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C1695 she's by his side

The sky is high and broad. When we meet in this situation, it's the feeling of heart.

Ling wennuan's long hair behind her head was blown up by the wind. She brushed her pretty face lightly. The light in her eyes was filled with joy. However, even if so many people were here, she would not dare to rush into Mu Weicheng's arms. She could only carry her hands behind her and watch the man walking towards her giggle.

Mu Weicheng had come to her, and his thin lips raised a slight smile. However, he didn't talk to her, but he gave an order: "we should move quickly. It's getting dark. There are wolves here in the dark."

Although Mu Weicheng is talking to his subordinates, his eyes are smiling and locking Ling warm.

When Ling wennuan heard that there was a wolf, her pretty face turned white and she could not help leaning towards Mu Weicheng.

Lin Bo suddenly ran to her side and said to Ling with concern, "warm, don't be afraid. Stand by me. I've practiced Sanda. The wolf is coming. It can protect you."

Ling warm Mou son a Leng, looked at Lin Bo, then dry smile: "thank you, I am not afraid."

Mu Wei Cheng's eyes couldn't help but stare at the boy. He robbed his girlfriend in front of him. He was brave.

There are still a lot of things in the car. There are books, school supplies, and many things to live in. There is a large car full of people. It took more than half an hour to move all these things.

At this time, it was completely dark, and many people were lighting with flashlights.

After the driver said goodbye to everyone, he drove back in an empty car.

The rest of us must live in the SUV driven by Mu Weicheng.

"Teacher mu, I'm afraid of the dark. Can I sit with you? I'll be familiar with you here. " Xia ninglan suddenly came to Mu Weicheng's side and said pitifully.

Ling wennuan stood by and listened. He couldn't breathe out.

Who is Xia ninglan? Isn't she close to the two boys just now? Just now, I used the help of other people's labor force. Now I treat them as outsiders. How hurtful.

Xia ninglan's words, as expected, caused the expression of surprise of those two boys, they are a little unbelievable.

Mu Weicheng immediately opened the copilot of a car: "get in the car."

Xia ninglan's face was happy, and she quickly sat in the driver's seat. She waited for mu Weicheng to sit in the driver's seat happily. But soon, she was stupid, because there was someone else sitting in the driver's seat, and then there were two boys and a girl sitting in the row.

Xianinglan's face changed dramatically. She quickly rolled down the window and looked out. She saw Mu Weicheng sitting in the last car, and Ling wennuan followed her.

Xia ninglan's face is white. What's the matter?

When Lin Bo saw Ling wennuan sitting in the last car, he also felt lost. Moreover, he also found that Ling wennuan and the man named Mu Weicheng should have known each other. Otherwise, why did her eyes change so bright when she saw him?

The last vehicle carries the most things. Even the back row is full of books. There is only room for two people to sit. Mu Weicheng will not give up his seat to others.

As soon as Ling wennuan sat in, her small hand was tightly held by a big palm. It was dark outside the window. The cross-country vehicle was moving slowly, the road conditions were uneven, the left and right shaking was severe. Ling wennuan sat unsteadily, naturally shaking along with her, shaking around and then shaking into the arms of the man. The man reached out and held her tightly to prevent her from bumping and hurting.

Although they didn't talk, the atmosphere was extremely warm. Ling warm gave out a low laugh.

"Is it hard on the road?" asked Mu Weicheng in her ear

Ling warm nodded: "very tired, very boring car."

"I told you not to come!" The man's voice is still very low.

Ling wennuan immediately pointed to the big brother who was driving. Mu Weicheng smiled and said, "this is my subordinate. You can call him Batai. He is a native."

The big brother in the car immediately turned around and smiled at Ling wennuan. In a less standard way, he said, "are you the girlfriend of the big brother mu? Nice to meet you. "

The girlfriend three words, let Ling warm blush, she light angry Mu Weicheng one eye: "who said I promised to be your girlfriend?"

Mu Weicheng sighed and smiled helplessly: "what are you doing here if you don't agree? Don't you know you're in the tiger's den? "

Ling warm a listen, directly gas happy: "you here calculate tiger hole?"? Do I have to have a tiger here to leave? "

Batai directly burst out laughing, Mu Weicheng Jun blushed and touched her long hair punitively: "since you say that, I will not cooperate with you, will you be disappointed?"

Ling didn't expect Mu Weicheng to make such a joke with her. She suddenly spits out her tongue: "of course not, I didn't think about it."

When Mu Weicheng saw that she was frightened, he snorted, "are you kidding?"

"Why not joke?" Ling is not satisfied with the warmth.

"Well, such a joke. When we get along with each other in the future, we have to consider the feelings of Batai now. They don't have a girlfriend." Mu Wei Cheng immediately smiled and comforted her.

Ling warm a Leng, immediately coquettish to hide in his arms, where dare to talk again.

Batai quickly laughed: "it doesn't matter. I've never seen the eldest brother joke. It's rare."

"Drive well." Mu Weicheng is embarrassed and looks serious.

Batai's face brightened. He didn't dare to talk anymore. He drove attentively.

Ling wennuan leans against the man's arms and stares out of the window. Suddenly, she hears the wolf howling in the distance. It's very far away, and it seems very close. Ling wennuan immediately reaches out half of his head boldly, and carefully looks for the wolf there.

"Not afraid?" Mu asked her with a chuckle.

"I'm not afraid of you." Ling warm some small proud said.

But mu Weicheng snorted, "the boy who was able to fight at random just now wants to protect you."

Ling wennuan chuckled: "listen to your tone, are you jealous?"

"Yes!" Mu Weicheng's affirmation.

Ling warm Leng for a second, then, she gently leaned to his shoulder: "Mu Wei Cheng, don't be angry, he is more enthusiastic, he will not only protect me, this time all the girls, he will certainly protect."

"Is it? But I think he is more concerned about you. " Mu Weicheng didn't believe her explanation.

Ling wennuan glanced at the corner of his mouth. "You must have misunderstood him. He and I are just friends we just met."

"Well, I believe you. I believe you and him are just friends. Can you tell where the line between friends is?" Mu Weicheng is still flustered, because he is a big boy in his early twenties, which makes him lose confidence suddenly.

"Boundaries? Of course I know. I won't accept his kindness to me any more. " Ling warm carefully thought, and then seriously replied.

When Mu Weicheng saw that she was looking up at her head and her eyes were shining, he couldn't help sighing: "maybe I'm too sensitive. Don't care too much."

Lingnuan didn't expect that he was half jealous, but suddenly she felt relieved. She leaned closer to him and whispered, "I don't care at all. Sometimes, I'm still very bad, so I want to make you jealous."

Mu Weicheng listened to the way she admitted her mistake and couldn't help kissing her forehead.

The man's warm lips, stick on the skin, Ling warms the heartstrings, and the corners of his mouth rise.

The car is still moving on top of the mountain. Some people are sleepy because they have been sitting in the car for one day. Some people can't sleep because they are full of things.

Xia ninglan's eyes looked back through the rearview mirror and saw only the dazzling lights. She couldn't help holding her fist. Ling wennuan must have come here for the sake of Mu Weicheng. When she was in school, she didn't see what was special about Mu Weicheng for Ling wennuan, but why did Ling wennuan take the lead when she came here?

Xia ninglan has peeped at Ling wennuan's diary, which only records her various feelings. Therefore, Xia ninglan only knows that Ling wennuan is secretly in love with Mu Weicheng, but does not know whether Mu Weicheng has feelings for her.