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C1767 the perfect wedding

In the early morning, the sun was shining, and the sea breeze came over with a moist atmosphere. The wedding scene has been arranged romantically and warmly. Flowers can be seen everywhere, attracting butterflies and flying, and blessings. The guest seats.

Bai Yiyan was sitting in the makeup room, and the professional makeup artist and stylist she invited came to carefully apply her makeup, a white wedding dress, high-grade elegance, and the makeup artist's skills were as mastery as if she could not wipe the eyebrows That sorrow of sorrow.

Sitting next to it was Bai Wanqing, who once called her mother for more than 20 years, but she was just her aunt.

Bai Yiyan's relatives, only Bai Wanqing came here alone. Her former stepfather and stepdaughter were all faceless to come to her wedding at this moment, not to mention some distant relatives who did n’t have much contact. Come to the phone to bless, Bai Yiyan still has not invited them, she does not like those appearances of courtesy, she values ​​the truth.

Bai Wanqing looked at Bai Yiyan, who was a mother. She faded from tenderness and beauty, just like the best flowering season. She looked at it and couldn't help crying, but today is her great day, and she can only hold back.

"Xiaoyan, would you feel shocked?

My sister has no face. I hope you don't blame her. "

Bai Wanqing whispered.

"I know, aunt, as long as you can come, I will be happy."

Bai Yiyan said with a chuckle, and now, apart from the relatives of the Ji family, she only cares about this little aunt who raised her as an adult.

"As long as you marry a good person, I will be happy, almost downstairs."

Bai Wanqing glanced at the time and whispered.

Bai Yiyan looked at herself in the glasses, and she finally put on her wedding dress and became his bride.

Downstairs, guests look forward to the appearance of the new couple.

Ji Yueze was wearing a black tuxedo suit, very straightforward and handsome, and some unmarried women who were present were fascinated.

At ten o'clock, Bai Yiyan came downstairs. At the end of the red carpet, there was an arched flower-shaped pedestal, surrounded by bouquets of roses, all colors, very beautiful and beautiful The balloon in the wind is a symbol of romance.

Bai Yiyan bowed her head with shame, holding a bouquet. In the passionate voice of the host, she slowly walked up the red carpet with the rhythm of the music and walked towards the straight figure.

The long skirt was dragged on the carpet, under the faint tulle, Bai Yiyan's eyes contained autumn water, and her mouth laughed, her mood was still good.

As the wedding was held abroad, they invited a priest to preside over it, using the oldest words to interpret the most beautiful and beautiful love.

In the presence of the guests, Ji Yueze promised loyalty and responsibility to marriage. Bai Yiyan felt she could hold back tears at first, because this is the happiest moment in her life. When the man's voice met his affectionate eyes, she realized that the tears had fallen unconsciously.

After the wedding, everyone dine in the hotel, romantic feelings are everywhere, and the little ones are very happy, because in their little hearts, they have already appreciated the beauty.

"Mum, when I grow up, I will also marry a handsome husband like my uncle, and I will wear a beautiful wedding dress like my uncle."

Sitting at the table, Ji Xiaonai immediately said happily.

"I want to wear a beautiful dress too."

The small orange next to him immediately said, she was only three years old, and she was so cute and cheerful.

"Too naive."

Ji Xiaorui couldn't help but hit his sister's self-confidence.

"You are too old, brother, we are the same size. Why do n’t you like what I am interested in?

It's weird, are you my brother? "

Ji Xiaonai put her two small hands on her waist, a look of anger in her face.

Ji Hanhan and a group of friends looked at the children and quarreled. They just felt very interesting and didn't help them, let them solve it by themselves.

"Brother Xiaorui, when you grow up, will you marry me?"

Suddenly, Xiao Nancheng, who was more than three years old, ran to Ji Xiaorui and stretched out his fat little hand, pulling Ji Xiaorui's sleeve, asking curiously.

Ji Xiaorui raised a layer of chicken skin, shook it twice, and gently shook her little hand: "That's impossible, I won't get married."


Do you like Xiaonai? "

Little Orange Orange still doesn't understand anything, so I ask it like this, childish.

Ji Xiaorui immediately wrapped his hands around his chest like a little adult, and looked at his sister disgustedly.

Ji Xiaonai's mouth was small, with an unwilling expression: "I suspect no one will like my brother because he hates it too much."

"Oh, sister Sina doesn't like it, and I don't like it anymore."

Xiao Orange Orange immediately ran back to his father's side.

Ji Xiaorui suddenly felt a sense of isolation and desolation. He snorted loudly: "I don't want to chat with you little ones."

After speaking, he ran out and ran to a balcony at the door. Ji Xiaorui looked at the car at the door with a little depression. Suddenly, he seemed to see a small figure that looked like it. Alas, he couldn't help wiping his eyes. He didn't spend his eyes. Why did he see the little girl who grimaced at him last time?

The little girl was with a young woman this time. That person should be her mother. She wore a very cute little top hat and a set of earthy suspenders. She looked away and suddenly looked back. When they got to the balcony, the two little boys were holding the railing with their hands.

She also stunned, then twirled her mother's sleeves and pointed with her little hand. Her mother glanced back and saw a little boy standing in front of the guardrail, staring at her daughter dumbly He immediately laughed and bent over to his daughter, "That little brother is watching you."

The little man vomited his little tongue, like a proud little peacock, fluttering her two little pigtails and fat little feet, and walked fast.

Ji Xiaorui watched them go distantly, he couldn't help touching his nose and turned back to the banquet hall.

"Xiao Rui, where have you gone, Mommy has been looking for you?"

Tang Youyou saw her son and immediately came to question him.

"I went out to see the scenery."

Ji Xiaorui muttered with a small mouth.

"No matter where you go in the future, you have to speak to the adults beforehand, remember?"

Tang Youyou said very seriously.

"I know, I won't get lost."

Ji Xiaorui said with some persuasion.

Tang Youyou is speechless. Is this a lost thing?

When Ji Xiaorui saw Mommy reach out and stroke her forehead, he immediately walked over and hugged Tang Youyou: "Mommy, don't be angry, it's not good for the baby in your stomach.

"Tang Youyou listened and was laughed again. He also knew how to coax her. It seems that the warm temperament has not been lost.