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C1066 plot of Ji Lin

At the bidding site of the southeast cross sea bridge construction project, there are a large number of construction enterprises from home and abroad. This time, the amount of the project will reach 100 billion yuan, which is the ultimate goal of the competition among the few major consortiums at present.

Jijia is the leading builder in this bidding enterprise, and also the enterprise most expected to win this project. Jijia has strong strength and is determined to win.

Ji Xiaohan attaches great importance to this bidding project, so he came here with his team today, because there are many people targeting at Ji's family recently. I'm afraid that this bidding may have unexpected results. Ji Xiaohan sat in the front row with a solemn face, and he was surrounded by several foreign strength enterprises. Although everyone had enough etiquette when they entered the arena, they could see The sharpness of the gods is a trend of swords and swords. This

is a state-level bidding project. The atmosphere on the site is very solemn, and the guests are all sitting in silence. Ji

Xiao Han and the person in charge of him talked in a low voice, only to find out that there were several rivals in the bidding enterprise this time. The fierce look in their eyes made him frown.

On the surface, the bidding is a business competition, but it is closely related to the presidential election half a year later. Everyone comes with a purpose in mind. Ji Xiaohan buried a secret line as early as two years ago. The strength of the bidding is closely related to his family's position in the country. Whether he can move forward or not depends on whether the next election is the one he bet on. Middle

ten o'clock, bidding begins! In addition to the construction project of the southeast cross sea bridge, there are also several major projects in the bidding, and one of the land adjacent to the sea is also on sale, which is also one of the projects that Xiao Xiaohan is interested in this time.

When the vice president of the company around him raised his hand, there was always a person following him. The price always put Jishi group in the first place. Seeing that the budget amount of Ji Xiaohan is about to be reached, the vice president looks at him with some uncertainty in his eyes. Season

Xiao Han moves his mobile phone. Soon, all the information about the company has been sent to his mobile phone. His eyes sweep quickly, and his thin lips raise a sneer. Look at

it's Ji Lin who manipulates behind.

The background of a company that was established in a short period of time can swallow the land with a price of 10 billion yuan is certainly not simple. "

add!" Season owl cold thin lips light open. The vice president's expression became rich. He couldn't help but remind: "President Ji, if we exceed our expectation, we won't have the value of this land!" "

don't worry, that land is closely linked to the southeast cross sea bridge, we will get it!" Season owl cold cold order.

The vice president had to continue to raise the price. The heads of several companies at the scene looked at the two competitors in horror. Each time, the price increase was about 100 million yuan, which was simply not affordable to the hearts of ordinary people. Now, everyone's heart rate is speeding up, except for the season owl cold!

Sure enough, the other side's expression was red, blue and purple. The nervous hands were shaking. As long as two hundred million yuan was added, they would not have the strength to follow.

"Add it!" Season owl cold only cold to the side of the vice president order.

The vice president raised his hand twice in a row. This time, he didn't hear the other side's price increase again. He made a final decision.

Ji Xiaohan's teeth are closed. Bai Bai asks him to pay more than 30 billion yuan. Good. Ji Lin's success annoys him this time. The East

project of the South Sea crossing bridge was easily bid by Ji Xiaohan. When everyone walked out of the bidding building, their legs were soft and their hands were shaking. Just now, money seemed to have really become a number, but behind the number, it was the sky high price.

The vice president wiped the cold sweat on his forehead with his back. Looking at the cold and gloomy expression of Ji Xiao, his voice was shaking: "manager Ji, are we being played?" Season

the owl groaned coldly: "if someone deliberately raises the price to trick us, I will find them out." "

Ji Zong, if someone dares to play us, why don't we give the land to him directly? They don't have to be able to eat it." The vice president still remembers the exciting situation just now. He felt that every time he increased the price, he felt as if he was cutting his veins and bleeding. His whole body was cold.

"No way, that piece of land, we are in a position to win, can only say that the opponent knows me very well!" Season owl cold big hand clenched tightly clenched, understood his person, except season Lin, only had grandfather.

In that year, he fought against Ji Lin many times. In front of his grandfather, he fought in secret. It was very dangerous. Ji Lin must have found out his character. So, this time, he was able to make Ji Xiaohan eat it.

"President Ji, can't we directly use the same means to fight back against him? As long as they can't swallow the land, it will be auctioned again sooner or later. At that time, it will be them who will make a fool of themselves. " The vice president still felt that this time's bidding cost was too big, with an extra three billion yuan. This is no longer a pain in the flesh. "

No, I don't work with a gambling mentality. You've been with me for years, and no one knows me better!" Season owl cold sneered, unbuttoned the dress button of the suit, stooped, sat in the car. The vice president has a cold sweat on his forehead. He regrets what he said just now. Yes, Ji Xiaohan does everything in a down-to-earth way. He doesn't take risks or gamble. It's his motto in life, and it's the strength school that can make Ji group have today's brilliant achievements. The vice president bent down quickly, helped Ji Xiaohan close the door, trotted on the back of a car, and the team left the hall calmly and went straight to Jishi group headquarters, Emperor building. As soon as their team left, Ji Lin's smile was on the parked car nearby, and the two dead rivals of Ji's family were sitting with him. This incident was caused by their joint efforts. Ji Lin used one of his mouths to turn his three enemies into a team to deal with Ji's family.

"Three billion, wow, a lot of money, how many people can buy their whole life? Season owl is cold, should be distressed Ji Lin's hands spread out triumphantly. He was very happy, as if he had won a battle.

"Mr. Ji, it's not right. It's not the result we want. You said clearly that we can take this land." But the two middle-aged men sitting next to me were extremely dissatisfied. "

Tut, you also saw the auction scene in the whole process. It's not that we didn't work hard enough, nor that we had too little money. It's just that Ji Xiaohan was too conceited and conceited." Ji Lin had an innocent expression immediately.