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C1794 the end of happiness chapter two

When Ling Mo Feng's motorcade arrived, it happened that Ji Xiaohan was sitting on the grass helping two little guys untie their kites. The two little guys blinked black eyes and looked very seriously.

"Sister, brother!" On the far side of the road, a cute little figure rushed over as soon as he got off the car. He was more than two years old and had a delicate and invincible face. He inherited his parents' fine genes. It was the little prince of Ling's family who came. He was short of playmates at home and was teased and bullied by his aunt every day. He wanted to play with his peers very much, so he was so excited and excited at the moment 。

Behind the little guy, LAN Yanxi and Ling Mo Feng come down. Ling Mo Feng is more mature and stable. His facial features are more profound and severe. He has a strong aura, but his temperament is unchanged. He is still noble and elegant. His brow is just a little corner of his eye, showing the majesty and ferocity of the politicians.

At this moment, facing his wife and his son, he gathered his majesty, leaving only endless gentleness and tolerance.

"Go sit there, and I'll play with my son." Ling Mo Feng gently patted LAN Yanxi on the back and took the initiative to take care of the children.

"Well, you have to be careful of him, wrestling every day." LAN Yanxi told him.

"Don't worry, I'm here. Don't let him fall." Man thin lips dye smile, step open long leg, chase to son.

LAN Yanxi stayed at the same place and didn't leave immediately. She looked at the tall back of the man with a bit of loss. She recalled that in the past three years, the man's meticulous care and care for himself and her heart was warm. The last thing she regretted in her life should be to marry him.

LAN Yanxi blushed for a moment, thinking that in order to avoid him, she fled to foreign countries to seek refuge, but finally, fate, no matter how far she fled, could not escape.

LAN Yanxi walked step by step towards Tang youyou. The journey was not long, but memories occupied her mind. When her child was five months old, Ling Mo Feng held a wedding for her. Although she didn't tell the world, it was grand and grand, and her identity was right. Now, beside him, she did what she could hardly do, which was also a kind of happiness.

When Tang youyou saw LAN Yanxi coming, he immediately called her. After LAN Yanxi came, everyone said hello and sat down for tea and chatting.

All the people with children are mothers, so the topic is more on the children, so they finally find a common topic.

On the vast grassland, kites fly in the wind, symbolizing freedom.

The fathers who are busy helping the children on the grass are almost exhausted. Although the little ones are small, they have a lot of demands, which can't be satisfied.

Finally, all the kites in everyone's hands flew up to the sky. The little guys dragged the line and looked up at the sky. The clouds overlapped and the blue sky was the curtain. It was beautiful.

Ji Xiaorui and Ji xiaonai have grown up. They are almost ten years old. They don't need to worry about Ji Xiaohan at all. They are running fast.

Ji Xiaorui has a new name, Ji Mucheng. Xiao Nai has a new name, Ji Tingyan.

I spent the whole morning playing with the children. When I was tired and had enough playing, a group of people were ready to have lunch.

In a big box, eight little guys huddled together. At this time, there was nothing else to play. A cartoon solved everything. However, compared with the hobbies of little brothers and little sisters, Ji Xiaorui and his two younger brothers and sisters were older and didn't like this simple cartoon very much, so they secretly took out their game machine to play.

There are two tables in the box. The men sit together because they drink when they eat. The women round the table. When the food is served, they are busy greeting the children to eat first. It's a headache for the parents when the children eat.

A few small ones need to be fed. LAN Yanxi, Yang ChuChu and Tang youyou both say that this is their least worry. The children are still young, and they are not happy to eat because they are excited and excited.

Although it's very tired to take care of the children, they are tired and happy. In the afternoon, men play golf and women take their children to the playground. The division of labor is clear.

On the golf course, several tall and handsome figures have become a landscape, and each man has his unique charm.

Some of the service students are watching from afar. They are very envious and amazing.

However, they are very clear that these men have their own interests and there is absolutely no chance for them.

Ji Yueze and his wife have missed today's feast because they are having fun with their daughter at a famous holiday in a foreign country.

The little guy has grown into a beautiful little girl. Bai Yiyan keeps a long hair for her. At the moment, she weaves it into a loose pigtail. At the end of the pigtail, there is a bright flower. Wearing a small flower skirt, she runs and jumps among the flowers, like a little flower fairy.

"Ink!" Ji Yueze looked at this cute little thing, but he was not in a good mood. Seeing her jump faster and faster, he couldn't help shouting at her.

"Daddy, hurry up." Small Mo Mo looks back at him. Those big eyes, like the stars, reflect the sunshine, the light of small pieces, and the beauty is not good.

Bai Yiyan looks at her father and daughter holding hands. She takes out her mobile phone and secretly records all this.

Now she is pregnant with a second child, only four months or so. The first three months reflect too much, which makes her in a bad mood. Now four months, she can eat and sleep. Ji Yueze brings her and her daughter here to relax and take a vacation. She has been here for four or five days, and the next half of the journey is.

Ji Yueze takes his daughter's small hand and looks back at his wife. She is in a sunny mood.

Just as they turned into another flower path, suddenly, a couple of men and women came face-to-face. They were carrying a few months old child in their arms. They were Ji Shangqing and LAN Weiwei.

Ji didn't expect to meet his cousin here.

Ji Shangqing is also very surprised. Before he saw Ji Yueze and his brothers would turn around and leave, because the relationship was too rigid.

"What a coincidence." Ji Shangqing took the lead in opening up.

"Yes." The smile on Ji Yueze's face was half restrained.

"Want to talk?" Ji Shangqing opens his mouth lightly.

"Yes." Ji Yueze nodded.

Two people walked to the side, Bai Yiyan took her daughter's small hand, looked up at the blue tiny holding the child in front of her eyes, two people's expression was a little surprised, because they also met each other for the first time.

Ji Shangqing and LAN Weiwei know something at home except that the old lady knows something, others don't know. Ji Shangqing took LAN Weiwei out of the country and didn't contact them very much later. Only the old lady called them every day to urge them to get married and have children. The original season Shangqing and LAN Weiwei didn't plan to have children. They wanted to be dinks all their lives, but they were old They finally had a child, a daughter. They decided that they would not have another child in this life, and they would give her all their love.

Ji Shangqing likes his daughter very much. He said it's lucky that it's her. He feels like his younger sister has been reincarnated soon after she died. He wants to love her more.