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C1938. Someone wants to recognize her son

Xia Xinnian goes back to the office and finds her mobile phone, but suddenly stops for a few seconds. Jimucheng is going to help her investigate this matter. If she calls Xia shuran now to question, is that a scare to kill the evidence?

Reason back to the brain, Xia Xinnian just hold the cell phone, beautiful face, full of anger.

Xia family, it's very deceiving.

If Xia shuran did this event, in any case, she would not let her go any longer. There was still an uncle who had not seen her for many years. When she saw her, she would give her a slap on the face. Thinking of all this, Xia Xinnian felt only sad and her eyes were sore.

The same family, Ji family's warmth, let people want to close, but why she was born in such a family?

Xia Xinnian held back her tears and suddenly her cell phone rang. She took a look and almost threw it away.

It turned out that the future mother-in-law called.

Xia Xinnian is a little short of breath, not nervous.

Maybe all the daughter-in-law, before entering the house, have a kind of unknown uneasiness about her mother-in-law's family.

Xia Xinnian is also in this mood at the moment. She is afraid that she will not do well enough and will disappoint her mother-in-law.

Mind only in minutes and seconds, Xia Xinnian quickly answered the phone, tone gentle: "aunt."

Tang youyou's gentle voice came with concern: "Xinnian, I heard about your match today. Are you ok?"

"Auntie, I'm really ashamed and ashamed. It's my own fault that has caused the situation today." Xia Xinnian is very guilty.

"Mocheng also told me about this. He believes you are wronged. Don't worry. Let him check it for you. If someone is really behind the scenes, don't let her go." Tang youyou's Qi discipline has gone up, but her Qi nature is still as jealous of evils as she was when she was young. She feels that if she takes the initiative to hurt others, she should be punished.

"Aunt, thank you for your concern. I also believe that Mocheng will help me to find out. I will try my own way." Xia Xinnian is very grateful, and the hand holding the mobile phone quivers slightly. It was sad just now. At this moment, it's very happy. Someone cares and understands. It's really a happy thing.

"OK, Yu Chen is very good on my side. Don't worry, come over to have dinner when you have time." Tang youyou also believes that the young people can handle this matter well, and has no special intervention.

"Yes, I will." Xia Xinnian nodded and held back his tears.

After hanging up the phone, Xia Xinnian felt relieved for a long time. She must have been visited by heaven, which made her meet such a reasonable family.

Ji Mucheng is looking for someone to meet Liu Mei. Unexpectedly, another big news broke out on the Internet.

In the process of live broadcast just now, Xia Xinnian's plagiarism is still brewing. There is a voice of criticism and ridicule on the Internet. In addition, she just broke out her love with Ji's eldest young master. For a while, she attacked the lonely and nameless woman. The whole upper class society became a sensation. All the young ladies and ladies, even the roots of their teeth, are clenched. I wish I could find this shameless girl The woman of, hit her hard.

Is her identity worthy of last season's master?

All the swearing is concentrated on Xia Xinnian. As for her boyfriend, Ji Mucheng, no one dares to say no.

In a relationship, women are always weak. In this world, women love to embarrass women, which is also a kind of sadness for women.

Xia Xinnian didn't expect her popularity to soar in two days. She is such a low-key person, only grinding her career conscientiously. Who pushed her to the forefront? Who can't wait to destroy her reputation?

In addition to Xia shuran, Xia Xinnian couldn't think of the second person, and he tried his best to deal with her.

Xia shuran hates her because of he Jiaxuan?

It's really ridiculous. Xia Xinnian really feels wronged. In these five years, she and he Jiaxuan are strangers. They haven't met each other and broke all ties. Isn't she a qualified ex girlfriend? She pretended to be dead for five years. It was the man who took the initiative to find her. Xia shuran blamed her for all the resentment.

Xia Xinnian will not suffer such grievances again. She must rise up and resist.

The cell phone rang again. Xia Xinnian saw Ling Suxi. She sighed and answered the phone.

"Xinnian, are you ok? I just saw someone say you plagiarized. " Lingsusi was nervous for her.

"Susie, I'm fine. I'm dealing with this. Don't worry about me." Xia Xinnian comforts her.

"Xinnian, I can't help you. I have a new job now. I will try to make money. I hope I can help you in the future." Lingsusi is also very powerless, she is in a mess, but her friend encounters such a bad thing, she just wants to cry.

"Don't say such silly things. You can handle your own affairs well. You don't have to work hard to make money. It's important for your health. I really don't lack money." Xia Xinnian couldn't help chuckling and continued to comfort him.

"Well, I'll go to work first." Lingsusi had no choice but to hang up.

Ling Suxi just reported to a modeling company today that her job is to assist Yan Junhan in the daily life of men. At present, Yan Junhan is also a model and director of the company, and he has a partner. At present, the company is developing and has a bright future.

"Mind, you have news again." Liu Chengtian is a gossip lover. He sat in the office and kept brushing the story of Karan designer's plagiarism. Unexpectedly, a few seconds ago, he flashed another scandal related to Xia Xinnian. It was a video recorded by a young man. In the video, he held a picture, a picture of a little boy, similar to him by two or three points.

Xia Xinnian's brain explodes and takes a quick look at the boss's cell phone.

"Xia Xinnian, listen to me. Where did you hide my son? I won't forget how we get along with each other day and night in foreign countries. You said that you would love me all your life. It's a joke. Now you meet a man who has more money than me, and you hide my son. But today, I'm going to let everyone see your true face. You are a hypocritical woman. I warn you that if you dare to remarry with my son, I will let you If you regret it, please open your eyes to see the hypocrisy of this woman. Don't be fooled by her pure appearance. She is a woman who is open to money and can do anything for money. At the beginning, she was with me just for money. She took the initiative to climb up my bed and wanted to have a son to trap me. Now, spend all my money and kick me The shameless woman. " The man's expression of indignation makes people believe it.