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Gao Feifei purposely showed off his new armor, laughing, "Yes, I heard that your design is very distinctive and stylish, so I'd like to ask you to help me design a few sets of clothes, is that okay?"

Tang You You did not think that she would give such a high evaluation, to the point that she was embarrassed.

"Miss Gao, you haven't even seen my design draft, how can you approve of my work so much? Honestly, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed if you really see it? " Tang You You did not want to lie to her, so she asked seriously.

Gao Feifei immediately stood up and pointed at his own body, "Miss Tang, are you not confident in your work, or my body? "Look at my well-dressed figure. Even if I were to be covered with a piece of cloth, it would definitely be beautiful. Don't worry, since I've found you, I will definitely like your work."

Seeing her so confident, Tang You You suddenly did not know what to say, and could only nod his head in praise: "Miss Gao, your figure is really good, as a designer, your ratio is too perfect, I believe you can control any piece of clothing."

Tang You You felt that this was indeed someone who was rich and had nowhere to spend it on. She was actually angry because of her own rejection.

"Miss Tang, your mouth really knows how to speak. I don't know why, but the moment I saw you, I felt that we were close friends. You're really pretty, and your temperament is also gentle. If you want me to be a man, I'll definitely like you too!" Gao Feifei immediately sat down next to Tang You You as if he was familiar with the place. He then wrapped his arm around Tang You You's shoulders and asked amiably, "Miss Tang, can we be friends?"

Tang You You looked at the hand on her shoulder. The strong smell of the perfume on her body made her feel inexplicably unhappy.

"Miss Gao, your personality is cheerful. You must have a lot of friends!" Tang You You immediately smiled and said.

Gao Fei immediately sighed. "Sigh, you may not know this, but all I do is make friends with friends over wine and meat. Once I leave the table, none of you will contact me again. "She might be talking about people like me, who seem to be friends, but none of them really want to date you. Miss Tang, to be honest, when I first saw you at the new product selection, I felt that you were a very gentle and sincere person. That's why I came to find you!"

Tang You You was a little speechless. Actually, she was not the kind of person who liked to gather friends everywhere.

"Thank you for your kindness. I feel that we are more suited to being customers. I hope that you will take care of my business and cooperate more in the future." Tang You You immediately laughed dryly as she replied.

Gao Fei tried to probe, and he knew that Tang You You was not the type of woman who would let go. Thus, she did not dare take an inch further, and immediately beamed: "Of course, I'm going to be your loyal customer, and I'll even introduce you to my friends."

"Alright, if you are willing to cooperate with me, then we should sign the contract first. This way, it will be more convenient for our future cooperation." Tang You You took out his contract and showed it to her. Unexpectedly, she didn't even look at it and directly signed it.

Seeing that she was so straightforward, Tang You You was also shocked. She could only laugh dryly and remind him: "Miss Gao, don't you want to see my current price?"

Gao Fei immediately twitched his mouth. "I never look at the price when I buy things."

Tang You You was instantly speechless. Alright, she still doesn't understand the world of the rich.

"Miss Gao is so generous, cooperating with you is my honor!" Tang You You was a little excited. She felt that signing the contract meant that she had already earned 10 million, and she only needed to design 5 sets of clothes to get the money. How could she not be excited?

Who doesn't know that you are the Mrs. Ji, so I don't believe that you still need to look at the price to buy things now. To be honest, you are a pragmatic person, you already have a few hundred billion worth of money, how can you accept a job? In front of Tang You You, Gao Fei did not dare to take him seriously. Even if she was rich, could it be that she would be worth more than Tang You You?

Tang You You laughed awkwardly. After hearing what she said, she found it embarrassing to say that she had just earned her first pot of gold in her life.

Of course, Ji Xiao Han's money, although seemed to have its share, it wasn't something that he could get on his own by relying on his own ability.

After seeing Gao Fei, Tang You You saw his second customer, and realised that they were actually not Big Star, but the young miss of a rich family.

She could be considered beautiful, but it was obvious that she had written on her face. Even though her facial features were exquisite, they didn't match at all.

"Miss Tang, hello, my name is Kang Yi Le!" The moment the girl sat down, she introduced herself. She had a dignified appearance and seemed to have the temperament of a lady from a noble family.

Tang You You quickly reached out his hand, and said with a smile: "Hello, are you looking for me to design this too?"

It was obvious that he was looking for her to cooperate. Tang You You had the urge to bite his tongue off.

However, she really didn't have the experience to talk about such pleasant topics.

"Yeah, otherwise, what do you think I'm here for?" Kang Yi Le immediately laughed.

Tang You You was incomparably embarrassed, wanting to find a hole to hide in.

"That's fine. Tell me your conditions. What style do you like? I can provide you with some designs, and you can choose your own style to design." Tang You You used a professional term to make up for his stupid mouth.

"There's no need to look. I will like all of your designs!" Kang Yi Le replied with a smile, her tone still containing the arrogance of a noble family's daughter.

Tang You You was speechless again. Did he meet another God who didn't care about her design?

"Miss Kang, I think it's better for you to take a look. We have to take responsibility for the customer's needs!" Tang You You said somewhat anxiously.

"Miss Tang, I'll tell you the truth, I came to find you to design something, and that's secondary, I have more important things to ask you for. As long as you agree to my conditions, not to mention the tens of millions in design fees, even if it's more money, I will still pay you!" Tang Yi Le said with a smile.

Tang You You's expression froze, was there anything else she needed from her?

What was going on?

"Then tell me, what else do you require of me?" Tang You You did not expect that this client would actually come looking for her with conditions. Sigh, everyone has it, she should not have felt it was strange.