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C862 I love you

Tang youyou got up early in the morning. Ji Xiaohan personally sent her to make up and try on the dress. He prepared three sets for her. Tang youyou chose the most pleasant red dress, which was all valuable things, jewelry, all of which were prepared for her by Ji Xiaohan. Tang youyou had never asked before, because she believed in Ji Xiaohan until she really tried After wearing it, I found that what the man had prepared for himself was the best.

In normal times, Tang youyou wears a single dress, and she doesn't wear much jewelry. At the moment, she is not used to wearing such formal and solemn clothes.

Tang youyou has lived abroad in recent years, and has no special friends at home. Only her godmother Liu Xi is her most responsible person, and she is also a teacher and a friend. Liu Xida came to accompany her in the early morning. When

saw her coming out of the fitting room in a beautiful red dress, Liu Xi was full of praise: "you are so beautiful today, like the queen, with elegant temperament." Don

chuckled, and the praise from Ganma was too direct. She was embarrassed.

"Go out and let Mr. Ji have a look. He must not open his eyes!" Liu Xi said with a smile.

Tang youyou is more embarrassed. Although she and Ji Xiaohan have lived like husband and wife for such a long time, their praise is still a very nervous thing for Tang youyou. She walked out of the living room, and Ji Xiaohan was sitting beside and drinking tea. Suddenly, she saw a woman come out in a red dress, which surprised his eyes.

At this moment, the floor to ceiling window outside the window opens, the morning sunlight penetrates, and the light is shining. It interacts with the diamond on her dress, which is shining. The whole person of Tang youyou also becomes bright and dazzling. In the light, it seems that it is not true, and the beauty is hazy and charming.

Ji Xiaohan holds the cup and stops. After a while, he drinks the tea in the cup unnaturally. He stands up and walks to Tang youyou with long legs.

"Very beautiful!" The man seems to be understatement of a compliment, but full of true feelings, deep eyes, congealed in her face, the red skirt is very slim, the exposed skin, white snow, tender extreme, season owl cold inexplicably thought of last night because of jealousy and severely tossed her picture, thought of hiding under her dress left a piece of red marks, thin lips slightly satisfied hook Get up. Don

the beautiful eyes of youyou flash with brilliance, and look up at him shamefully: "unexpectedly, you are ready for everything!" Season

Xiao Han reaches for her small hand and makes him not willing to let go: "on such a happy day, of course, I have to prepare enough for everything to make you willing to be my woman." Tang

the smile at the bottom of youyou's eyes became stronger. She glanced at Ganma and saw that she was not far away. She took a step back quickly and took a small hand out: "should we go? It's almost time!"

"Well, it's time to go. I need to go home and pick up two little guys!" Season owl cold raised his wrist, in his wrist a black diamond wristwatch, glittering, and his identity match.

On the way back to Jijia's house, Liu Xi sat in the car behind very wisely, leaving them alone time. Don

lean long in the arms of Ji Xiaohan. Ji Xiaohan's fingers pierced her long hair. Both of them are in a good mood.

"Do you feel sorry that your father didn't come?" Ji Xiaohan asks her.

Tang youyou nodded, "yes, I'm shocked." "

when we get married, let him come over for a drink!" Season owl cold suddenly says. Don

was stunned, and immediately sat up straight with a smile in surprise: "really? Do you really want him to come? " Season

the owl's cold eyes were dim, and he said lightly: "otherwise? Even if I hate him again, he will always be your own father. Without him, I will never meet you in my life, let alone have two lovely children, right? " Tang

you didn't expect that Ji Xiaohan had learned to put down this hatred. She was very happy. She reached out and gently held his arm. Her cheek was pasted on it, and the corner of her mouth was raised: "Ji Xiaohan, thank you, thank you for accepting him." Season

Xiao Han rubbed her shoulder gently: "OK, don't say thanks to me. This is what I should do for you. I have lost my father's love. I don't want you to lose it. He is the father you found hard." Don

listen carefully, and she is deeply moved and grateful. She knows that this man really loves her to the bone, and will consider her feelings from her standpoint.

"Season owl cold, I love you!" Tang youyou finally no longer Jin hold, bold to express his love. Ji was stunned for a moment. Next second, he laughed in a low voice. Don

you are not afraid to be laughed at by him, and continue to murmur: "I really love you very much. I am so lucky to meet you in my life!" Xiao Han is in a good mood after hearing her confession from her heart.

"Well, I know. I love you too!" Season owl cold gently attached to her ear said.

It's the first time for two people to express their love to each other in such a bold and straightforward way. The feeling is deep and natural. However, they don't realize how difficult and embarrassing it is to say the word love. On the contrary, at this moment, only this word can express their inner feelings. Back to Ji's house, two little guys were dressed neatly by the old lady. Ji Xiaorui had a set of plaid suits. He was a little old man, and he had a noble spirit. Ji xiaonai was wearing a happy red princess skirt, and her long hair was plaited into a small braid, cute and naughty, which was very pleasing. Look at

when Liu Xi arrived, they all rushed to call on grandma directly. Liu Xi was so happy that he quickly took out the big red envelopes and gave them.

Tang youyou looks at it. He feels embarrassed. He asks the Ganma to come and help him. He also needs to accept her red bag. Two little guys have a sweet mouth. After thanking them, they give the red bag to Tang youyou for safekeeping. When the old lady saw it, she smiled and said, "I know I'll give money to Mommy when I'm so young. When I grow up, I'll have a good time."

Tang youyou listened and was happy. Looking at the two little ones, he imagined what they would look like when they grew up. Season

the owl cold is looking at beside, the corner of the mouth also hangs smiling all the time, the child's sensible, let him also feel extremely relieved.

The whole family went to the hotel by car. This engagement banquet was packed in the seven star hotel. The scene was grand and rare.

Ji Xiaohan's motorcade is coming, and his assistant Lu Qing is waiting at the door. He presides over all the arrangements for the wedding banquet today. Therefore, Lu Qingzhen is a good subordinate who does his best. One

the family got out of the car, took the elevator and arrived at the main banquet on the eighth floor. At this moment, many guests came. Seeing the leading men and women coming, they all came to say hello.