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C766 momentum being crushed

Ji Yueze has only one purpose to come to see Yang ChuChu at the moment. He wants to invite her to join their new play and play an important role. Of course, he also wants Bai Yiyan to come to see her and solve the misunderstandings in her heart.

After breakfast, Ji Xiaohan is going to the company for a flight in the afternoon.

"Daddy, don't you take Mommy with you when you go abroad this time?" Ji xiaonai ran to him and asked him.

Season owl cold nodded: "yes, this time daddy has a very important thing to deal with, not go abroad to play, so, don't take Mommy, let mommy at home with you."

Ji Xiaorui looks over from a distance. As he grows older, Ji Xiaorui has developed a higher and colder character. Although he is often entangled by Ji xiaonai and breaks the high and cold pattern, most of the time, he is high and cold. At a young age, he has his father's momentum and momentum.

Tang youyou came over, took his daughter's hand, smiled softly and said: "xiaonai, when dad is finished, he will come back!"

"Well, daddy, I'll miss you. You must miss me!" Ji xiaonai blinks his big black eyes and looks at Ji Xiaohan like a sweet little one.

Ji Xiaohan can't help it. He squats down, takes care of his daughter's coat, touches her long hair, and whispers: "OK, daddy will always miss you and his brother. You listen to the adults at home. When I come back, I will bring you gifts!"

"OK!" Ji xiaonai's happy mouth.

Ji Xiaohan turns to leave, sits in the car, and looks at Tang youyou and his two children standing at the door. His mood is hard to say.

In the past, he seldom experienced such a parting scene, so what he felt was only two days abroad, as if he had not reached the point where he could hardly leave.

But at the moment, he is satisfied, smilingly shaking his head, this life is really more and more complex.

At noon, Ji Xiaohan dealt with several urgent matters in the company. At 2:30 p.m., Ji's private plane lifted off and headed for the destination.

Season owl cold sits in the luxurious cabin, the document which is placed at hand is also a thick step.

He looked serious and focused. When he was working, his brain was running at a high speed, all of which were related to the company. Apart from his closest relatives, almost nothing could stop his love and pursuit of work.

Arriving at M International Airport, Ji Xiaohan walked out of the airport with his assistant and several bodyguards, and immediately saw a middle-aged man with white hair standing in front of a luxury limousine.

Season owl cold look for it stiff.

At present, the middle-aged man with white hair is his uncle Ji Lin.

It's true that Ji Lin has been in prison for several years, and his short black hair has been white for the most part. This should not be a genetic gene, because when he was in his sixties, his hair was still very dark and bright, so it must have something to do with the pressure he was under.

Season owl cold heart delimits a complex mood, just thought also flash.

"Xiaohan, don't know my uncle?" Ji Lin also knew that he was far away from his high spirited appearance. Seeing that Ji Xiaohan's eyes stopped on him, he was speechless for a long time. He immediately shrugged his shoulders and asked him with some self mocking smile.

Ji Xiaohan felt as if he had been looking at him for a long time. He smiled lightly: "how can I? My uncle has always been a person I admire. No matter when, I can recognize you at a glance."

"It's like my good nephew. Let's go. I've arranged a room for you!" Ji Lin came over with a smile, in a tone that sounded gentle.

"Uncle seems to know my travel time very well. How did he do it?" Ji Xiaohan asked lightly. He only mentioned to his family about going abroad. Everyone in the company didn't give a certain time. Therefore, Ji Xiaohan was curious.

Ji Lin's reply made him slightly surprised.

"I called your grandmother and asked!" Ji Lin said without hesitation.

Ji Xiaohan knows that it's no surprise if he calls his grandparents.

It's just that my uncle didn't call back before. How could he have the courage to call his parents about him? It's really positive.

Positive life out of vigilance. "Uncle, I come here. Actually, there are some things to deal with in the branch here. I've learned from uncle's good intentions. I must deal with the immediate emergency first. Let's make an appointment at noon tomorrow. Then, I will have a good chat with uncle!" Ji Xiaohan can't believe his uncle's arrangement, so he turned his brain and found a very reasonable excuse to refuse.

Ji Lin seemed to know that he would definitely refuse, but he was still smiling and nodding: "OK, since my little nephew has something important to do, my uncle will not disturb him, so I'd like to say that we'll have a good meeting at noon tomorrow."

"Sure!" Season owl cold nods.

Lu Qing, standing behind Ji Xiaohan, hurriedly stepped forward and said, "young master, the arranged car has come. Should we..."

Lu Qing's words gave Ji Xiaohan a reason to escape. He immediately smiled: "uncle, unfortunately, I'm going first!"

"OK, let's talk!" Ji Lin looks at Ji Xiaohan and his party, gets on the cars in front and leaves.

His eyes were fixed, and the smile on his face disappeared quickly.

Ji Lin is in such a hurry to pick up the plane. He doesn't really want to invite Ji Xiaohan to the place he arranged to rest. He knows that Ji Xiaohan will definitely refuse, but he still comes.

I just want to see with my own eyes what his terrible nephew will look like when he disappears in five years. Just now, after a face-to-face interview, he realized that Ji Xiaohan was far from the boy who was calculated by him five years ago. His temperament and aura had changed dramatically. He was calm and calm. His eyes were cold and sharp. He had a smile on his face, but his breath was strong and intimidating. It can be seen that his nephew's momentum, which had been cultivated by those who had been sitting on the top for several years, had been surpassed for a long time Because of him, Ji Lin was extremely disgusted and unwilling. He was oppressed by the momentum of a younger generation. He was both disgraced and hateful.

Ji Lin's eyes are still fixed on the distant car. Although he can't see anything at the moment, his legs are stiff, as if he can't move.

Until a man came up behind him and asked, "Sir, do you want to leave?"

Ji Lin hit the door heavily to show his anger and dissatisfaction.

The man took a fright and stepped back quickly. Ji Lin hates biting his teeth, even if he doesn't want to, but in fact, if he wants to change, he can only be ruthless.