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C1663 marriage

LAN Yanxi immediately looked back at him and said, "these are all your choices?"

Ling Mo Feng nodded, "yes, I chose all of them."

"So you chose this one?" Lanyanxi reached for the retro dress.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes slightly stagnated for a while, and then he showed a juvenile sense of shame and embarrassment. "Last time when I passed a road crossing, I saw a screen casting advertisement, a woman wearing such a dress felt very good-looking, so I wanted to make one for you, and you must also look good in it."

LAN Yanxi can't believe that Ling Mo Feng even thinks other women are good-looking? Or in front of her, how upright is he? I'm not afraid she'll turn over right away?

"Which woman? It must be a female star, right? Who is it? " LAN Yanxi asked him jealously.

Ling Mo Feng was a little shocked by her questioning. He shook his head and said, "I don't know her."

"You don't know her, but you think she's pretty?" LAN Yanxi's expression is careful.

Ling Mo Feng had no choice but to smile and say, "Yan Xi, don't be angry, OK? I just think she looks good in this dress. "

LAN Yan hoped to see that he was forced to ask something by himself. He had no choice but to put his hands behind him. His eyes flashed with a smile. "Don't be nervous. I'm not angry. You can think of me all the time. I'm too happy."

"Then tonight Can I wear this one? " Ling Mo Feng heard her saying that he was not angry, which relaxed his mood.

"If you want to see me wear it, of course I will. Now take it down and I'll try." LAN Yanxi readily agrees.

Ling Mo Feng reached for the dress, and LAN Yanxi reached directly to unbutton her blouse.

When she took off her blouse, she found that the man was standing beside her. She was very ashamed and quickly turned her back.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her clean white jade back and couldn't help swallowing her saliva. It's been a while. Now, seeing her soft and delicate appearance, young man, just like blood, will naturally reflect.

However, both of them know that it's still filial piety time, and they can't do these things at this time, and both of them put the intense pressure on their hearts.

LAN Yanxi put on that dress, the temperament really changed very different, from a pure and lovely girl, in a flash, more noble temperament, showing the mysterious and elegant.

Lanyanxi pulled her long hair, a soft black hair, and dropped it on her shoulder and chest, against her white face, more and more bright and moving.

Ling Mo Feng's breathing is a little tight. The girl in front of him is as beautiful as he thinks. He can't move his eyes.

LAN Yanxi was so directly stared at by him, inexplicably shy. She reached out and pulled her hair. "I know what kind of hairstyle this dress is most suitable for. Now I want to make a hairstyle for myself."

"Oh Good. " Ling Mo Feng lost his mind a little. When he heard her, he was stunned. This was the answer.

LAN Yanxi chuckled and went to the bathroom.

Her long hair belongs to the middle part. She braided the hair in front of her forehead on both sides into two thin braids and tied them to the back of her head. The full and fair forehead came out, and the long hair hanging from her ears made her feel a little girl. She looked around and felt good. Then she came out, "where is my bag? I've brought cosmetics. "

Ling Mo Feng looked at such a gorgeous her and was surprised. He immediately turned around and took the bag for her. Lanyanxi ran into the bathroom again. After a while, she drew a very bright make-up and came out. There were some different changes in the whole person's temperament and atmosphere, like coming out of the oil painting.

"Pretty?" Lanyanxi has never tried this kind of aristocratic dress. At the moment, she looks at the man nervously and asks.

Ling Mo Feng nodded. "It's good."

"I don't look like the heroine in the advertisement in this way?" LAN Yanxi is still stingy, for fear that Ling Mo Feng will imagine her to others.

"No, I can't remember her appearance, but you've been deep in my heart." Ling Mo Feng replied frankly.

"I can really talk." LAN Yanxi was so coaxed, and couldn't help but give him a white look.

Ling Mo Feng was embarrassed for a while, and took a step forward with his long legs. He reached out to hook her chin. LAN Yanxi immediately backed away. "I've painted lipstick, red lips, and you can kiss?"

In order to set off the gorgeous feeling of the dress, lanyanxi changed her strong makeup. At this moment, her lipstick is also dark red. It's good-looking, but it's too strong.

Ling Mo Feng's fingers rubbed her robe on her soft chin for several times, but it still didn't destroy her beauty. "If it wasn't for going out now, I could still kiss it."

LAN Yanxi chuckled, didn't he say that many men don't like kissing women's lips? It seems that Ling Mo Feng is another.

It's almost time. Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi go directly to the parking lot from the private channel. Chu lie also calls Cheng Yuan. They can wear her to the party to relax.

The motorcade headed for its destination.

More than an hour later, lanyanxi arrived at the banquet site. It was the first time for lanyanxi to attend such a private banquet as Ling's wife, so she was quite nervous.

"It's OK. It's just a light meal." Ling Mo Feng comforted her in a low voice.

Actually, lanyanxi is just nervous. He is not afraid of it.

After entering the banquet hall, it really attracted everyone's attention. All the people who came here to participate in the banquet wanted to take this opportunity to say hello to the new president and get familiar with him. After all, Ling Mo Feng is now in a high position and has to be recognized again.

Ling Mo Feng went in with LAN Yanxi and Chu Rou yuan, and immediately someone came to greet him. Ling Mo Feng naturally wanted to hang up his signboard smile to deal with it.

"Mr. President, madam is young and beautiful. You are so talented and beautiful. You are a perfect match."

"I only heard that Mr. President married the big miss of the blue family before, but I haven't had a chance to see him. Now I finally see the real person. It's a rare beauty."

LAN Yanxi was embarrassed when she listened to these people's praise. Of course, she knew that these people's praise was just for Ling Mo Feng's joy, so she didn't dare to really listen to them.

"Thank you very much. My wife is young and simple. I hope you can take care of her in the future." Ling Mo Feng immediately replied with a smile. In a few words, he confirmed LAN Yanxi's position.

Lanyanxi was shy at first. Now she saw the scene was a bit chaotic, and she immediately calmed down.

Of course, it's a shadow not far away that calms her down. It's no surprise that Chen Fuyu appears here. Her social circle with Ling Mo Feng is a circle. Ling Mo Feng will be invited, and she may also come.

Ling Mo Feng suddenly felt a little hand tugging at his sleeve. His eyes were slightly surprised, and he looked down at the little woman around him.

LAN Yanxi heft his toes and whispered in his ear, "Miss Chen is here, too."

Ling Mo Feng just raised his eyes and saw Chen Fuyu standing not far away, holding a glass of red wine in his hand, looking at this side sadly, he was stunned.

"She and the old man are friends. It's normal for her to appear here." Ling can only explain it in a low voice.

"Well." LAN Yanxi nodded.

Just after others came to say hello to Ling Mo Feng and his wife, Ling Mo Feng immediately took his wife to the old man named Shi to say hello.

The old man with his wife, two people gray hair, but the spirit is bright, looking at the envy of a couple.

"Mo Feng, I'm really happy and honored that you can bring your wife here." The old man came forward and shook hands with Ling Mo Feng to show his mood.

"When you are old and prosperous, please come here to bless you." Ling Mo Feng said with a smile.

"This is your wife. You look very conjugal." The old man's wife looked at LAN Yanxi's face and said with a smile.

LAN Yanxi doesn't know what a husband and wife look like, but she is very happy to hear that.

After greeting the old man, Chen Fuyu finally came here.