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C2032 things are settled

In the evening, tie Ting pretends to clean up Ji Tingyan's room in the guest room, because this is tie's house. There are elders here. Ji Tingyan insists on staying in the guest room, not with tie Ting, and tie Ting doesn't force her either.

But in fact, he had planned the activities of quietly drilling under the bed in the middle of the night.

Ji Tingyan is downstairs chatting with her mother, who is a talkative person. She has talked with her family and talked about the company. She is too old to be able to do anything. Many things are too busy. The company is developing steadily, but she has no energy to break through innovation. She only hopes for the younger generation and talks about her own business. She is unwilling to take over, so she can only let her younger brother do it To take over.

After chatting for more than nine o'clock, tie's mother can't support her. She wants to go to have a rest and take care of Ji Tingyan's early rest. Tomorrow, tie's mother will take her out to play and eat local food.

Ji Tingyan's mood relaxed a lot. She went upstairs and saw tie Ting take a bath and wear a gray nightgown. Ji Tingyan's mind wandered. The sexy appearance of a man made her fancy again.

"What did my mother talk to you about? Why do you women have so much to talk about? " Tie Ting dotes on looking at her and asks with a smile.

"It's nothing. I talked about my family routine. Your mother hopes your brother will come to help with the company's affairs." Ji Tingyan came to him and put her hands in his pajamas to keep warm.

The man put his arms around her, chin on her shoulder, and murmured, "I have to persuade my brother to share it with my mother."

"Well." Ji Tingyan is held in his arms, and her brain can't move. He has a good smell of bath gel, lemon smell, mixed with the smell of his male hormones, which is very attractive.

Ji Tingyan's fingers on his waist are a little uneasy. She stretches them all the way down.

The man sends out a sad low voice, the deep black Mou son condenses her, dumb voice reminds: "small Nai, aren't you going to sleep separately with me tonight?"

Ji Tingyan's movement is stiff, and her eyes are suddenly awake. Right, what is she doing?

This is the binding house. She dare to come here.

Some are not reconciled, her fingers hard a pinch, then quickly pulled back, the man hurt handsome face a bulge.

"I went back to bed." Ji Tingyan carries her hands on her back and runs away when she has done something bad.

Tie Ting looked at her bad appearance and had no choice but to love her bad habit.

Ji Tingyan came back to the room and found one thing. This room doesn't have a bathroom, so she ran into the room with her pajamas in her arms.

The man half leans on the bed, looks at her lazily to smile, smiles Ji Tingyan a heart, thumping.

After taking a bath, Ji Tingyan came out wearing a white bathrobe. Her long hair was scattered, which made her look particularly charming. The water mist misted her eyes and made her confused.

"Come and have a seat. It's still early." Tie Ting began to cajole her again. He couldn't help it. He was infatuated with the fragrance of her body.

"No, I'm going back to my room. Good night." Ji Tingyan doesn't believe him. She doesn't believe in herself. What if she can't control her hands in case of interest?

Tie Ting is a little lost.

In a strange room, Ji Tingyan is lying on the bed. The bed is soft and comfortable. The quilt is also dry and warm. She hugs the quilt tightly and sleeps with her eyes closed.

I don't know how long I slept. I felt that something was getting into the quilt. It was very hot and healthy. She felt her fingers for a while, and then she opened them abruptly and woke up.

The street lamp outside the window reflected in, let her find that the one who got into the quilt was tie ting. She suddenly blushed, and her fingers stretched down involuntarily, pinching hard.

"Hiss!" The man took a breath, and the woman's hand became less important.

"What are you doing here?" Ji Tingyan pressed her voice and asked him angrily.

"What do you say?" With a smile on his face, the man said, "I brushed my teeth."

Ji Tingyan is going to be overwhelmed by his anger. He brushed his teeth to drill into the bed in the middle of the night. I didn't expect that such a rascal could be so calm and fierce in the eyes of outsiders.

"Nai." The man's voice was heavy and dumb. He turned over and held her down.

"Why?" Ji Tingyan is submissive.

Maybe it's too exciting and too tense. Ji Tingyan shamefully finds that she has an unprecedented feeling. Like waves, they beat her sleepless and curled her toes.

As soon as she stopped, she drove him back to his room. He kissed her cheek contentedly and secretly opened the door and left.

Cheng Yuejue has no face to see Wang Cheng, but Wang Cheng looks at her.

"Cheng Yue." He called her name.

Cheng Yue looked up and looked at him quickly. Then he quickly lowered his head: "Wang Cheng, I don't want to interfere with you. Otherwise, go ahead. I'll deal with the family affairs. I'll go to you."

"You want to drive me away, don't you think, I can only share happiness and not suffering? Follow me. " Wang Cheng suddenly grabs her hand and wants to take her out.

"Where to?" Cheng Yue's face was startled. For the first time, she found that Wang Cheng was so powerful that she could not defeat him.

Wang orange took her to the street, casually found a bank and went in.

"Wang Cheng, what are you doing?" Cheng Yue's face swelled and she was eager to break away from him. She seemed to guess what Wang Cheng was going to do, but how could she ask him to borrow money at the beginning? Then she is really a Cinderella.

Wang Cheng pulls her to death and refuses to let her go. Cheng Yue desperately tries his best, but finds that she can't get rid of it. She is stunned.

After Wang Cheng operated in front of the ATM, he saw the above amount.

"This is the bonus the boss just gave me. It's more than I thought. Five million yuan. Cheng Yue, if you really treat me as a boyfriend, you can use it." When Wang Cheng saw the numbers shown above, he was deeply moved. The eldest brother was really generous and worthy of his follow.

Cheng Yue looks at the number above, her eyes are a little dazed. She looks at Wang Cheng, and she feels ashamed and wants to die on the spot.

"I can't take your money. It's your hard money. You earned it at the risk of your life. I don't want it." Cheng Yue's reason returns to her brain. Although she really needs money at the moment, she really dare not take it.

"If you don't take it, take it as a loan. I'll lend it to you. I can see that the rascal last night kept saying that he succeeded in getting money. He just wanted you to ask him to borrow it. Do you want to ask him to borrow it?" Wang Cheng's face swells red in a hurry. He doesn't look at the woman he loves to beg other men.

"OK, you lend me two million yuan, I I'll pay you back. " Cheng Yue is determined. Yes, she wants to borrow it anyway. Why don't you ask Wang Cheng to borrow it? She will pay back her money later.

"Is two million enough?" Wang orange frowns.

"Enough, as long as the bank's loan is paid back, my father's leg is interrupted by them, they are also not able to see the light of the business, certainly dare not look for trouble again." Cheng Yue said definitely.