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C1598 heartache

Ling wennuan looks back at those boys and girls who snigger, but she can't find where the smile is. She turns around and still doesn't realize what's wrong.

"Run fast. There are three minutes left." There are people around shouting anxiously, Ling warm can only run to the third training ground quickly, the only thing she has to do now is not flinch.

In fact, when she went to this school to study, she really asked her grandfather to help her. Grandpa and the headmaster here are old friends. Ling wennuan ran to ask Grandpa. Ling Laozi doted on this granddaughter very much. He could not refuse her request. Anyway, she had to study everywhere, change the environment and exercise her. This is not a bad thing, Therefore, Ling wennuan successfully transferred to school.

Ling wennuan ran with the greatest strength, but she was still one minute late. When everyone stood in the team, she was still panting and supporting her legs.

"Lingnuan, you are late. One minute, go for two laps." Mu Weicheng is merciless and demanding of her.

Ling wennuan, of course, is willing to give up. Since she has come here, she will never give up. No matter how mu Weicheng punishes her, she is willing to accept it. Who makes her want to see this man all day long.

"Stop!" Just when Ling wennuan turned around to run, Mu Weicheng suddenly shouted.

Ling wennuan hurriedly stopped at the same place and looked back at him: "is there any order from the drillmaster mu?"

"What's on your back?" The man walked over and tore the note off her.

Ling warm immediately swept past, and saw two lines of words written with a color pen on it. I'm a bitch. Who can be more coquettish than me? Ling warm's pretty face suddenly froze.

Standing behind three teams of students immediately made a laugh, feel this is really a funny thing. "Don't laugh." Ling warm face is not good-looking, Mu Wei Cheng's face is more ugly than hers.

He tore the note directly with his hand and shouted in a cold voice, "who wrote this? Stand up."

No one dares to stand up, because they feel that there is no evidence and they can't catch their own head.

"In the future, if anyone plays a little smart in my class, I will drive him out directly. Don't think you have a back. Here, you are just my students. I will treat you in the most severe way. If you don't have the courage to stand here, I ask you to leave now." Mu Weicheng's face was angry. He thought of the words on the note, which was embarrassing. He had an impulse to hit people.

Ling warm a pair of beautiful eyes also angry stare at those people, unfortunately, no one stood out.

Because the note was posted in the girls' dressing room, where there was no monitoring and shooting, so I don't know who made it.

"Ling wennuan, what are you doing while running?" Said Mu Weicheng, turning to her.

Ling wennuan had to bite his teeth and began to run around the field.

Now spring is coming back, and it's getting warmer. Everyone is wearing only one long sleeved clothes at the moment. Ling wennuan runs for a while, and feels sweaty. The whole person is a little bad.

"I have to hold back. I can't lose." Ling warms her teeth and tells herself that she will stay here no matter what.

Mu Weicheng is training those freshmen, but she looks at Ling Nuan who is running from time to time. Her pace is getting slower and slower. It seems that she can't hold on any longer.

Good. Ling wennuan should understand that this is not the place she can stay.

Ling warm strong holding a breath, ignoring the knee pain, dragging two weak legs, a moment to continue to run.

Finally, she ran to the finish line, her face was wet with sweat, her coat was wet, and her Turquoise coat began to reflect her perfect figure.

Next to some of the boys' eyes, like a wolf like tiger, stared at Ling Nuan's body, secretly exclaimed in his heart. I didn't expect that this girl, who looked thin, should have such a standard good figure.

Ling wennuan doesn't know why we should stare at ourselves at this moment. Is there a terrible note stuck behind her?

When Mu Weicheng saw her coming this way, her sweaty clothes had been glued to her body, outlining her grown-up body. The man's eyes were only deep, and his Adam's apple rolled involuntarily: "Ling warm, come back to the team first."

Ling wennuan has no energy to speak. Listening to his instructions, he stands in the team.

Mu Weicheng originally wanted to toss Ling warmly. After all, such a delicate girl can't stand such cruel training.

After nearly an hour's training, all the students were tired and sat on the ground to rest. Ling wennuan couldn't stand the bruises on her knees and arms. She couldn't help but lift her sleeves and saw that the bruised and bleeding place had been wet with sweat. No wonder the pain was unbearable. It was because there was salt in the sweat. Now it was poured on the wound. She was very sour and painful.

