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C1500 fear of exposure

Ling Mo Feng looks at the sleeping Blue Yan Xi. Tired and sick, I'm afraid I don't want to wake up.

Ling Mo Feng's good-looking brows are twisted together. If she doesn't change her wet base coat, she is afraid that once she leaves the door, her condition will not get better, but will get worse because of the cold and humidity.

At present, the only way is to change her sweaty clothes.

Ling Mo Feng put out his hand and gently pushed blue Yanxi's arm. He shouted softly, "Yanxi, wake up!"

"Let me sleep, please!" Lanyanxi's head is heavy at the moment. In addition, the medicine she just took has a depressing effect. Although she knows Ling Mo Feng is quarreling with her, she can't lift her strength to open her eyes to respond. She can only ask for help like a poor child.

Ling murfeng sighed. It seems that he can only do it by himself.

Ling Mo Feng takes a look at the door. He originally wanted to ask Cheng Yuan for help. But at this moment, Cheng Yuan is afraid that she is also busy.

Ling Mo Feng had to gently hold up the girl in the quilt, let her lean on his arms, and then reached out, took off her two sweaters. Inside, there was a thin bottoming shirt, which was really wet. Ling Mo Feng's outstretched hand hesitated a little.

I don't know if she will be angry with her like this?

Hesitation is only two seconds, Ling Mo Feng has not been able to care much, or reached out to take off her undershirt, but soon, he was stunned.

Because he seems to forget that women need more than men.

His handsome face flashed a bit of embarrassment. To be honest, although he and lanyanxi had also been hiding in the quilt, he was still doing this for the first time, and he was inevitably nervous.

Finally, the fingers reached her back. The stiff fingers found a way to untie the buckle for a long time.

"Ling Mo Feng, what are you going to do?" LAN Yanxi felt that her body was not cold. She opened her eyes and saw that the man seemed to be stripping his clothes. She asked weakly, but her pretty face was blushing.

"Your clothes are sweaty and wet. I have to change them for you. Don't get me wrong. I don't mean anything else." Lingmo Feng said, suddenly thought of a more important thing, blue Yan Xi seems to have no new clothes to change.

"Well, thank you!" Lanyanxi finally knew what he was doing, and immediately put his heart down.

Ling Mo Feng Jun's face froze for a while. At last, he reached for his luggage bag and found one of his bottomcoats. At present, he can only put his own on her.

Ling Mo Feng has never worn clothes for a woman, so his movements are a little stiff. For a while, he put on the first one for her. When his fingers are sorting clothes for her, they will inevitably touch some soft places, and Ling Mo Feng's face is even hotter and hotter.

However, even though he felt a little shy, he did not dare to think about anything. She was so ill that she could not take care of herself. If he dared to come again, he would not be a human being.

After LAN Yanxi changed clothes, he was obviously more comfortable. He breathed low and contented. After lying down, he covered the quilt and slept more peacefully.

Ling Mo Feng reached for her clothes and put them in his own luggage randomly. I don't know if it's an illusion. After changing clothes for her, he even felt that his body had warmed up a lot and he had a little sweat.

That's for shame!

LAN Xianxian takes a look at the mobile phone for a while. LAN Yanxi has been in it for more than two hours, but Ling Moheng hasn't even come out. What are they doing in it?

"Second lady, are you watching the first lady?" Uncle Yu didn't know when he appeared behind the blue fiber. He asked her coldly.

Blue fiber fierce turn around, some angry look at him: "you can manage it?"

"The second young lady had better not make a bad idea of the first young lady, otherwise, I will have to take care of it!" Uncle Yu said coldly.

"Ah, I want to turn over to be the master? Uncle Yu, you are old and married. You are not Have you fallen in love with lanyanxi? Is that interesting? " The mouth of blue cilia is open, smile deliberately.

"Touch!" Uncle Yu smashed the stake behind the blue fibril with a fist. The stake trembled three times. The blood of the blue fibril even froze. His eyes were wide and cold.

