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C870 is this a success?

Ji Yueze said that he liked her, which was the most touching sentiment. Bai Yiyan's joy seemed to overflow, and some of it floated. When she wanted to express her gratitude to him for a while, her face was burning hot. She pretended to look at the clock on the wall casually and whispered, "it's too late. Do you want to have a rest earlier?" Ji

Yueze drinks the last sip of wine, raises his eyes, looks at her gentle face and swings his mind, but then he sees the injured hand hidden in her sleeve, and the evil thoughts are forced down by him. "

go to bed first, and I'll sit for a while!" Ji Yueze said in a low voice. "

come together, and you'll be early!" Bai Yiyan bravely proposed that she would never have been so active in courting him before, because she still felt embarrassed to please him.

But now, Bai Yiyan finds out the warm personality that Ji Yueze is hiding. Bai Yiyan persuades herself, why not take the initiative? Why not please him? This is the most direct way to like a person. Season

Yueze's original thoughts, when he heard her say together, took root and sprouted again. He slightly raised his eyebrows, and the evil spirit flashed in his deep eyes: "are you sure you want to join us?"

Bai Yiyan's heart is thumping. Why does she have a bad premonition when she looks into his eyes? Don't worry about it. Now that she has decided to show him something, she has to do what she says.

"Well, sure!" She nibbled at the lip and said with certainty. Season

Yue Ze reaches out, and if she refuses to leave, she swims back and forth at her injured cuff for a few times: "forget it, for the sake of your injury, let you go tonight!"

Bai Yiyan listens to his words and blushes.

However, she could vaguely recognize that the man actually wanted something. After all, they seemed to have not passed for some time.

"Don't worry about me, I actually Yes! " When Bai Yiyan was talking, she almost bit off her tongue. It's so shameful. Why can she say such an ungodly thing?

She must have gone bad. Besides, she was brought bad by jiyueze. Season

more Ze hook lips a smile, the dark color of the bottom of the eyes is deepening, then, he patted his legs: "sit down!" Bai

Yi Yan is stunned and sits on his strong leg without hesitation. Ji Yueze stretches out a hand, encircles her slender waist, draws closer to each other, and he kisses her gently with his thin lips between her hair. "

How did you take the initiative tonight?" Ji Yueze asked in her low voice. Because she has been passive all the time, Ji Yueze will doubt her improper behavior today.

Bai Yiyan was even more at a loss. She said with a dry smile: "no, I just feel that We haven't been together for some time, so... "

"So, you want it?" When Ji Yueze saw that she was speechless, he immediately completed her speech. White

Yiyan's brain flashed a blank, her pretty face became more purples. For example,

if you admit that you want it, will it be a very difficult thing?

"Tell me, do you miss me?" Ji Yueze may be drunk, and his voice line is low and intoxicating. His questions make Bai Yiyan more confused. "

want to!" Bai Yiyan has to answer him truthfully. This word is really her inner monologue. She really thinks about him all the time.

"How do you think?" Ji Yueze is really a bad waiter. The answer he wants will definitely make Bai Yiyan want to escape from his support and control. God, can you stop asking? Did you see her blushing like cooked shrimp? "

very much, very much!" Bai Yiyan directly gave up the three views and rhythm, a pair of beautiful eyes flashing with luster, staring straight at the man's long, narrow, dark eyes, murmuring: "I really want to, Ji Yueze, I think I really love you, but also, the more I love the deeper the feeling."

Ji Yueze listened to her like a lost kitten. His eyes flashed a touch of pity and grievance when he spoke. He was inexplicably excited.

I don't know why he has such abnormal excitement. He is excited and joyful. "

I am very satisfied with the answer!" The man thin lips rise, writes the happy directly on the face. Bai

Yi yanmeng wakes up and blinks her eyes randomly. Then she looks shy and lowers her head. No, soon, with a long finger, she raised her chin again with strength and hegemony, asking her to face his eyes.

Bai Yiyan didn't hide or Flash this time. Instead, she tilted her head forward and pasted the pink lips on the thin, sexy lips of men. Season

the color of her eyes is slightly startled. Obviously, I didn't expect that she was just shy like a mimosa. Next second, I dare to kiss his lips so actively.

However, she has made such progress, and Ji Yueze is really happy.

Bai Yiyan pasted her lips for two seconds and left quickly. Her beautiful eyes looked at him with shame and timidity, as if she was afraid of his unhappiness. Her voice said: "I I'll go to bed first! " "

not together?" After being kissed actively by her, Ji Yueze's voice became hoarse immediately. Seeing that she was going to leave, the big hand around her waist suddenly tightened and directly pulled her to her bosom. Next second, the man's other hand copied to her knee bend and directly hugged her.

Bai Yiyan's face was frightened. She immediately wanted to reach out and hook his neck. However, she found that her other hand couldn't play. She could only use one ring to hold her hand and was afraid of falling down. Ji saw his startled expression in such a painting, and his thin lips raised a smile: "don't worry, don't throw you away!" Yi Yan looks embarrassed. Why can this man even guess her carefully? Ji took her in Yueze's arms, stepped into the bedroom and put her gently on the bed.

Hands around the chest, condescending to coagulate her, eyebrows slightly twisted: "if I really can't resist to give you, will I be included in the flow of animals?" Bai

Yiyan was a little shy at first. Hearing this, she burst into a smile.

"Don't worry, there's no third person here who knows what you've done, as long as I don't know!" Ji Yueze's humor broke the atmosphere directly, and Bai Yiyan was not so nervous.

"Well, you said, wait for me!" Ji Yueze doesn't want to bear it. He didn't repay her taste before. Now that he is infatuated with it, how can he continue to challenge his self-control? White

Yiyan's heart is slightly hot. Seeing the man turn around and go to the bathroom, she sighs with relief. Is this a success?