Mu Wei Cheng's eyes inadvertently swept over her body. Suddenly, he saw the large red wound exposed by her sleeves, which made him strong.

When returning to the classroom, Mu Weicheng called Ling Nuan directly, "follow me."

"Why?" Ling wennuan immediately smiled like sunshine: "you want to persuade me to leave again? I said, I won't leave. It's useless for you to catch up. "

Mu's eyes stared heavily at her face: "I don't know how to live or die."

"Mu Weicheng, it's no use hating me now. I'm your student and you're my instructor. You can't target me." Ling warm a small mouth is quite sharp, she a triumphant expression.

"I didn't target you, but what happened to the injury on your hand? Who did it?" Mu Weicheng didn't know who was responsible for Ling wennuan's trip in the corridor after he ran out of the classroom.

"I didn't hurt my hand." Ling warm immediately denied.

Mu Weicheng went directly to her and grabbed one of her arms.

"Hey, you're light. It's killing me. Let go." Ling wennuan's face just now is full of pain. Now her face is wrinkled and all kinds of begging for mercy are hurried.

Mu Weicheng directly lifted up her sleeves and saw two large bruises on her arms. Although the blood clotted, it was painful to watch.

"How?" Mu asked her angrily.

"When I was just out of the school gate, I stumbled. I don't know who did it." Ling warm head down, a depressed face said.

"The atmosphere in this school is not very good. There are many things to do to form a clique. You can't stay here alone. For your own sake, please transfer to another school." Mu Weicheng just took advantage of her injury and advised her again.

"Oh, I'm afraid of them. These bastards can only hurt me once. Next time, I'll be careful." Ling warm a disapproval of the expression.

"Lingnuan, do you know what environment you are in?" Mu Wei Cheng immediately glared at her angrily: "if you let people know who you are, don't say it's just such a small fight, maybe you don't even have a small life."

Ling warm beautiful Mou frighten of open big: "not so serious, I was in the school before, also live well ah."

Mu Weicheng's voice choked. It's true that Ling wennuan's identity has been concealed by the school. Here, she should not be found out. Only on her first day of school, she was teased by others. Isn't she really afraid? Who borrowed her courage.

"Don't worry, I can't hide at home for a lifetime because of my brother's relationship. Besides, I'm not a teacher, or you can teach me some self-defense skills." Lingnuan immediately smiled and approached him: "the most practical moves, I study very fast, you teach me, I will immediately."

"Do you really have to stay here?" Mu Weicheng knew that she was stubborn, but he didn't expect to be so stubborn that he would not be persuaded.

"Yes, I must stay here. I won't go anywhere, so don't try to persuade me to leave." Ling warm a firm expression, let Mu only sigh.

"Well, you can follow me to apply the medicine first." Mu Weicheng took her directly to the school clinic.

A nurse came to apply medicine for her. When she saw Mu Weicheng beside her, the little nurse's face turned red.

"Ouch, it hurts so much, sister nurse. Don't just look at the handsome guy. Take pity on me and be light." Ling warm immediately a naughty expression cried.

To tell you the truth, seeing other women stare at Mu Wei Cheng like this, her heart is quite uncomfortable.

Next to Mu Weicheng, with his hands around his chest, there was a sneer on her face. The girl could really put on airs.

"Sorry!" The little nurse also felt that her attention was not enough, so she apologized quickly, which made her take Ling warm seriously.

"I hurt my knee, please." Ling wennuan said, rolled up her trouser legs, and saw that her white knees were full of bruises.

"You..." Mu Weicheng looked at it, and almost cut his heart. He immediately stared at Ling Nuan angrily. How could he not take care of himself.

Ling wennuan spits out his little tongue at him, "do you regret punishing me for running now?"

Mu Weicheng really regretted it, but when she asked him that, he was very depressed.

"No, I should let you run two laps more. It's killing you." Mu Weicheng's teeth are straight and angry.

"I'm going to die of pain, and you're responsible." Ling wennuan immediately returned to him.

The little nurse saw two people bickering, and her face was strange. Why did she think these two people were not like teachers and students, but like lovers?

After Ling wennuan took the medicine, she walked all the way around. She vomited bitterly: "if I know who is taking care of me, I have to ask her to bow her head and apologize to me."

Mu Weicheng bit his teeth, his eyes flashed a cold front, not only apologizing, asking them to kneel and say sorry.