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C1313 help with kindness

Near the end of the year, all the work is done at the end of the year, and even the archives are not spared. Lan Yanxi was idle for two days and was completely busy, and it was still the kind that was flying.

The change of old and new files, she is a newcomer, while learning how to archive, while also organizing the files, all the numbers will almost faint her.

Fortunately, Lan Yanxi has a character that refuses to admit defeat, even if she has to work overtime, she will have to complete all her workload today.

At nine o'clock in the evening, the entire office was still brightly lit, and major departments are now entering a busy year-end period.

Lan Yanxi didn't have time to eat in the afternoon, so when she worked overtime, she was obviously out of energy and her stomach screamed.

"Yanxi!" Suddenly, she heard someone calling her name and immediately got out of a row of cabinets.

I thought it was a colleague in the office. I didn't expect to find out that it was Qiao Zhuo.

Since the last time two people collided and messed up the file, Qiao Zhuo occasionally passed by and greeted her. Lan Yanxi greeted him with one friend and one enemy. He greeted him, and she was generally generous. Waved at him or nodded or something.

"Yanxi, did you eat at night?" Qiao Zhuo put a delicate packaging bag on the table: "I bought a box of bread for our office female colleague, and she went out of work. I am a man and never If you do n’t eat sweets, I just think about whether you want to eat them or not. It ’s a pity to throw them away. ”

"Bread?" When Lan Yanxi was so hungry and cooing, when she suddenly heard the sweet and soft glutinous bread, she swallowed subconsciously, making it difficult to resist the temptation of good food.

"Yes, this is bought in a very famous bakery outside our office. I heard that many girls like to eat. Would you like to pay?" Qiao Zhuo put on a very distressed expression, pretended to be I did n’t mean to give it to her, I just bought one more and did n’t want to throw it away.

"Qiao Zhuo, would you like to give it to other female colleagues in your office? I ... I ate something in the afternoon!" Although Yan Yanxi kept swallowing, she insisted on not accepting anything from men. Even just a few slices of bread,

"Yanxi, don't get me wrong. I didn't mean to give it to you. Our female colleagues in the office have already left work earlier. I asked again and came over without sending them out." Qiao Zhuo quickly looked embarrassed. Explaining.

Lan Yanxi looked at his expression, and realized that he really didn't want to waste the food, so he found her kindly.

"How much is it? I'll count it for you!" Lan Yanxi hurriedly went to get his own bag.

"Yanxi, we are working together in the office. You are so out-of-the-ordinary, and give me money? Where can I save my male face? Although my family is not a rich man, it ’s okay to send a few slices of bread "Qiao Zhuo immediately looked frightened.

Lan Yanxi also felt like this was a little weird, so she laughed twice: "Thank you so much, I'm really hungry."

"I'll put it here!" Qiao Zhuo said, and left.

Lan Yanxi peeped at his disappearing figure. The next second, she quickly took the packaging bag, opened it, and smelled the sweet bread. She hurried to the tea room next to it and decided to enjoy it.

Just when Lan Yanxi was hiding inside and eating bread, suddenly, her cell phone rang.

She quickly took it out and glanced at the number of Deputy Lieutenant Chu.

"Hey, Lieutenant Chu?" Lan Yanxi was unwilling to put down her bread while she was talking, she was chewing deliciously.

"What are you eating?" From the ear came a man's low magnetic voice, with a touch of tender affection.

Lan Yanxi heard this familiar male voice, she was shocked, and a bread stalk was in her throat. She immediately coughed and coughed, and then asked, "Why are you?"

Ling Mofeng's voice instantly became dissatisfied: "Why can't it be me? Do you really want to chat with my lieutenant?"

"No, no, no, I'm just too surprised, of course I hope it's you!" Lan Yanxi saw that his tone wasn't right, and immediately explained that his life-saving desire was very powerful.

There was a low, deep laugh from the man, and his ears seemed to be getting pregnant.

Lan Yanxi blushed a little with his smile. He had forgotten that he still had bread in his hand, and muttered, "Is it so funny?"

"It's so late, are you still eating, didn't you eat at night?" The man stopped smiling, his voice full of concern.

"Well, I didn't eat much. I'll be very busy at work in the next few days. I'm still working overtime." Lan Yanxi answered pitifully.

"I'm still in the office. When do you get off work?" The man asked softly.

"I might have more than ten o'clock, how about you?" Lan Yanxi guessed and answered.

"Then I'm earlier than you. I want to go back, and you'll come back sooner!" The man's voice was indifferently a little mute, the kind of missing in the voice, let people hear, inexplicable heart.

"Really?" Lan Yanxi smiled happily.

"Well, I'm going back now, I'll wait for you at home!" The man deliberately dragged his voice slowly. "Well, let me see if I can go back early!" Lan Yan wished to fly home now and not let him wait a minute and a second.

"Don't worry, be happy and be careful!" After the man told him, he hung up.

Lan Yanxi put down her mobile phone, a happy smile between her eyebrows, looked down at the messy bread she had been struck by, and suddenly she did n’t want to eat it, and she was a bit embarrassed to eat it again. Guilt.

"Forget it, go home and let him eat!" Lan Yanxi put down the bread and found a reason to starve.

Lan Yanxi was really busy at over ten o'clock, and she finally completed today's task. In the winter, she was very sweaty.

When she had packed up her personal belongings and planned to leave, when she walked to the car, she suddenly saw a person crouching in front of the next car.

The man seemed to be bending down and trying to do something, Lan Yanxi frowned, but walked kindly, and saw Qiao Zhuo sweating, changing the tire.

"Qiao Zhuo, how are you?" If it was someone she didn't know, Lan Yanxi would definitely leave directly, but now she can't stop saying hello when she sees Qiao Zhuo who just gave her bread to eat.

Qiao Zhuo smiled a little embarrassed immediately: "My car tire burst, and I finally wanted to change a spare tire, but I didn't expect that my spare tire was also bad, but it was really unlucky."

Lan Yanxi looked at Nuo Da's parking lot, and sparsely parked a few cars. She couldn't help asking: "You can wait for your colleagues to go together, and let someone come over to repair the tires tomorrow!"

"People in my office are almost back, people in other departments, I don't know!" Qiao Zhuo shrugged helplessly, his expression frustrated.

Lan Yanxi bit her lip. She really is not a nosy person, but when she sees the expression of a man tortured by life, she really sympathizes with him.

"Well, where do you live? I'll see if it's smooth or not, or I'll send you a ride. It's so late and it's going to start snowing again." Lan Yanxi looked up and saw the white under the streetlight Snow fell down, and a lot of snow fell on Qiao Zhuo's face and hair. It can be seen that he has been frozen here for a while.

"Yanxi, no need, you go first, so late, you must go back to rest, leave me alone!" Qiao Zhuo was unwilling to trouble her expression.

Lan Yanxi sighed lightly: "Anyway, I also ate your bread, let's repay you, get in the car quickly, I will take you some way!"

"Yanxi, you are so nice!" Qiao Zhuo stood up shyly, looking at her gratefully. Lan Yanxi shrugged his shoulders: "You praise me so much, I'm just a human!"

Qiao Zhuo finally got into Lan Yanxi's small sports car. Compared with his 200,000-plus sedan, this exquisite and beautiful sports car is still very eye-catching.

After getting into the car, Qiao Zhuo was a little anxious, but he didn't ask the question. He just sat down orderly, and then gave Lan Yanxi the direction of his way home.

Lan Yanxi also didn't communicate with him much, after all, he was not very familiar.