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Ling Mo Feng originally wanted to perfunctory Wan Qianqian. After all, he could not risk exposing his feelings, so he pretended that he had no sweetheart.

But wan Qianqian's words just now gave him another touch. The woman confessed everything to him. If she didn't trust him too much, she still kept a sincere attitude. Since she was not a bad person, why should Ling Mo Feng give her more hope and let her think about herself?

Wan Qianqian was so stunned that she forgot to turn her eyes for a moment and looked at Ling Mo Feng.

"Heartbeat should be the most direct signal, Miss Wan. I don't want to cheat you or hurt you. I don't like you very much. If you are willing to be my friend..."

"I don't want to be your friend, I want to be your woman!" Wan Qianqian's ear is a thunderbolt from the sky, and her heart is snowing. It's cold and sad. There's nothing more hurtful than not liking three words.

Ling Mo Feng couldn't help laughing: "I haven't met the woman I want to protect, Miss Wan still don't put her hope on me, I'm afraid it will hurt you!"

"No? There is no talent. If not, I still have a chance. Don't be so anxious to refuse me. You don't even know me! " Wan Qianqian's tears are all in her eyes at the moment. She is really sad. From small to large, her pride is broken.

Ling Mo Feng was stunned. Unexpectedly, the woman was so persistent. Was it a hope to refuse her?

Ling Mo Feng didn't understand the relationship between men and women in the first place. She felt that she had a lot of thoughts. From LAN Yanxi, he experienced it.

"Miss Wan, I have to go over to dinner. I'd like to advise you kindly that we may not be suitable!" Ling doesn't want to hurt her heart. After all, it's a cruel thing.

"I will not give you up, I will let you like me!" Wan Qianqian retreats, tears suddenly break the line, turn around, while wiping tears while running away.

Ling Mo Feng's eyebrows are tightened. In fact, there are many women like Wan Qianqian who suddenly come to him to express their love. Every year, there seem to be several women. Maybe it's also human nature. If you like it, you should tell the other party that he won't realize that there is anything wrong with such a woman. It's really a human nature. If you have courage, you will express your love. If you don't have courage, you will secretly love.

As soon as Wan Qianqian left, the adjutant Chu appeared in another corridor.

"Sir, she doesn't seem to understand!" In fact, he heard what Ling Mo Feng said to Wan Qianqian just now. After all, he has to protect his safety all the time. This woman seems harmless and weak, but after all, she is not the one they trust, so she should be monitored.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes sank, and he said quietly, "don't let Yan Xi know about this matter."

"Don't worry, sir. If Wan Qianqian doesn't mention it, no one will know." Adjutant Chu quickly promised.

Ling Mo Feng sighed a little bored: "don't let her see me again!"

"OK!" Adjutant Chu nodded.

Wan Qianqian is very sad. She is hiding in the meeting room and crying bitterly.

"It's impossible. He has no one to like. How can he know he won't like me?" Wan Qianqian holds a paper towel, wipes tears and snivels. She doesn't believe that Ling Mo Feng will refuse her so directly, and doesn't even give her the chance to know each other.

A woman's mind is so complicated and funny. As long as the other party is not married, she thinks she has a chance to work hard once.

Although Wan Qianqian failed this time, she also tried to find out one thing. Ling Mo Feng had no sweetheart.

LAN Yanxi was in class. In the dull class, she sneezed twice in a row, which scared the lecturer.

"Sorry!" LAN Yanxi smiled embarrassed and apologized in English.

Cheng Yuan looked at her with concern and asked in a low voice, "is it a cold?"

"No, someone may miss me!" LAN Yanxi also said it in a whisper, and then laughed.

Cheng Yuan also smiled, suddenly envied her, like people, is also like their own, the world's happiness, nothing more.

One day's course is over. LAN Yanxi is dizzy and distended. She follows Cheng Yuan to eat. She feels her legs are weak and her brain is heavy.

"Cheng Yuan, it seems that I have a cold. Do you feel my forehead and have a fever?" LAN Yanxi finally admitted that he was ill and persisted for a day.

