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C976 fear of tragedy

The old lady asked Ji Lin to take her to the police station the next day. She wanted to interrogate Bai Zhenzhen and ask her if her heart was black. How could she kill a man who loved her so much. White

sitting in front of a table with haggard face, her long black hair has also been cut short, only to the ear position, the whole person looks, lost the luster of the past, only pessimism and fatigue.

Ji Lin came in with the old lady. The old lady was very excited. As soon as she came in, she raised her hand and slapped Bai Zhen in the face. Even the policewomen on both sides could not stop her. She was also awed by the old lady's majestic momentum. By the time it was reflected, the white and really pale cheek had been covered with five red fingers. It can be seen how hard the old lady just slapped her hand. "

old lady, please control your mood and try not to do anything!" Next to the policewoman to remind.

The old lady gritted her teeth angrily and glared at the white truth covering one side of her face: "this murderer who killed my son, what can I give her a slap? I've lost a son. She's dead! " White

it's the first time for Zhen Zhen to face old lady Ji. She is really ashamed and remorseful. The old lady slapped her, and she was also suffering from it. She dared not resist at all. "

sorry!" Bai Zhenzhen endured the pain, and said three words to the old lady in a low voice.

"Well, you don't need to pretend to be pitiful here. You are such a heartless woman who should be punished by heaven." The old lady would not accept her apology at all. Thinking of her heartache over the years of losing her beloved son, she wished that Bai Zhenzhen could not be defeated and let her pay for her son. Ji

Lin is standing beside the old lady. He hasn't seen Bai Zhenzhen for many years. In his memory, Bai Zhenzhen has a beautiful temperament and delicate and charming facial features. However, the woman in her early 40s is different from his memory. Her whole body is haggard and her eyes lose their luster. Ji suddenly stopped tying her to the beloved woman in his memory. He felt that no matter how similar the White was to her, it was not as pure and holy as his goddess, and she could not even match her toes.

Bai Zhenzhen also raised his head and looked at Ji Lin with resentment. Ji's face was as usual, and he accepted the hatred from her eyes. He just hooked his lips and smiled: "Bai Zhenzhen, you have a daughter, too. You should know how painful it is to lose your child. My mother just hit you out of anger!" Ji's words seem not light or heavy, but they hit Bai Zhenzhen's heart directly. Her whole body is cold and her pupils are suddenly constricted because of fear.

Is Ji Lin warning her not to act rashly? Otherwise, she will also pay for the pain of losing her daughter. Is this damn bastard really going to be eaten by him?

When it comes to Bai Zhenzhen's daughter, the old lady's mood slows down and complains: "Bai Zhenzhen, you're really deep in your mind, and even let your daughter seduce my little grandson. What do you want to do? You didn't kill my son enough. You wanted your daughter to kill my family, did you? I'll tell you that she will never enter the gate of my season's house in her life. You should die early. "

When Bai Zhenzhen heard the old lady's words, she was very sad. She suddenly knelt down and cried, "old lady, you misunderstood me. I didn't let Xiao Yan take the initiative to approach Ji Yueze. They met by accident. Please don't break them up. I'm willing to pay for my crime."

"Bai Zhenzhen, what you think is beautiful. Unless all the women in this world are dead, I will never let your daughter marry my grandson, and you will never have this dream." The old lady was so angry that Bai Zhenzhen had the face to plead with her. I don't know if she was naive or ridiculous. White

the real expression is stiff and the brain is blank. At the end of the day, she still has a lot to do with her daughter's happiness. She is really unworthy of being a mother. Season

Lin also sneered at the side: "white and true, you don't want to be naive. Xiao Ze is so excellent, and it's not worthy of your daughter who is a sinner. I think you should confess your guilt honestly and stop dreaming." White

I really hate to stare at Ji Lin. did this bastard deliberately bring the old lady to convict her?

It's vicious enough. "

just wait for the death penalty. I won't let you get out of here again." The old lady said the words she hated, and she didn't want to look at the truth any more, so she turned and left.

Before Ji Lin left, he gave a warning with his eyes, as if to say that if you don't admit your life, you should be careful about your daughter's safety.

Bai Zhen is really cold. She clenches her fist and can only bear it.

In this world, power can always hold people back. She can't resist.

After leaving the police station, Ji Lin looked at the old lady with a pale face and a cold sweat. He immediately helped her and said with concern, "Mom, what's wrong with you? Why don't you look good? Are you angry? "

"My poor son..." All of a sudden, the old lady's eyes were sore, and her tears fell.

Seeing Bai Zhenzhen's face reminds her of her eldest son. If the eldest son can live to this day, he must also be an excellent entrepreneur. "

mom, don't be sad. I don't want to see you cry for him again." Ji Lin still cares about his mother. What he hates is only his father. Only his mother really cares about him.

But the old lady could not look up her sadness. She sat down beside the flower bed and covered one side of her face.

Ji Lin's face is complicated. He looks at his mother crying like this. He is dull for a moment. "

Xiao Lin, how did she kill your big brother? Why does she do it? " The old lady wiped a tear and asked sadly. "

she just wants to be in the top position. Unfortunately, elder brother didn't give her a chance. She resented her, so she poisoned elder brother!" Ji Lin said shamelessly that this reason is the most sufficient. Women are really more poisonous than snakes and scorpions.

"Women are a disaster. That's right. I must give my three grandchildren a good wake-up call. Let them stay away from the snobbish and terrible women. Let the tragedy never happen again." The old lady murmured, I don't know if she is old, the whole person looks haggard and miserable. Ji

Lin walks over, squats down and looks at the tears in his mother's eyes. He takes out the tissue and hands it to her: "Mom, you worry too much about us. Don't think about it anymore. Let's go and send you back!" The old lady took the tissue, wiped away her tears, and stood up slightly.