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His voice, magnetic

When Ji Xiao Han and Lu Qing got off the roller coaster, their hair was messed up, making them the miserable ones like Lu Qing.

His face was pale, and he looked as though he would vomit at any moment. He felt wronged!

If he were to be pampered, his mood would also be very good!

Tang You You was still feeling regret and shame for her actions in the ghost house.

She really was useless. How could she climb onto this man's body?

Just thinking about it made her want to run into a wall and die, she wondered if Ji Xiao Han would make fun of her.

I wanted to hit him on the head with a stick and turn him into an amnesiac.

"Wandering, sit over there with your son!"

The deep and magnetic male voice caused Tang You You to suddenly regain her senses, and she saw two little fellows looking at her strangely.

Tang Xiao Rui shrewdly discovered that Mummy was distracted all the way.

Did Daddy really do something to the Mummy just now?

Tang Xiao Rui immediately squinted his eyes and stared at Ji Xiao Han.

Just as Ji Xiao Han was carrying his daughter onto the boat, when he turned around and was about to hug him, he met his son's gaze.

"What's wrong?" Ji Xiao Han immediately understood the small emotion in his son's eyes and asked him in a low voice.

Tang Xiao Rui snorted, gritted his teeth and said: "Have you angered my Mummy? She looks like a fool now. She's completely out of it. "

"I didn't!" Ji Xiao Han answered with absolute certainty.

"Then why does it seem like she lost her soul?" Tang Xiao Rui lowered his voice and asked.

"You have to ask her, how would I know?" Ji Xiao Han was very innocent.

Besides, it was odd that he should talk so deeply to such a small person.

When Tang You You saw the father and son hugging each other and talking while suppressing her own voice, she hurriedly pricked up her ears. Unfortunately, even if she stood too far away, she couldn't hear clearly, so she gave up and walked over with big strides. What are you still talking about? "

The moment Tang You You arrived, the father and son duo instantly fell silent.

Tang Xiao Nai was already waiting anxiously: "Daddy, don't talk to Big Brother anymore, go row the boat."

Tang You You realised that Ji Xiao Han had picked a small boat. It seemed that he really needed to interact with the children.

Tang You You lazily sat beside his son. When she raised her head, she saw Ji Xiao Han's face.

Ji Xiao Han used his strong arms to gently push the boat towards the center of the lake.

Tang Xiao Nai was extremely happy and wanted to extend her hand to play with the water, but she was stopped by Tang You You: "Xiao Nai, sit tight, don't touch the water, it's very dangerous."

"Mummy, it's so boring sitting like this. How about you sing a song?" Tang Xiao Nai suddenly lost the excitement she had a moment ago and started to think about other things to play with.

Tang You You's body trembled, making her, a person with five syllables, sing? How shameful that would be.

"I won't sing, you sing!" Tang You You rejected her instantly.

Tang Xiao Nai immediately turned her head to look at his father, "Daddy, can you sing a song?"

Ji Xiao Han lowered his head to look at his daughter's face full of anticipation. Facing his gem-like eyes, he had never been able to reject her words.

At this moment …

Tang You You looked at him with a little complacency. Now, see if he wants to sing.

Just when Tang You You thought that Ji Xiao Han was going to reject his daughter, Ji Xiao Han actually agreed. "Alright, I'll think about it.

Oh, NO!

Tang You You was extremely shocked, she did not expect this high and cold Young Master Ji to actually want to sing songs here.

"Daddy will sing you a nursery rhyme, will you? This was sung for me by my grandmother when Father was young! " Ji Xiao Han pondered for a moment, then unexpectedly started to sing a nursery rhyme.

This refreshed Tang You You's three views. Would it be too strange for Ji Xiao Han to sing children's songs?

However, Tang Xiao Nai blinked her large eyes, filled with anticipation. "Alright, Daddy, Daddy, quickly sing it. Daddy's singing must definitely be very nice!"

Tang You You really wanted Ji Xiao Han to reject him, because, when a man sings nursery rhymes, can it really be nice?

Tang Xiao Rui raised both his hands in front of his chest and watched his father calmly. This time, he was really giving it his all.

Ji Xiao Han swept his beautiful eyes across Tang You You, and upon seeing her stupefied expression, he couldn't help but laugh softly.

What was the woman's expression? He had a frightened look on his face.

Had she decided that he couldn't sing?

"Xiao Nai, you might not understand this nursery rhyme that Daddy is singing, because it is from another country. But later, I can translate it for you." Ji Xiao Han gently told her daughter.

"It doesn't matter, Daddy. I've never heard you sing a song before. You must be singing very well!" Tang Xiao Nai said with incomparable resolution.

Ji Xiao Han was not afraid of losing face as he started to hum softly.

He seemed to be singing in some kind of national language. After his low voice and low voice, he actually sounded quite nice.

While shaking the oar, Ji Xiao Han very fluently sang a very simple nursery rhyme in a strange language.

From his shock just now to him calming himself down and listening, she inexplicably felt that Ji Xiao Han, who was humming this song at this moment, didn't lose face, but instead had an indescribable gentleness, just like a good father who sat on the bed and coaxed his child to sleep.

Tang Xiao Nai was listening very seriously, her small head was gently shaking. Obviously, she liked the nursery rhyme that her father was singing.

Tang Xiao Rui couldn't help but have a higher opinion of his father. He really didn't expect that his father would be able to listen to such a dull person even when he sang.

From start to finish, Ji Xiao Han had completely hummed a children's song. Tang Xiao Nai Shun Jian clapped her hands, "Daddy, your singing is really good, can you sing it again?"

Ji Xiao Han, "..."

"Baby, Daddy will sing again for you tonight, okay? In a moment, we'll go to the plaza over there and feed the pigeons! " Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin shifted his daughter's attention.

However, he didn't realize that Tang You You, who was sitting opposite to him, had a red face.

Madan, what did she know about listening to this man singing and hearing the blush on his face?