Cheng Yuan quickly reached out and touched her forehead: "my God, it's so hot. You have a high fever. You must have sweated too much yesterday and been blown by the cold wind outside. Let me take you to the hospital first!"

"It's not so serious. I'll go back to my room to have a rest. You can bring me some cold medicine and food later!" Lanyanxi is afraid to go to the hospital and get an injection.

"Are you sure you don't want to go to the hospital?" Cheng Yuan asked anxiously.

"No, I'll go back to my room and have a hot bath first!" LAN Yanxi finished and turned away.

Back in the room, she collapsed on the bed. She really couldn't work too hard. Health is the most important thing.

She wanted to take a bath, but when she touched the bed, she fell asleep.

When she woke up, Cheng Yuan was looking at her anxiously: "Yan Xi, you wake up. I bought you some medicine and some food, but it's cold. I'll buy you something to eat!"

"No, I don't want to eat now. Give me the medicine!" LAN Yanxi opened her mouth and found that her voice was hoarse. She didn't expect this disease to come so fierce. She was unprepared.

Cheng Yuan looked at her pale face and was not sure. However, she couldn't persuade her. It seems that she can only find someone who can persuade her.

When Cheng Yuan went to boil the hot water for LAN Yanxi, she secretly sent a message to the adjutant Chu.

Sure enough, the phone rang right away.

Cheng Yuan turned her head and said to LAN Yanxi, "Yanxi, Mr. vice president is calling. Do you want to answer?"

"Yes!" When LAN Yanxi heard Ling Mo Feng's name, he was refreshed.

Cheng Yuan quickly points on the video call and sees Ling Mo Feng's anxious expression.

Cheng Yuan quickly turned the screen to LAN Yanxi, and Ling Mo Feng saw the little woman leaning on the head of the bed, looking listless.

"Yan Xi, are you ill?" The man sounded in a low, eager voice.

Blue words and beautiful eyes slightly startled, blinked, looked at Cheng Yuan, and she smiled twice.

"Well, I have a cold. It's a little low!" LAN Yanxi took the mobile phone and replied with a smile.

"Let Cheng Yuan accompany you to the hospital!" Sure enough, the man asked directly.

"I don't want to go. I'll take the medicine first. Cheng Yuan bought the medicine for me!" LAN Yanxi picked up a small medicine bag and swayed in front of the screen.

"You look so pale. You must be very ill. Be obedient. Go to the hospital!" For the first time, Ling Mo Feng saw that she was so spiritless. Even the big eyes in the ordinary days were stunned. He was extremely distressed when he looked at them.

"Ling Mo Feng, you see, I think you're sick. Can't you come to see me?" LAN Yan and hilly are wronged. They look at him pitifully.

Ling Mo Feng was speechless and helpless, but he was more distressed: "if you can go to the hospital, I will consider going to see you!"

"Really?" LAN Yanxi's beautiful eyes immediately widened, flashing a smile.

"Well, in three days, there will be an important meeting just over there. I'll be there!" Ling Mo Feng just received the news this noon. He was about to tell her. Unexpectedly, he heard that she was ill.

"That's great. Can we meet then?" LAN Yanxi is in a good mood, and her spirit is up.

"I'll arrange it. I want to see you, too!" Ling Mo Feng chuckled. Her joy on her face told him directly her position in her mind.

"Well, I'll go to the hospital and see you in three days!" LAN Yanxi was really persuaded by him. She didn't want to be ill three days later. That would be too disappointing.

Cheng Yuan breathed a sigh of relief. Sure enough, she would listen to the vice president's words.

"Yan Xi, take care of yourself and don't let me worry, OK?" Ling Mo Feng is reluctant to give up staring at the camera, and admonishes in a low voice.

"I'm fine. Don't worry about it. Hang up!" LAN Yanxi finished, and he really hung up.

Ling Mo Feng's eyebrows were still worried. Unexpectedly, she was ill, thousands of miles away. He wanted to take care of her, but he had no heart.