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Tang Weixin has a strong ability of observation. He really saw Chen Xin sitting in a million class sports car, with a pair of eyes staring at her. Tang Weixin turned away his mouth. To be honest, money was in her eyes, without any concept. Once, it was piled up like a hill of cash in front of her face, her heart rate didn't speed up. Her interest and ambition were not on money, so naturally she would not The feeling of inferiority comes from money.

"Oh." Chen Xin gave a sneering laugh.

In Tang Wei's mind, she felt that the woman must be inferior.

Next to her two girlfriends also sneered: "Chen Xin, that woman dare not look at you in the eye. She must have no courage. We support you to continue to pursue binding."

"Yes, you're in the right place with Fu Xun. I heard that her mother has always advised him to take over the company, and his elder brother has another career. If you become Fu Xun's wife in the future, your status will be different." Another woman cheered her up.

Chen Xin's eyes narrowed, to tell the truth, to be a wife of tie was really her goal all the time.

The two brothers are also famous in this city. Because they are the twin brothers of Fuxun, they have made their own way. It's said that their companies are all over the world, and the trained bodyguards are hired by the politicians of all countries. They are both excellent. Why don't they be remembered?

"I'll go to tie's tomorrow and pick up something to see my aunt." Chen Xin has made up her mind. She can't let anyone down. She felt that she was very happy when she went to her home last time. Her first impression was so good. Tomorrow, she will show her gentleness, gentleness and gentleness. She will like her better.

Tang Weixin follows Fu Xun into the car. The car starts and drives towards the direction of Fu family.

Fast to the two thousand meters of the house, the sudden evil thoughts together, the car parked on the side of the road, do not go.

Tang Weixin's beautiful eyes were stunned. He looked at him strangely and asked, "I haven't come to your house yet."

Tie Xun turned off the lights, put out the fire, turned around and looked at the woman on the copilot with blazing eyes.

Her shoulder length short hair, clear and refreshing temperament, her body has something different from other women, tie Xun can not say, but he can feel that he is fascinated by her unique aura, she is not the most beautiful, but she is the most special, especially makes him itchy.

Men's bad nature is cheap, can't get, more want to conquer, at this moment tie Xun's heart is twisting a force, want to push Tang idealism down.

Tang Weixin is such a smart woman. She has seen through the man's mind for a long time. She quietly waits for him to attack, and her beautiful eyes turn away.

Tie Xun is tall and slender. He wants to play hooligan now, but the space is too small for him to play. So he has to reach out and press Tang's head.

"Tie Xun, are you afraid of me?" Tang Weixin suddenly wants to laugh. The man carefully tests. To be honest, she looks like a fool. It's funny and fun.

Tie Xun's back trembled, and her eyes froze. She bit her lips angrily and said in a dumb voice, "what stupid words can I be afraid of you? I'm thinking about how to eat you. "

"I'm not afraid." When Tang Weixin saw that he was cruel, his heart was clear. This was the first time she heard such words from a man. She loved to hear them. Was she too short of love? She was waiting to be beaten by a man.

"Tang Weixin, have other men said these words to you?" Tie Xun suddenly asked her angrily. He didn't know where the jealousy came from, but he was extremely upset at the thought of other men approaching her like this.

"If there is one, it's either not born or it's settled." Tang Wei replied to him with a strong heart.

Tie Xun listened, all the movements immediately stopped, eyes flash: "then what will I end?"

Tang Weixin chuckled and hooked his neck. His red lips bit his lips: "you are not the same. I saw you first. There are not many things that can make me see, including men. You are the first one. Tie Xun. You don't have any pressure to communicate with me. I'm very casual. If you change your heart one day and don't like me, you must tell me I will not entangle, I will turn away

Tie Xun originally wanted to tease her, but was teased by her. This feeling is endless.

"I have only one heart. I can only give it to one person. Unless you break my heart, you are the only one." Tie Xun can speak well with one mouth, but in front of Tang Weixin, all his sweet words seem to have disappeared. Every word he says has to go through his brain. He dare not say anything, but once he says it, it is absolutely true.

"Well, I believe you." Tang Weixin's expression is really interesting. Although it's not as important as I love you, it seems to be beautiful.

"It's late. Go home." Tie Xun is sweating, and his body is also challenging the limit. He is obviously threatened by Tang Weixin, but his body is still honest and gives a huge response. He must be a spermatozoon. He is full of guts.

"Well." Tang idealism immediately turned into a little woman's mode, obedient nod.

The car went back to tie's house, the lights of tie's house were off, and the two men walked upstairs.

In the guest room, new sheets and quilts have been laid, and a bunch of flowers have been placed beside them. The whole room is surrounded by fragrance.

"There is no bathroom in the guest room. You have to take a bath in my room." "Tie Xun evil spirit of said to her.

Tang Weixin nodded, took his pajamas and followed him into the room. He took a look at the bathroom. He always felt that something would happen in a moment. Otherwise, I'm sorry for the beautiful scenery.

In fact, before they came back, there was a wonderful story in the bedroom at the other end of the corridor. Funing went back to her room to sleep satisfied. Ji Tingyan was so upset by him that she soon fell asleep. Even when Funing came back, she didn't hear anything.

However, tie Ting heard that his ears were always sharp. In order not to affect his sleep, he directly took earplugs and listened to light music to sleep.

When Tang Weixin entered the bathroom, she found that it was full of men's articles. She was in such a delicate mood that she reached out and took a look at the man's razor. Her mood was rippling. She could almost imagine that every morning, the man stood in front of the mirror, looking sexy.

Tang Weixin didn't dare to think about it any more. She felt that she had piled dry firewood in her heart and waited for his fire to burn herself.

Is this love? Impulsive, full of passion, always make people mind wandering, not mind it.