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C1717 live with a smile

The whole incident, in Lambert's report, has become Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yan Xi's blatant attempt to take the company for themselves. When LAN Chen heard the news, he was furious.

"Brother, is Ling Mo Feng really this attitude?

Does he think he can be so arrogant as the president?

Do you take us seriously? "

Lanchen's ability is not as strong as lanboqiang's. If LANBO wants to go out and find a job, as long as he can put down his face, there must be some big companies that will find him. After all, his contacts are very good. Unlike lanchen, who was in the company at the beginning, he hung up a casual job. It's really difficult to find a decent job because he has no contacts and few resources 。

So, he would feel this thing, more fear.

"Third brother, do you think we have any position to speak of?

Now, we are like useless dogs. People reward a piece of bone, and we are surrounded by them. Our spirit has been polished for a long time. Third brother, since they are so unreasonable, we only have to admit our life. Let's not talk about this again. It's meaningless. "

Lambert shook his head, turned and walked out the door.

"Second brother, try to figure out another way. It can't be done like this."

LAN Chen anxiously pursued the past and stopped LAN Bai's way: "we can't just let it go. It's not our character."

"Otherwise, what do you want to do?

What else can we do?

Do you want to kill LAN Yanxi? "

Lambert looked desperate.

"Why not!"

LAN Chen was in a hurry at the moment. He lost his mind and said with hatred, "Lan Yanxi is going to cut off our way of life. Why should we let her live happily?"

"Third brother, you can't say such silly things."

Lambert's face was frightened.

"It's not stupid. We just want to talk about it. We can send this thing to the Internet first, and let Ling Mo Feng get a bad reputation. If they don't give us any benefits, then why can't they go to extremes?

LAN Yanxi is the most damned man

At the moment, lanchen can only think of the worst way.

"Your method is effective, but Ling Mo Feng is the president. How can we fight him?

He is now covering up the whole world. He wants to lose his reputation on the Internet. As soon as you hit his name, you will delete it. "

Lambert laughs at himself, and feels that this method is really unrealistic.

"Then what?

Do we have to pull banners to get justice? "

LAN Chen is in a hurry like an ant on a hot pot. He has no clue.

"I think the only way at present is to call LAN Yanxi out and talk to her alone. If she doesn't agree, we will tie her up and take her to threaten Ling Mo Feng. In this way, we may have room for negotiation."

At last, Lambert came up with a way. Besides, it doesn't need to take too much risk.

"Is that feasible?"

LAN Chen did not dare to worry.

"Whether it's OK or not, this method is the safest and the most effective. Ling Mo Feng seems to care about lanyanxi. Since he loves her so much, I believe that as long as he takes lanyanxi, he will agree to whatever conditions Ling Mo Feng agrees to."

Lambert said confidently.

"OK, second brother, let's do that. When will you ask LAN Yanxi to come out and talk?"

Lanchen began to believe.

"I'm sure I can't make an appointment with her now. Let's find an opportunity in a few days."

Lambert thought for a few seconds and said.

"Well, second brother, our brothers are all in one mind now. We are sure to get half of the equity back. Lanyanxi is so resourceful. He asked the old man to give up the company and finally put it under her control. It's shameful."

LAN Chen scolded angrily. He was not ashamed of the niece's means.

"Well, I'll go first, make a detailed arrangement, and we'll discuss later."

When Lambert finished, he strode away.

Dusk is coming. It's time for class. Muyun takes the car key and walks to his car.

All of a sudden, her car was blocked by a black luxury car, Mu Yun frowned, who was so impolite and even blocked her lane.

When Mu Yun thought of seeing if there was any contact information on the other side's car, suddenly she saw two people passing by.

One of them is the headmaster of the school. With him is a man in a black suit. He has a long stature and a noble manner. Just after turning down the steps, his eyes are as glued to Muyun. They are like laughing, finding treasures and flashing the light of hunter.

Mu Yun put his hands in his waist and waited for them to come.

"I'm sorry. My car seems to be in your way. I'll go now."

The man stepped up to her first, with a handsome face full of apologies.


Mu Yun didn't want to pay attention to him, but smiled and said hello to the headmaster.

"Moyun, this is Mr. Nangong. Today is to talk about sponsoring the new library."

The headmaster rushed to introduce.

The man standing beside her immediately reached over and introduced himself: "Hello, my name is Nangong Yao."

Mu Yun is not interested in this great man, but points out: "my car is blocked, please Mr. Nangong give me a way."

"Moyun, just now Mr. Nangong begged me for something. I can't find a good candidate. You are just right. You should help the school. Mr. Nangong's sister just transferred from abroad. She doesn't speak Mandarin very well. Would you like to ask a teacher who can speak English and Mandarin to help with a private education?"

The headmaster immediately threw a pleading look at Mu Yun.

Mu Yun is stunned for a moment. For a while, I don't know if I should promise.

Next to the man's eyes have been falling on her face, see her not answer, handsome eyes flash a trace of loss.

"Headmaster, I I've just taught, and I have a lot of homework to do... " "Mr. Nangong is an overseas businessman. He just moved back to China some time ago. He will stay in China for a few months. Mu Yun, Mr. Nangong has made a great contribution to our school. When I ask you, you can help his sister review for a few months."

The headmaster is not to be chosen at the moment. After all, all the teachers in the school are smart.

"Well, I'll try."

Mu Yun finally had to nod and agree.

Nangong Yao immediately thanked and said: "then please miss Moyun. This is my contact information. Can I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon?

I'll introduce my sister to you. "

Nangong YAOGOU chuckles and smiles with obvious attraction.

Although Muyun went abroad to study, she was a traditional girl. She kept a calm and rational attitude towards men. For nangongyao's smiling face, she nodded her head without any fluctuation: "yes, I will contact you tomorrow."

Nangong Yao said goodbye to the headmaster. He sat in his car. His fingers trembled a little because he was excited.

After starting the car, he looked at the girl through the window and breathed.

Finally found you.

Mu Yun watched his car go away. The headmaster said something nice to her and left.

Muyun sat in the car and suddenly didn't know where to go. This city is very familiar to her, but also very strange. She lives alone now, and her mother has a new life. She and her brother are very rational people and won't easily disturb her new life.

Mu Yun is now living in an apartment by himself. He works and leaves at three o'clock.

This seems to be the life she wants, but she always feels that there is something missing in this life.

Mu Yun wants to make a phone call to elder brother and ask him how he's been there. However, he feels that he's just separated soon. There's nothing to say when he makes a phone call. Let's forget it.

Maybe it's time for her to find a boyfriend, but is she really going to have a blind date?

Mu Yun's aunt is very concerned about her. Some time ago, she said a blind date and gave her contact information, so that she could find an opportunity to meet each other, have a meal, understand each other's situation, and see if she could look right at each other.

Mu Yun takes out each other's business card and puts her headache on the steering wheel. Does her marriage need to be done through blind date?

Looking at a lot of young girls around have pursuers, but it seems that she did not, what is the problem?

Some people say that she is too good, too high, too pretentious.

Maybe, Moyun laughs at himself.

Forget it, she'd better start with a blind date. She has to live with a smile. Even those who care about her are not around.