"You can insult me at will, but you are absolutely not allowed to damage the reputation of the eldest lady. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude!" Uncle Yu's angry face is livid. Obviously, he is really angry this time.

Although blue microfibril never saw Uncle Yu in the eye, she was still frightened by the blow just now. Seeing that uncle Yu's five knuckles were bleeding, he seemed to know no pain. He only warned her with a cold face. She felt that uncle Yu was crazy.

"Uncle Yu, don't forget that I am the second miss of the blue family. You can't threaten me like this?" Blue fiber momentum in an instant weak down, but still remind him of his identity.

"The first lady is engaged to the vice president. If you dare to discredit her, I won't treat you as the second lady." Uncle Yu warned her coldly.

"Don't worry, I won't say any more. However, you are too partial to her. It's inevitable that Well, I think so much! " Blue fibril is still afraid. If she is at Blue's home now, she is certainly not afraid of Uncle Yu. But now it's a mountainous area, so far away from home, she doesn't have anyone to ask for help.

LAN Yanxi stayed in Ling Mo Feng's office until noon, and her whole body recovered some strength. When she woke up, she found that she had put on a gray men's sweater, which was too loose on her.

LAN Yanxi could not help but lower his head and smell the dry and cold fragrance, which seemed to be unique to men.

LAN Yanxi quickly put on his two warm sweaters, and put on his down jacket. Just after getting out of bed, Cheng Yuan was about to pour a glass of water to drink. Then she came in with her lunch and saw that she woke up. She was full of joy: "Yanxi, you finally woke up. Just in time, I brought my food!"

"What about others?" LAN Yanxi asked curiously.

"He's resting in the next room. He's tired, too!" Cheng Yuan knew who he was asking, and only answered her with a smile.

"He hasn't slept for two days and nights, so it's time to have a rest!" LAN Yanxi said painfully.

"I didn't know that he was stubborn before. I finally saw him this time. He would not sleep until the last moment!" Cheng Yuan also shook her head and sighed.

"Cheng Yuan, it's hard for you. I have to trouble you to take care of it. I'm so ashamed!" LAN Yanxi laughed at himself.

"I'm much better than you. Let me take care of you." Cheng Yuan is a straightforward person, and has a good feeling for LAN Yanxi. She is willing to take care of her as a younger sister.

"By the way, I just found blue fiber peeping outside the door. I don't know what she wants to do?" Cheng Yuan said at once with an unhappy face.

"Ah?" When LAN Yanxi heard this, he was shocked. It was over. If LAN Xianxian suspected her relationship with Ling Moheng, it would be a bad thing.

"Shall I get rid of her? I don't think she has a good heart! " Cheng Yuan asked angrily.

"No, I'll go out myself after lunch." LAN Yanxi was uneasy. After a few mouthfuls of food, he went out in a hurry.

"Yan Xi, don't you really need my help? Fighting is my strength. " Cheng Yuan knows that last time LAN Yanxi had a fight with LAN Xianxian, she didn't win. At this moment, Cheng Yuan wants to fight for LAN Yanxi, so she must fight for LAN Xianxian everywhere.

LAN Yanxi was amused by her and shook her head: "really, I don't need to. I have a personal grudge with her!"

LAN Yanxi said that, she strode out. When the cold wind blew, she felt dizzy again.

"Blue fiber, are you finished?" LAN Yanxi called out to her loudly, and her face turned blue and thin, and she snorted coldly, "Lan Yanxi, you have a thick skin. You've run to other people's offices to play rogue again."

LAN Yanxi immediately sneered: "I can remind you that if you hinder me from improving our relationship with Zeng Ling Mo Feng, I will call grandpa and let him treat you!"

"Enhance feelings? Who are you laughing at? I didn't see that the vice president wanted to enhance his feelings with you. You shamelessly took the initiative to join others. " Blue fibril immediately resented the taunt.

Blue words Xi Li a messy long hair, proud of the mouth smile: "I am sick, don't borrow his bed to rest, do you have any opinion?"

"Are you ill? Do you think so? " Blue fiber eyes a stare, this is not she wants to play tricks? How did it become LAN Yanxi's trick?