I feel lonely one day and want you, you won't refuse, will you?" Ji Yueze found that the woman seemed to be obedient for the last two days, which made him feel inexplicably comfortable.

Bai Yiyan breathes fiercely, and her chest heaves violently twice. After taking two deep breaths, she continues to nod: "OK!"

When Ji Yueze saw that she even agreed to the request, his eyes were slightly surprised, then his fingers were loosened and he said lightly: "why did he agree again? Didn't you always turn me down? "

Bai Yiyan looks at him and says, "I like you. I don't think it's important to give the most important things to the people I like."

When Ji Yueze heard her confession, his thin lips scratched an imperceptible smile, but soon the smile disappeared: "don't look too high at yourself, I am a ruthless person now, do you want to, not necessarily."

Bai Yiyan's face turned white as if she had been hit. However, she was not depressed. She still whispered, "no matter what, I will follow you from small to large. Except for my father, you are the best man for me!"

Ji Yueze smiled a little and put his arm around her shoulder: "well, don't sell it. Let's go. Eat first!"

"Where to eat?" Bai Yiyan is curious.

"Take you back to Jijia!" Ji Yueze doesn't know why. As soon as his brain gets hot, he wants to take her back to Ji's house for dinner.

"Do you want to call your grandma and let her know if you don't make our meal..." Bai Yiyan reminds him in a low voice.

Ji Yueze reached into his pocket, took out his mobile phone, and directly pulled out a phone to the old lady.

The old lady was very happy to hear from her grandson that Ji Yueze would take Bai Yiyan back to dinner.

Hung up the phone, Ji Yueze looked down at Bai Yiyan standing quietly in his arms like a bird, thinking, is this even a girlfriend?

This feeling is not as bad as I think.

Ji Xiaohan has a private celebration dinner tonight. Besides, he wants Tang youyou to join him.

Call Tang youyou and ask her for her opinion. Tang youyou is willing to come here. Ji Xiaohan is in a better mood.

So he drove home to pick her up.

When brother two people's car, at the same time to the end of season's home, two people are a little worried.

"Ozawa, why are you back?" Asked Ji Xiaohan curiously.

Ji Yueze goes to the vice driver's room, takes Bai Yiyan out of the car, puts her arm around her shoulder, and says, "brother, officially, this is my girlfriend!"

When Ji Xiaohan heard his brother's words, he was shocked. Later, his thin lips raised a smile: "this time it's serious."

"Of course!" Ji Yueze said with great certainty, "it's true!"

"I'll take you out in a moment. You and Miss Bai will stay at home with your grandparents." Ji Xiaohan nods to Bai Yiyan. It's a greeting.

Ji Yueze immediately promised: "OK, do you go out to eat tonight? Is it to celebrate? " "Well, I'll invite the people under my hand to have dinner. I'll take you there to make a formal introduction." Ji Xiaohan thinks that Tang youyou is still suffering from the Internet curse, and says that she was kicked away by him. So, Ji Xiaohan decides that from now on, he should hold this woman in his arms openly, so that everyone can know that Tang youyou is his woman, all his life. "OK, have a good time!" Ji Yueze's mood at the moment has changed a lot. Even he felt strange. He thought he would never come out in his life. Unexpectedly, he moved to another place so easily. Of course, it's not appropriate to say that. He and Tang youyou have never been in love at all.

Season owl cold nods, turns around, calmly steps upstairs.

At the moment, upstairs, Tang youyou is bathing the two children. It's cold now. Tang youYou can't trust the old lady to help her. So she bathed the children herself and let them play again.

When Ji Xiaohan enters the bedroom, he hears his daughter's childish singing. It's a nursery rhyme. It's sweet.

"Daddy's back!" Tang xiaonai took the lead in seeing Ji Xiaohan and was immediately unhappy.

Tang youyou looks back at him and says, "I'll be back soon!"

The season owl cold thin lip draws up a smile: "you don't know to have a word to call to return to the heart like an arrow?"

Hearing his voice lowered, Tang youyou blushed immediately.

Ji Xiaohan squats down and looks at his daughter who has just taken a bath. Her face is red, and her long hair is tied with a small ball on her head. The soft and thin hair is moistened with moisture. One by one, it falls on both sides of her face. It's almost tender to the water.

"Daddy, are you going to take Mommy out again? I want to go too! " Tang xiaonai has big eyes and looks forward to Ji Xiaohan. He thinks that maybe daddy will take her.

Season owl cold touch her small head, gentle way: "the day after tomorrow is a weekend, daddy will take you out to play!" "Well then!" Tang xiaonai nodded his head.