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C1147 looking forward to little life

Ji Yueze didn't know that Yang Siyu had a plan. He was having a headache upstairs. I'm afraid that his grandmother would scold him later. The old lady strolled around the whole structure of the villa and was very satisfied. The children's room was also designed. There were some children's toys in it. The old lady was happy to see it.

"This villa is left to you by your elder brother. He really has a heart. No matter where it is, the real estate developed by him will always keep a set for you, so that you can come in and live at any time." When the old lady mentions her grandson, she is in a better mood. She feels that her grandson is the backbone of the family. With him, she is guarding her, as if everything can become beautiful and reassuring.

"I remember the kindness that elder brother gave me." Ji Yueze said with a smile.

"Of course, you must remember that you are brothers. In those days, your father took care of your uncle in the same way." The old lady said with a smile that when she mentioned her old son, she could not help being sad. Season

the more Ze Jun's eyes stagnate, the big hand suddenly clenched, dad is so good to uncle, but the result? But raised a white eye wolf who can eat people.

"What's the matter? With such a heavy expression, shouldn't I mention your father? " As soon as the old lady turned around, she saw her grandson's face was gloomy, and she quickly smiled, "I know you don't like me to mention your father. OK, just don't mention it. Let's go downstairs."

Ji Yueze's words to his father have been a little vague. What he remembers most is his grandparents and brothers. Even his mother got closer after the truth of the matter was solved. When I went downstairs, the old lady smelled the strong smell of the food. She couldn't help praising: "it's really delicious. It's really the top chef." Season

What's the situation? "

grandma, you're down. Come to the table and sit down. We're going to have dinner." Yang Siyu came over with a smile, gently holding the old lady's arm and taking her to the table. Ji also walked quickly. When he saw a table of delicate and delicious food, he immediately asked Liu Xiaoxing who was standing beside him with his eyes.

Liu Xiaoxing points to Yang Siyu, then shrugs his shoulders. Season

the more Ze he sighed. It seems that Yang Siyu arranged all this, and the more thoughtful and meticulous it was. "

let the two of you sit down and have a meal together. It's really nice to have done so many dishes." After the old lady sat down, she asked Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei to sit down together. Liu

Xiaoxing and lengfei thanked twice and sat down together for dinner. During the dinner, the old lady also placed great trust on the two young people, hoping to hold their grandchildren early and let them work hard. Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei all laughed and pretended to be serious and sent the old lady away. The group just sat on the sofa like a broken shelf.

"Thank you for your cooperation!" Ji Yueze is grateful.

Yang Siyu laughs: "no thanks, I want to ask my family to come and have a rest tonight. You have no problem." "

didn't you say she went abroad?" Ji Yueze gives her a white look. "

she just returned to China this afternoon. I'd like to introduce her to you as soon as possible. Anyway, everyone will be friends in the future." Yang said shyly.

"OK, let her come here. I'm going to pick up Xiaoyan, Xiaoxing. You're going to have a little night. We'll get to know each other later!" Ji Yueze finished, happy to take the car key to go out.

Bai Yiyan is standing alone in front of the floor to ceiling window. The wind raises her veil and dances with the moonlight outside. The scenery is peaceful and beautiful. At a distance of

there was a strong light. Bai Yiyan was moved and turned to go downstairs. However, as soon as she came to the living room, she heard an emergency brake sound. The screeching sound of the tires rubbing the ground made her frown. It's too fast for jiyueze to open. Ji

Yueze gets off the car and runs towards her. He sees her standing in the center of the living room. His eyes are deep and he smiles. "

waiting for me on a special trip?" He went over and made fun of her in a low voice. "

how is your side? Is your grandmother suspicious? " Bai Yiyan has been worried about their situation. "

No, they are all opera experts. My grandma is not so easy to see through." Ji Yueze reaches for her waist and feels that her waist is thin again. It's really beyond her grasp.

"What happened? Pregnant still more and more thin, how can this do? Our children will be malnourished. I don't want to have a little one then. " Ji Yueze immediately sighed, and Jun's face was full of worry. Yi Yan was so amused by his words that she pushed him aside: "you really don't have any common sense. The child is the same size as the grape now. How can she be malnourished?"

"Are you already reading the baby's book? Xiaoyan, I'm sure you will be a good mother. " Ji Yueze follows her like a considerate husband. Bai

Yiyan bowed her head shamefully and was suddenly praised like this. She was not used to it.

"Come on, come with me. Siyu is bringing her family. Let's meet each other!" Ji Yueze gently cuddles her behind her, and the big palm is deliberately pasted on her smooth abdomen. I can't believe it. There, a small life has been born.

"Did your grandmother go back?" Bai Yiyan is still worried. "

go back, don't worry, my grandma is old and doesn't like tossing." Ji Yueze knows what she's worried about and comforts her gently. Yi Yan nodded and followed him directly to the villa.

At nine o'clock in the evening, Yang Siyu drove and stopped at the gate of the villa. Because the one who conceals her for Yang Siyu is too mysterious, everyone hasn't seen her photo. When Yang Siyu receives her, Liu Xiaoxing guesses that she must be a beautiful neutral girl, handsome and good-looking, so she can attract Yang Siyu's eyes.

"Here we are!" Liu Xiaoxing wants to confirm his guess. He says it with a smile.

Bai Yiyan is also curious.

Yang Siyu led a tall and slender goddess to come in, wearing a white long skirt, a waist length dark black hair, delicate and beautiful facial features, picturesque eyebrows and eyes, elegant temperament. "

whoa!" Liu Xiaoxing suddenly saw such a shining and moving goddess and couldn't help screaming.

Yang Siyu led each other's hand to come over and said, "her name is Chen Jiajia, the one I talk about everyday!" "

Hello, nice to meet you!" With a smile in her eyes, Chen Jiajia said hello generously. Some people are surprised by her expression. Unexpectedly, what Yang Siyu likes is not a neutral woman, but a goddess who is more beautiful than her.