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Four or five days later, Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze received a phone call from the police, and two criminals who had absconded abroad were arrested.

Ji Yueze finally vomited the evil spirit in his heart. If he was not afraid to step on the legal line, he would like to find someone to investigate himself, and then clean up those two bastards so that they can repay the pain of being cut by a knife. However,

the first discipline of Jijia's seasonal regulations is to do business legally and never step on the legal line. This is the first family regulation that jiyueze and jixiaohan received when they were young.

If you want a long-term enterprise, you have to abide by the law. Ji Xiaohan knows this rule, and Ji Yueze also remembers it.

And Ji Lin has personally experienced in front of the law. Even if he is the son of Ji family, he must be ruled by the law after he has violated the law.

Originally, Ji Lin could have been rebellious, but he suffered five years of punishment for his young successor, which is one of the reasons for Ji Lin's resentment. He knew that if the old man had a good relationship, he could have been free from prison, but the old man was stubborn and gave him a tough hand, which made Ji Lin still dissatisfied. Season

Yue Ze and Bai Yiyan arrived at the police station, but the results made them all frown.

"The criminal confessed that they just saw Miss Bai's beauty and was a famous little star. They wanted to be unfaithful to her, but they were not instructed by others!" This is the reason given by the police. Season

the more you listen to it, the worse you look. These two bastards are really doomed? "

haven't they confessed anything else? Have they been instructed behind the scenes, and is there any way to get them to tell the truth? " Ji Yueze doubted that the two men would kidnap Bai Yiyan for this reason. It's far fetched to say that there are more famous and beautiful women than Bai Yiyan.

"We found a lot of posters and photo albums about Miss White in the place where they live. If they are fans of Miss White, they are also evidence!" At present, the police only get these confessions, so although they are not sure, the evidence is sufficient. "

it's hard for you. Please try again. It's related to my girlfriend's personal safety." Ji Yueze said sincerely. "

don't worry, Mr. Ji. We will try to interrogate them again. If there is any new news, we will inform you immediately." The police nodded. Walking out of the police station, they went back to the car. Bai Yiyan frowned and said, "I think they were lying. At that time, their purpose was to take me to the car, and they didn't do anything to me. They didn't look at me like they were obsessed with me, but more like carrying out a task." Ji nodded: "I know they won't tell the truth easily. Maybe someone is controlling them, or they are afraid of something." Bai sighed: "what kind of organization am I facing? Will they come back to avenge me? "

"It's not you, it's us!" Ji Yueze reached over, held her small hand tightly, and pinched it hard: "this is what we two have to face. If it's really like what they said, you are caught because you are famous now, then I should take full responsibility, because I took you on this road." White

Yiyan's heart quivered, her eyes misted with water, she quickly bowed her head and bit her lips: "but I don't want to involve you in taking risks with me. Ji Yueze, I'm really afraid that you will get hurt. They obviously came while I was here!" "

if you want to reassure me, don't say that again!" Ji Yueze Jun's face suddenly tensed up, and his face flashed over the thick displeasure: "it's something I'd love to do to accompany you to take risks."

Bai Yiyan's heart is sweet. Someone is willing to take risks with her. She feels confident in facing the whole world.

"Are you sure you want to accompany me? It will be very dangerous. We don't even know who the other party is. " Bai Yiyan has to wake up with him, because it's a dangerous road, so you can't do without psychological preparation. Ji Yueze thin lips micro Yang: "you don't think I'm too cowardly, although I'm not as good as you, but you don't forget that our Ji family has money, I can also like my big brother, hire a few bodyguards close to protect."

"I think it's necessary to take preventive measures!" Bai Yiyan nods and agrees. She doesn't want Ji Yueze to get hurt like herself. In that case, she will die of pain. "

OK, I'll borrow some bodyguards from my elder brother tomorrow. Anyway, he has too many people!" Ji Yueze also decided that he would not make fun of Bai Yiyan's safety with his life.

On the way back to the company, Ji Yueze suddenly thought of something and asked, "did you have another nightmare last night? I hear you crying in your dreams! " Yi Yan shivered for a moment, then she said, "do you have any? No, how can I cry in my dream? " "Tell me the truth, I'm worried about you." Ji Yueze thought about it, but he had to ask clearly. But Yiyan pretends to be stupid: "I really don't have one. What truth do you want me to tell you?"

When Ji Yueze saw that her mouth was very hard and dishonest, he had to sigh: "in fact, when you cry, I wake up, but I'm afraid you're embarrassed, so I've been pretending to sleep." "

you..." Bai Yiyan's voice is sluggish and her expression is embarrassed. Was Ji Yueze pretending to sleep at that time?

Ji Yueze shrugged: "I didn't mean to, I'm afraid you're embarrassed!" Bai

Yiyan had to lower her head as if she were discouraged and stare at her fingers. Her voice was full of uneasiness: "I dreamed of my aunt again. I dreamed that she was kidnapped and covered with blood. I was very afraid, so I cried."

"Last time I asked you to call the police, did you go?" About Bai Zhenzhen, Ji Yueze really didn't want to comment, because he really hated this woman. Bai

Yiyan shakes her head: "no, I always feel that my aunt has hidden herself. She should be OK!" Season

Yueze suddenly snorts: "I will give her a little more time to enjoy freedom, and when I need her to come out to testify, I will try my best to catch her back!" Bai

Yi Yan knows that Ji Yueze will never let go of her aunt, and she doesn't want to plead for her anymore. Ji has been extremely grateful since Yueze didn't immediately call the police to arrest her. "

thank you, Ji Yueze!" Bai Yiyan said gratefully.

Ji Yueze snorted, not sure whether to accept his gratitude or to ignore it.

Bai Yiyan is relieved.