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C1130 sisters cannot turn against each other

Fang Kexin is waiting for the elevator in the hall with a push of materials. Her delicate makeup makes her look impeccable. Although she has been transferred now, she is still working very seriously, because she suspects that Luo Jinyu is testing her. She must take out the best state to let him see his efforts.

Next to the direct elevator suddenly opened, Fang Kexin beautiful eyes on the moment turned in the past.

After the elevator door opened, Luo Jinyu's tall figure stepped out of the elevator. Behind him, he followed several high-rise buildings with a serious look, as if to rush to do an important thing. Fang

Kexin wanted to say hello in the past. She could see Luo Jinyu's cold face. She was scared and didn't dare to come around. She just stood at the door of the elevator, staring like a narcissist for a long time.

The elevator door opened for a long time, and she didn't find it. Fang Kexin also knows that Luo Jinyu should have been dealing with the matter recently, because he has caught a person in charge of the financial department of the company. He heard that he was sold and received, and he took the initiative to admit that he had made a mistake in the account intentionally, which led to the company's mistake when checking the account and damaged the company's interests, The public image of Luo Jinyu is also involved. Luo Jinyu attaches great importance to it. Now, the police are involved in the investigation. The result is unknown.

Fang Kexin watched the figure of Luo Jinyu disappear all the time. He was unwilling to take his eyes back. He looked up and the elevator came back.

Fang Kexin gnawed her teeth angrily. Every time she saw Luo Jinyu, she was very upset. At the thought of being so close to him, she didn't have much chance to talk to him. Fang Kexin counted all this resentment on Yang ChuChu's head. She felt that Yang ChuChu must have made some charming means to confuse Luo Jinyu and make him unable to let her go for a while. Otherwise, how could a perfect man like Luo Jinyu really like a stinky girl who doesn't even have hair?

Fang Kexin finds out the mobile phone, dials up a phone and goes out with a ferocious voice: "what's the matter? How many days have passed since I asked you to help me find out. How come there is still no news? In this way, I'll get the money back, and I'll ask someone else for help. " "

Kexin, don't worry. We have been digging into her mother's previous contacts at your request? It's not as simple as you think. We all need to ask questions bit by bit. " Fang Kexin's trust is only a small investigation company, so it will take a long time to get more information.

"It's useless. I'm waiting for urgent use. I'll give you two more days. If I don't find out, I'll really get back the money." Fang Kexin is so angry that he hangs up the phone. He feels that everything is not going well recently. Even her favorite father has been persuading her to give up Luo Jinyu. She is so angry that she runs away from home. Is her father bad for her?

Fang Yang went to Yang ChuChu's shooting place by car. He made this decision for a long time. Before that, he didn't dare to come because his daughter grew up and he didn't dare to come. Now, another daughter is having a hunger strike at home and running away from home. He is also forced to come to see Yang ChuChu. When she heard that she was shooting in a film and television city here, Fang Yang came in a hurry. It's necessary to talk about this matter in the open.

He really didn't want to see his two daughters become enemies for a man, otherwise, sisters would be cruel to each other, which was a great tragedy of life. When Cheng Ying carries him on his back and is determined to give birth to this child, Fang Yang is actually afraid. Because when he contacts Cheng Ying, he doesn't tell the truth. In fact, he has been dating a woman for more than a year. Moreover, the woman also willfully gave birth to a daughter. Fang Yang was forced to marry on the basis of her daughter. Fang Yang had to give up Cheng Ying and turn to him Marry your wife. "

I hope you can understand dad's helplessness!" Fang Yang looked out of the window at the scenery. He was very sad for a while. Yang

the delicate part is getting closer to the end. From the initial sweetness to today's cruelty, Yang ChuChu doesn't know how many times to cry in a day, and her eyes are red and swollen. However, the director praised her for her good performance in crying, and the tears came from the beginning. Moreover, the crying looks very beautiful, and I still feel pity for her, making the plot very vivid. "

wipe your tears with paper!" When a play is finished, Lu xuanchen hands Yang ChuChu a paper towel. I have to say that just now, she said that she was able to cry when she cried, or she was shocked by Lu xuanchen. Lu xuanchen plays a deep feeling, but he still has chicken skin on his back. He finds that no matter how long he has been in the past, he can't accept the way women cry at him.

"Ah, it's cruel. It's killing me!" Yang ChuChu wiped his tears with a tissue and smiled bitterly.

"Yes, I can't be cruel either. Who wrote this script? I really want to find him to change it!" Lu xuanchen is also a face of crying and laughing. "

I seem to hear that the director deliberately changed the ending. Would you like to talk to the director about the script in the evening?" Yang ChuChu burst out laughing. Lu

Xuan Chen gave her a look: "what's the use of my going? If you want to go, you have to go. Even the director praises you when you cry. I doubt that the director likes you to cry and make the plot so cruel. " "

if you don't come, who doesn't know when the director chooses you, he says that the script is for you." Yang ChuChu stares at him unafraid. Both of them laughed later. They had a lot of fun in the shooting scene. Maybe that's how they connected with each other.

"Well, there's someone out there who wants to see you." A member of the staff came up in a hurry. "

who wants me?" Yang ChuChu's face is surprised. Isn't the shooting time period not for people to enter? "

a man, a middle-aged man!"

Lu xuanchen lolls to the side of the leisure chair: "go and have a look, maybe you'll pick up the script again!" "

next time I pick up the script, I won't play against you. I'm afraid I'll fall in love with you." Yang ChuChu joked. "

don't say that. I'm afraid that Luo Jinyu will cut me with a knife!" Lu xuanchen thought of Luo Jinyu's visit last time. It happened that he and Yang ChuChu played a kissing scene. Luo Jinyu's eyes were about to kill people. He has a deep memory. How dare he commit such a deadly crime again.

"Don't worry, you're not my type!" Yang ChuChu put on a coat and strode out. Lu

xuanchen shrugs his shoulders and doesn't think so. Turning on the mobile screen is a picture of Mao Rongrong.