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Bai Zhenzhen's request made Ji Lin's face suddenly stiff. He bit his teeth and said with a sneer, "Bai Zhenzhen, what qualifications do you have to tell me? You don't care if your daughter lives or dies, do you? " "

Ji Lin, I know you. If I really turn myself in at the police station, you may not let my daughter go. Since the consequences are the same, I still want to gamble once." Bai Zhenzhen's tone was also firm.

If she doesn't know what kind of person Ji Lin is, Bai Zhenzhen will believe in the brilliance of human nature with a little fluke mentality. However, she thinks Ji Lin is not worth believing. He is crazy now.

Ji Lin didn't expect Bai Zhenzhen to dare to force him at this time. He narrowed his eyes angrily. Then he bit his teeth and said, "I can let your daughter go, but what if you repent?" "

I won't, you have power and power. I know that I can't resist you. Besides, I think my daughter is more important than my life. I know that if I don't turn myself in, she will be in danger. You can rest assured that I will confess." Bai Zhenzhen replied angrily.

"Where are you? I'll take your daughter over now, and I'll find someone to stare at you! " Ji Lin finally agreed to the conditions of Bai Zhenzhen. White

it's really a sigh of relief. It seems that the person who knows Ji Lin best is Ji Xiaohan. Otherwise, he can't conclude that Ji Lin will agree to this condition. "

let's meet at the coffee shop opposite the police station. I'm here now. You bring my daughter here. I want to see her leave safely!" Bai Zhen is not stupid anymore. He starts to calm down. "

change place!" Hearing three words from the police station, Ji Lin felt cold all over. White

I really know that he must also taboo the three words of the police station. For the sake of her daughter's life, she didn't insist and promised: "OK, I'll turn my foot at the second crossing. There is also a coffee shop there. I'll look at you on the second floor. You can take my daughter to the opposite road!"

"Bai Zhenzhen, how did you suddenly become so smart? Who is guiding you? " Ji Lin suddenly sneers and doubts.

"If you know that you are going to die or spend the rest of your life in prison, you can understand why I suddenly become calm. I am forced by you," Bai Zhenzhen sneered

Ji Lin snorted, "if it wasn't for my kindness, you would have been a dead man." "

I really regret trading with you. You are a devil. You promised me that you would let me go." Bai Zhenzhen really hates biting his teeth. He felt that he was so naive that he believed him.

"Don't mention the past. In the past five years, I haven't had a good time. I'll find someone to go there now. You'd better stay there and wait for me. Don't let me down!" Ji Lin finished and hung up. Ji

Lin turns to call Wang Cheng and says, "you bring Bai Yiyan out now. We are going to see Bai Zhenzhen!" "

Ji Lin, the money promised to me can't be less!" Wang Cheng takes the opportunity to remind. "

not less!" Ji Lin finished and hung up. He opened the door and saw that Ji yunning was cleaning up his desk. After thinking about it, he opened his mouth: "I'll go out to see a friend!"

"OK, Daddy! Big brother just went out. " Ji yunning smiles and nods.

After Ji Lin left, Ji yunning quickly threw the dishcloth in his hand and went back to the room to take his bag. After Ji Lin's elevator door was closed, she quickly pressed another elevator door.

After coming downstairs, Ji yunning follows Ji Lin behind, and sees him driving a black car to leave.

Ji yunning also has her own car. However, she can't use her own car now. In a hurry, she sees a black car coming from behind. She quickly reaches for a stop and the car stops in fear. Ji is very beautiful. She blinks at the man and says, "brother, can you give me a ride? I live upstairs too. I'll be late for work! " That man also lives in this community. I met Ji yunning a few times. I saw that she was a beautiful girl, and she blinked her big black and white eyes. She had a harmless face. I agreed. Season

yunning has done a lot of such random chat up things by using beauty. With experience, it will be easy to succeed. "

big brother, follow the black car in front. It's my father. He He is going to see other women behind my mother's back. Please, can you help me with it for a while? " After Ji yunning got on the bus, he immediately began to make up a lie.

"No, your father is still so young. How about cheating with young people?" The man laughed, a pair of gossip expression. "

Yes, I'm afraid my parents will divorce, so I want to follow them!" Ji yunning's eyes are fixed on Ji Lin to see who he is in such a hurry to see.

"Well, I'll go out for breakfast anyway. I'll help you if you're so anxious." There are young beauties chatting with each other, but the man doesn't feel embarrassed. He steps on the accelerator and keeps up with Ji Lin's car.

Bai Zhenzhen has arrived at the coffee shop. She has called Ji Yueze and asked him to help her daughter. Ji

Yueze and Ji Xiaohan come here secretly. In order not to arouse Ji Lin's suspicion, they all ride in the car and wait.

"Elder brother, why hasn't Ji Lin come?" Ji Yueze feels that every minute is very long.

"Wait a minute, he will come, but he must be very careful!" However, Ji Xiaohan is calm, not impatient, and always looks at the location of the intersection.

"If she has any loss, I must kill Ji Lin, the old bastard." Ji Yueze is biting his teeth and squeezing his hands tightly. "

me too!" Season owl cold low voice says.

As long as Ji Lin is dead, he may be able to reduce the danger of everyone. However, his grandparents have lost two sons. The history of white haired people sending black haired people will be repeated again. Ji Xiaohan can't bear to torture these two old people.

Just as the two brothers were staring in the direction, a white suit car stopped at the side of the road.

After the door opened, Bai Yiyan was pushed directly out of the car, and then the car quickly left. Bai

Yiyan is lying on the ground, tied up all night, numb, crying a few times, and eating nothing. Now she is on the edge of dizziness.

However, she was still forced to stand up.

She stood in the street confused, looking around at the people, suddenly someone half recognized her. "

is she Bai Yiyan? How can this happen? " "

is it shooting? It's too bad!" Bai

Yiyan immediately raises her hand and blocks her face. At this time, a black car drives to her side, and the door opens, revealing Ji Yueze's beautiful face.