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C1159 disillusionment

Fang Kexin heard Tang Qi praising herself so much and thought that she must be very satisfied with herself. So she took the opportunity to persuade: "Auntie, I really like president Luo. I wonder if Auntie can give me a chance to be filial to you. If I can marry president Luo, I will listen to you in the future!"

Tang Qi's face was startled. He looked up at Fang Kexin. Fang Kexin's face was blushing. She felt that she had lost the girl's Jin holding. However, she couldn't wait. She must let Tang Qi stop the relationship between Yang ChuChu and Luo Jinyu from developing in time. If Yang ChuChu had a deep mind and conceived Luo Jinyu's child, it would be too late. Tang For the sake of children, chess will surely complete them. Fang

Ke Xin has nightmares these days. He always sees the picture of Yang ChuChu marrying Luo Jinyu in a white wedding dress, and the child she gave birth to, held in his arms like a treasure in his hand. The picture is too real, just like a knife stabbing his heart. Fang Ke Xin is really in a hurry. See

Tang Qi only looked at her, did not immediately answer, Fang Kexin was surprised that he had taken some risks, and quickly bowed his head and apologized: "aunt, I'm really sorry, I'm too abrupt, but I'm really infatuated with president Luo, I fell in love with him a long time ago, and also asked aunt to complete us and give me a chance to honor you!" Tang

chess is not old enough to be confused. Her shrewd eyes flickered twice. She pretended to take a sip of tea, put down her cup, and pondered and replied: "Miss Fang, I am really moved by your true love for my son. But marriage is a big event in life. Although I am his mother, I can't be in charge. After all, I want to live with him for a lifetime It has to fit his eye. "

"What do you mean, aunt?" Fang Kexin's face was stiff. Then, she was pale. She was a person with a heavy mind. Although Tang Qi said half of it, she was already feeling bad.

Tang Qi doesn't want to beat around the bush with her. After all, she can't give Fang Kexin assurance and hope.

"What I mean is very clear. I just want my son to make a good choice. Even if I don't like Yang ChuChu, he can still have other choices. Miss Fang, you have such a good condition, and you don't have to marry my son. You also have many choices." Tang Qi's words are straightforward and hurtful. At least, Fang Kexin is in a state of disorder.

Her eyes were fixed on Tang Qi. She didn't expect that she had given up so soon. She said that before, she was very good. She was introduced to Luo group and gave her a chance to get close to Luo Jinyu. But now, Tang Qi hopes that Luo Jinyu would choose her own marriage partner. Does it prove that Tang Qi's heart has given Yang ChuChu a chance to perform?

"Aunt, how can you do that?" Fang Kexin was really angry. She stood up fiercely with a cool expression: "you said you wanted to help me, but now you hit me so hard. Am I not worthy of president Luo? My family background is better than Yang ChuChu, and I'm more suitable to be your daughter-in-law. I can help president Luo to manage the company's affairs in the future, and I can help her with her husband and wife, but how can you deny me so easily? " Tang was shocked and shocked by Fang Kexin's angry words. This has not become Luo's daughter-in-law yet, so I dare to talk to her expectant mother-in-law in this tone. It's worthy of being born as a young lady. Tang Qi didn't have much impression on her just now, but it's still impressive.

I'm also very glad that I didn't force this woman into my son. Otherwise, such a capable and powerful woman can't disturb Luo's family.

Fang Kexin was also angry, because when she thought that she didn't have the chance to communicate with Luo Jinyu, a fire broke out in her heart, and her reason was not online.

When she finished, she was shocked how unreasonable she said. She sat down again, bowed her head, and apologized with red eyes: "I'm sorry, auntie, I'm so rude. You're an elder. I'm not right. I'm too anxious."

"Anxious to be my Luo's daughter-in-law, right? Miss Fang, as you said just now, you have status, knowledge and ability. In fact, there are not so many requirements for choosing a daughter-in-law in our Luo family. Maybe I didn't make it clear before. Although I hope my son can find an excellent wife, what I hope is that a family can get along with harmony. Your anger is too strong. I really don't dare to ask you to help me Our Luojia company. " Tang Qi is also a powerful woman. Her eyes are also burning. Just a moment ago, she suddenly felt that Fang Kexin, a woman like her, could never enter the gate of her Luo family. Otherwise, she would be in trouble.

"Auntie, you may have misunderstood me. I didn't want to contradict you or manage Luojia's company just now..." "

I also asked my friends out for tea. Let's go first!" Tang Qi won't give her another chance to explain. If a person doesn't have these tricks in mind, she will never say such cruel words. If she doesn't say it now, it only shows that she has a good disguise and will say it in the future, or even show it to others.

Tang Qi doesn't want to set up an enemy for herself, so she suddenly feels that Yang ChuChu's pure temperament is quite good. At least, she won't go over her head and try to be the master. Fang

Kexin is cold all over. He is angry and stares at Tang Qi's disappearing figure.

"Damned old woman!" Fang Kexin's fist fell on the table, and the tea splashed out, scalding the back of her hand. Her eyes were full of resentment.

"Don't let me close to your son, ah, is it good to be a bully to be Fang Kexin? It's not so easy to take advantage of me and kick me off again. " Fang Kexin is biting the root of his teeth with hate, and he is unwilling to die.

At this time, her cell phone rang. She bit her teeth, took out her cell phone and looked at it. She answered immediately. Without waiting for the other person to speak, she had already trained: "you are a waste. I have given so much money, and things are not well done. You still have the face to call me?" "

Miss Fang, don't be angry. Isn't this good news for you? But I'm not sure if you want to hear the good news! "

"As long as it's good news, I want to hear it. Hurry up!" Fang Kexin's teeth are biting angrily. "

don't you want to know who Yang ChuChu's father is? Then I'll tell you the truth, you can't scold me! " "

nonsense, say!" Fang Kexin hates to have no chance to revenge Yang ChuChu.