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C811 tender feelings

Tang youyou is angry and laughs directly. How could he block people's words like this.

The man has taken off his suit and coat. At the moment, a white long sleeved shirt with a dark blue waistcoat is powerful and noble. Although there is a band aid on his forehead, it doesn't damage his temperament and beautiful appearance at all.

Such temperament Jin expensive season owl cold, still really have a kind of man charm that makes people amazing.

As soon as Tang youyou's heartstrings hit, the ripples rippled. He wanted to run again and hold him.

Ji Xiaohan sat down in his office chair, raised his eyes, and saw that she was still standing still, his long legs folded, and suddenly hooked her fingers: "come here!"

Tang youyou was fascinated by him, and saw that his fingers were hooked, and his deep and charming voice was irresistible.

Tang youyou obediently walked to him, next second, the man firm arm a hug, she had no choice but to sit on his tight long legs.

Before Tang youyou could ask him what he wanted, he felt the broad back of the chair turn, and the scenery appeared in front of her, which scared her to take a breath. Her small face was tense, and her two small hands also unconsciously grasped his arm.

Behind the whole piece of glass window, is the bustling commercial center area, like the uneven buildings of trees, stretching for tens of kilometers, the golden sunlight, shining on the snow above the roof, reflecting the light, more dazzling, more magnificent.

In fact, Tang youyou is a little afraid of heights. She has no courage to walk over the most beautiful glass bridge in his building. At the moment, she is still a little scared.

Fortunately, behind him is his strong chest, his big hand is also very powerful around her waist, plus this picture like spectacular scene, has diluted her fear.

"The vision is so good!" he said softly

"Well!" A low reply from the man came from behind.

Tang youyou leaned against him lazily and looked at the far end of the sea. He could see the cargo ship passing by.

Two people are so quiet, who did not speak, like in the rest, but also feel the temperature of each other warm each other.

Such a warm picture was interrupted by a knock on the door.

Tang youyou's face is inexplicably red. He wants to stand up from his arms, but he doesn't expect that the man deliberately refuses to let him.

"Come on, it's not good to be seen!" Although the relationship between the two is no secret, it's not appropriate to cuddle in such a strict place as the office. Even husband and wife will have a bad influence. But let alone, they are only men and women friends now.

Ji Xiaohan knows that she is a regular little woman with a thin face. After teasing her, he looses his hand and lets her go.

Tang youyou hurriedly straightened his slightly disordered clothes and went to sit on a sofa beside him.

"Come in!" Season owl cold voice of indifference rings.

The door opened, and an assistant said cautiously, "president, the third conference room is ready. Please come and preside over the meeting!"

Season owl cold heavy voice way: "know! I'll be there in three minutes! "

After the assistant reminded him, he secretly glanced at Tang Youyou, who was sitting on the sofa and reading a magazine. He was surprised. Is the rumor true?

It was said that Tang youyou was kicked away by Ji Xiaohan. However, not long ago, Ji Xiaohan hugged her and appeared at a celebration banquet. Moreover, everyone on the scene witnessed how Ji always loved this woman.

At the moment, seeing her sitting in the president's office, I am more sure that Tang youyou is still the only woman that Ji Xiaohan loves.

When the assistant left, Ji Xiaohan got up and walked towards her.

Tang youyou thought he was coming to take his suit coat. Unexpectedly, the man suddenly leaned over, one hand propped on the back of her sofa, the other hand gently lifted her tiny white chin, and the thin lips kissed her gently and domineering.

"Well!" Tang youyou didn't expect that he would go to the meeting soon, but he still had time to play with her.

However, since it was his initiative, Tang youyou was also embarrassed to push him away, so he had to close his eyes and sink for a few seconds.

Then, the man stepped back, straightened up, took a long finger, hooked up the coat next to her, put it on lazily and casually, and buttoned his fingers gracefully.

"Wait for me, come in an hour!" Said the season owl in a low voice.


"If it's boring, take my iPad to see a movie. The password is the kid's birthday!"

"OK!" When Tang youyou heard that he had set the children's birthday as a code, his mouth curved inexplicably.

Ji Xiaohan liked her obedience and left the office satisfied.

As soon as he left, Tang youyou felt that the office was very empty.

She wanted to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window again, so she stood in front of the glass window with her arms around. Sure enough, there are not many people who can enjoy such a magnificent scenery every day.

It was only a few days later that Bai Zhenzhen was still missing, and this kind of thing happened again. The wave was not even. The wave started again. Tang youyou only felt his fingertips were cold. She felt uneasy for him when she thought that the person he was facing was such a desperate and unscrupulous opponent.

Ji Shangqing is running around for the affairs of his branch company recently, relying on the old man's firm relationship, and he has more than enough to deal with all kinds of affairs. However, when Ji's real estate appears, he immediately pays close attention to it.

He secretly called Ji Lin.

"Dad, what's the matter? Do you think this kind of low-level frame up will work? " Ji Shangqing also saw the development of things. He had nothing to do with Ji Xiaohan at all. He became angry and directly questioned Ji Lin.

"It's really a big mistake. Don't worry, it's none of your business." Ji Lin is helpless and upset at the moment. I didn't expect things to go so badly.

"Is it yunning's idea? What a bad start! " Ji Shangqing's tone was full of mockery.

"Well, she is also very remorseful, but since she has moved her hand, there is no way to go back. You are at home, helping to keep an eye on the progress of the situation." Ji Lin's brows are twisted and his voice is deep.

"Can I not stare? In the evening, I'll go back to have a meal and see what's the attitude of my grandparents! " Ji Shangqing is extremely helpless at the moment. His company's business is almost over, so he has a little more time to watch the movement of Ji Xiaohan.

"You've been in China for a long time, have you found anything?" Ji Lin asked directly.

"Yes, and great discovery!" Ji Shangqing said a little smugly. "What great discovery?" Ji Lin is curious.